Feb 28, 2010

Majlis kahwin red, white n black.. (ikha dan ayie)

Congratz to this couple

Ok, majlis nih buat kat umah Acik Aina.. which is, my neighbour sekampung.. (my house ni kat kampung, ok.. pinggiran shah alam.. huhu) which actually, my mum punya friend when she works in SPR Selangor. So, she invites us to her son's wedding. I think this is the third time I've been to Acik Aina punya kenduri kahwin.. And one thing that I always love about her kenduri kahwin is, food.. sedap sangat. Since Acik Aina really from here.. means, this is her kampung. Her mum's house and all her relatives are here.. they use to masak on their own.. specialty for Orang Jawa.. usually, sambal Jawa.. and it's my favourite during her kenduri. Others lauk - lauk pon really delicious. n air sirap campur oren.. suke air nih.

Their color theme for this wedding is red, white and black..  

Ok let's see some of the portion that makes up this wedding and the pengantin as well..

Ikha & Ayie
Pengantin yang sangat sporting sdg berkaraoke..

ok.. this the welcome parts. Nice arch

Meja pengantin.. (sy dtg lambat, diorang dh makan)

sukenye ada bunga on the table.. fresh flower, ok! 
(that's my dad)

Pelamin panel yg simple n sweet..

Bunga tangan pengantin

This is my pretty guy, buah hati sy dan keluarga
Muhammad Zafran Hakimi..

Sungguh dia tak boleh dok diam.. 
So, dapatla this kind of pic.

Ok.. there goes my Sunday.. Going to Wedding  :) Well, Monday is working hard day.. and I'll have my kursus 2 days from Tuesday n Wednesday.. Need to tune my head to Job!

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