Mar 30, 2010

Coretan Hari Ini..

Sebenarnye hari ini sangat penat.. actually takde pape pon.. cuma sebab yesterday feeling a bit unwell jadi decide untuk makan ubat untuk mengelakkan demam.. I know it's not good to simply take medicine tapi.. sy  sangat tidak suke sakit.. well, it works except that rase a bit macam sleep - walking.. ahaks. Well, drugs always make you feel sleepy.

The first day at work.. rase macam ramainye orang cari. Ye la, I'm suppose to take my CTR on Friday but my boss ask me to come to direct nego meeting.. so, I should present myself. Lately, banyak pulak such this contract due to transfer technology things. Then, I take my CTR on Monday. Both Saturday and Sunday Iwan is away.. with office activities.. Nice he won the bowling tournemant.. ( I'm so opposite him.. failed when it comes to bowling) One of the thing which I really like about Iwan is.. I adore his passion to things.. like when he loves IT and strive to learn and now, an IT exect.. with 0 starting. He's not like me.. I was asked to really concentrate to studies.. Then when he likes photography and keep learning till now.. and when he learn to play bowling.. well, I envy when he invest in such things but that makes him an interesting man to me..  The first one of the thing that make me like him is.. he can play guitar.. :) maybe not the real one who play lead all the time.. but at least he sounds it right.. and make me smile!

Well, I'm still an ordinary girl seeking out of my true desire and passion in life.. I still wonder if I'll able be good in anything.. Ump.. my life is on track at least.

Since Friday spent for meeting and Monday off - day, so today is a day when the all the contractors start calling.. at least, it makes me ready to really working after 2 weeks away from work. It feels bad sometimes that you owe people's money.. :( but it's an interesting job that I always enjoy.

Yesterday is quite a nightmare.. Iwan's car broke down on Saturday.. so, Iwan need help to bring his parents to Rawang.. It's about house loan settlement so I agree to pick him and his parents up at noon. We thought to be back at least by 8 something so it won't be like too late since I need to drive alone back home.. But Rawang stuck with traffic jam.. from pekan Rawang to tol exit.. like 4 hours :( so sick waiting in the car.. Nak cari toilet pon alamak.. seksanya nak tunggu sampai. Then, we only reach PJ at almost 11.. Sbenarnye, I'm not so good at driving at night so Iwan is kind of worried actually.. but to me it's a good trial.. a let go of my mental block.

The good thing is.. I meet Kak La from Rass Deco and we discuss things.. I just want to confirm that I'll rent her pelamin rumah as well.. and ask bout some other things.. Iwan is taking Rass Deco for everything from catering to deco.. I'm so jealous with what she offers.. but my dad didn't want to change his favourite caterer.. Well, I just follow his choice then.. After all, Iwan's wedding is mine as well.. :)

Guess.. I'm off after pouring my heart out.. Oh, I forgot, Saturday I went seeing Petunia launch.. the new type of house at Bandar Bukit Raja by Sime Darby.. it looks just like Ellis.. (inside) but it cost 333k. My Avira now priced at 380k.. waa.. previously it's only 328k before bumi discount.. So, to those yg nak bli property, don't wait too long.. it keep on increasing... Well, going to help my mom with cooking.. :)

Mar 24, 2010

Preview Induction and Bookings at Pameran Pengantin..

 All of Us!

Waa.. sudah lame tidak update kerana terlalu sibuk.. after the first day I come to this Pusat Latihan Kg Gajah, which I've had sometimes to give some views of this place, Starting the next day.. My schedule become so tight.. The day spent going to the course talks... the night spent for assignments and practice.. We have 1 group assignment, 1 workbook to be completed, 1 individual assignment, 1.. 5 minutes speech, and tomorrow got exam some more.. but I thought to rest sometimes first before giving full concentration on the notes :D Today is a free day.. a revision day actually.. all the assignment done! And, we have group performance and Sukaneka as well.. 

Ok, Saturday is the start of this induction.. Like usual, begins with Ice - breaking.. which consist of 1 project, the logo, moto, objective, ethics, the charts.. and so on.. There are 3 portions that we have to fulfilled.. 1st, the project called Menara Impian, we've been given some manilla card and straws.. so we have to come out with the tower design. The next portion is the group board.. which should be decorated and filled with charts and others. Another portion is.. to think of the presentation and the idea of logo, ethics, objectives, song, moto, and all that.. So many things to get done.. and the time frame given from morning till 6 o'clock. The presentation begin at 8.00 p.m.. Well, we are 16 people.. so it's not that difficult :D

First, we divide the group to all these portion. I join the project group because of my technical background, because we need to present the project. The cost, vibility.. location, and we need to answer the questions from the panels. So, we decide the design, location, and all.. then we proceed with building the tower!

My group member.. tgh beruseha!

But, I didn't join the entire process because my friends need my help drawing the logo. Hwa.. saya tak pandai melukis.. seriously! But they need help so I just try my besh! The design is theirs..

The final result... hehe! sangat klakar kan semut nih.
Tak tau nampak macam binatang ape..

Oh.. before I forgot! Why, all this antz.. actually my group name is Semut Hitam! the moto "kecil menggegar dunia" I think the name and the moto is pretty good.. and meaningfull! I love them!

Nih my friends tengah busy planning for board decorating...

Then everything complete and we successfully presented everything! Well, there are technical problems but it's not that big damage.. So, the outcome..

After the presentation :)

The tower and the board! Nice right!

Most of the day memang spend time untuk go to the talks and come back home to do my assignment.. but there's one day off on wednesday so we decide to go to Teluk Batik! Hehe.. berehat and melancong!

Me and my roomate Nisa.. enjoying air kelapa cost RM2 only!

Then we've got sukaneka as well.. My group unfortunately get no 5.. :( but it's ok.. everyone enjoy the day. Each group should organize 1 game and the game we organize, we didn't have to play.. so total game 5, joined 4 only. My group organize game 'Ikat Kaki'. Other Games include 2 games with belon air and 1 is like a war game :)

This game you have to throw the balloon at the back..
and person behind have to catch la.. if not, pecah! Xsenang OK!

This one is War Game.. see.. ikat belon kat kaki then other person have to pijak bagi pecah.. Xaci kan main pertahanan :p

We as well have dinner with theme "retro nite".. Sangat happening.. My group buat show name "Siti Lelah" macam cinderella tapi dah modified dah..  and retro means lots of dancing so.. Lots of dancing scene.. Sangat meriah! Other group pon banyak buat dancing scene.. besh.. Overall.. semua show OK!

My group in 'retro nite' mood!


Overall memang happy la with all the activity.. Betul.. It feels like going back to the school days when everyone goes crazy.. climb the stage and dance.. hehe! The satisfaction is great sebab after all the hard work.. everything's done! So to those yang nak kena pegi induction.. tak taulah if other gov bodies macam mana... but this is the one for UiTM's staff.. ade jugak dari Pelabuhan Kuantan, Perbadanan Aset Keretapi and dari Majlis Daerah Cameron. So, tak payah la risau sangat.. sebab sronok.. Like me.. I'm worried at first and it's really not that bad.. It just, you have to cooperate and be sporting!


Ok.. about the bookings, walaupun hari tu tak dapat pergi wedding expo at PWTC, but Iwan dengan sangat baik hatinya pegi and book for me.. Nice I got Rass Deco for pelamin n deco dewan. And Iwan book video too.. from LH mediatv.. Now, photography.. still deciding.. hope in this April all the bookings settle.. :) Nice!

Mar 12, 2010

Dh Sampai Kg Gajah..

Ump, I actually have like weird thoughts about induction weeks. Rase macam.. Gosh, two weeks.. Lamenye.. OK ke dok sane? Whose my roomate? Ok ke nanti facilities die.. including.. banyak ke baju nak kne bawak.. Well, my good day start yesterday.. when Nisa email me asking if I still remember her since we did our induksi khusus together.. and I'm so glad that she will do her induksi umum together with me again.. At least I know someone.. At the bus stop I meet some other familiar faces and ktorang naik bas together.. 8 of us.. Well, it's not so bad.. 

I thought that my bag is so big.. yes, it's so big but.. it's not as that difficult as I imagined to carry for like a long way.. The bus stop in front of the 'hostel' and our room on 1st floor.. good right! And it's not so hostel like.. towel supplied, with small soap and shampoo.. got sejadah.. air-conditioned and WiFi.. so, it's not so bad like my old time hostel when I was in college.. bathroom pon look nice and share with next door person je. 

Well, kind of a good beginning.. today got no activity.. everything will start tomorrow.. jd bersedia untuk belajar tentang Dasar - dasar kerajaan.. haha! Perintah Am.. PKPA.. pe bende la tuh.

My dear Iwan will book my favorite vendor for pelamin at PWTC.. xtau la dpt or not.. dh tanye, and the vendor cakap still available. Hopefully ok!

Mar 7, 2010

iL SaBaTo SenZa DiveRtiMenTo..

Si.. ieri e' un sabato diverso ho passato insieme con il mio fidanzato, Iwan.. :)

Well, not much that we can do yesterday.. We just go out and eat at our normal place.. Sri TTDI, at TTDI Shah Alam. Iwan always love this place when it comes to lunch. I think it's quite famous among Shah Alam people.. Imagine that usually at 12.30 on Saturday, many people has already waiting for the food.. The choices of food is so great and most of it deliciously done... This is just a normal restaurant which harga pon OK.. but if looking for deliciously cooked meal.. I do recommend this place. They even got various bubur choices if you like bubur.. We usually eat Ikan Merah Masak Lemak.. :) I love ikan masak lemak and kari here.. And they got ulam - ulam as well.. and our choice usually jantung pisang cicah with air asam.. Quite a perfect Malay lunch tau.. :) If you go for juices.. the glass is bigger than if you go for teh o ais.. Usually we ordered for a teh o ais limau and a fruit juice. Ha.. and for the info, usually if you come like at 1.30 above.. you probably won't get exactly what you want.. Ikan Masak Lemak and Jantung Pisang usually gone or tinggal sikit je.. 

Suke nak tunjuk food..


Ok, then we just go to Subang Parade.. actually, we make appoinment with Dina Halim boutique just to see things and prices.. but the appoinment is at 5.30, jadi, we just spend the remainings time before the appoinment at Gloria Jeans. I think I really need a time to sit with Iwan, surfing and search for things that involves our wedding preparation. Kenape Gloria Jeans.. suke sebab bleh surf ngan laju.. before this penah surf dekat Starbuck carrefour but not that satisfying.. Coffee Bean pnuh plak smalam.. After all.. I loves iced blended.. so, getting both things rase cam besh je :D So we viewed some photographers.. and Iwan short list one or two yang die suke from what we have seen.. But, he thinks that he should survey further at PWTC nanti.. (sedih sbb sy kne kursus pulak )

Then we go to Dina Halim boutique.. tapi ownernya tak ada.. sbb anak dia sakit. Xpela.. tengok ada orang try baju kelabu pink.. cantiknya :) Actually, saya sangat suka pelamin dome Dina Halim.. and they told me that pelamin tuh boleh buat for 3 panel.. They make their rangka pelamin themselves tau.. so it's kind of special pelamin yang different from others.. So the price pon equal to that la.. They use bunga artificial, tapi cantik sangat macam fresh flower.. :) Well, I was told that they will come out dengan pelamin yang lebih menarik at PWTC jadi.. siapa yang interested should really go and see.. I believe it looks beautiful.. Sayang tak dapat nak tengok sendiri..

Honestly, if I really want that pelamin, which of course looks different, I need to squeeze my budget a bit. Well, to others maybe not that expensive.. so I'm in further discussion with Iwan.. Well, he as a guy yang lebih realistic dari me, a girl that is so fairy tales like, day-dreaming.. cakap, something like.. (rephrase ok) 'honey, I know you can have that if you want.. but, we'll have other things as well after the wedding.. and you still can get something pretty with budget reduce.." ok, I know I love fresh flower.. and that is additional cost.. and I have to select other design yang cheaper if I still want it to be fresh flower. And, Imagine that the extra 1k or 2k been converted to 

Honeymoon Package

adds on to kitchen cabinet

 Jahat sungguh En Abg compare it like that.. :(

Well, I know that we have to be realistic sometimes.. wedding isn't an easy things.. and it involves money.. unless you're a rich person yang don't mind spending 100k pon for the wedding, then maybe, it's ok to have everything cantik and expensive.. Prioritize bagi saya, sebagai orang kebanyakan ini quite susah sebenarnye.. Everyone pon nak their wedding become sangat cantik.. kan.. Me too.. I'm still don't know if my wedding boleh jadi cantik. And I admit that there are stress in between things..

I'm kind of kagum bila people that can make their wedding simple and sweet, a happy moments for themselves and family that when they look back, they don't regret a thing.. Nice right..  tak perlu something yang lebih2 sangat.. Imagine an english wedding.. a backyard one.. 

Saya suka paper lantern

simple celebration


Well cantik and simple.. which makes me think yang for overall beautiful wedding, simple thing can make a difference.. like lanterns.. and beautiful fresh flower on the table..  sarung kerusi and ribbons.. boleh jadi cantik kan.. I know that nak DIY memang not everyone boleh.. but get help is also important.. so the stress can be shared..

I talk to Rainie yesterday.. and she told me that we can go out together and search for pretty flowers to do decos for my hantaran.. like last time, on my engegement, my sirih junjung is done by her.

Rainie's touch on Sireh Junjung

She's delighted to help.. and of course I'm going to treat her as exchange.. :)  So we can make hantaran together.. I really want to learn this art.. then I thought of making the centerpiece for guest table.. maybe not so many flowers.. just to make the table look pretty. But it's still in planning.. usually centerpiece is important during english wedding.. did you see the white red black wedding I posted before.. they use roses and covered chairs.. in a simple wedding but it looks good.

simple 4 flowers centrepiece

pretty options..

variety of style


I think IKEA can provide me with this kind of vases and candles, right..  and I can always use the vases for house decos later.. but, I still look for cheaper option of vases.. :) Well, still look out for ideas..

So, to bride to be yang worried just like me.. things like will my wedding looks pretty with my not so much budget.. I think the answer is yes.. every wedding is beautiful.. because it's yours and you have to feel happy bout it.. after all, the important thing is just celebrate the happiness of you n your partner. It's a start.. and we should feel happy about it.. :)

Wish Me Luck!

Mar 5, 2010

Alice in Wonderland..

I'm so happy that I can manage to watch this movie yesterday.. :) I've wanted to watch this a few months back. Thanks to my dear Iwan yang sangat baik hati pergi belikan the tickets in the afternoon. So, sempat lah to get the tickets. 

So, how's the movie? It's a bit different than the actual Alice in Wonderland that we use to grow up with.. but I love the differences.. It's still a fantasy story. To Iwan, it's not as adventurous as he expected it to be.. but to me, Alice is female.. so I don't expect it to be an adventurous one.. or actions like watching angelina jolie's stories these days. I think it's more like something for a girl to see.. It just.. it seems like the story end shortly, 1 hour plus only.. maybe it can be better described in a longer hours of scenes..

The thing is.. it still has it's  fantasy and fairy tales feeling that usually can give inspiration to girls.. So, I'm quite satisfied with overall stories.. and 3D.. it's a colorful story so i think it looks good in 3D.

Speaking of Johnny Debb, a quite handsome person to me.. but always acts in characters that I consider as interesting.. something that not so human like.. or playfull sometimes.. with weird looks, I think this one is quite interesting.. it just,  I prefer his acting during Pirate of Carribean much more. Well, my favourite in this story is the blue catterpiller, the cat.. and the white queen.. I don't know.. but I just like them.. :) 

Anne Hathway.. she looks good in fairy tale movie.

Mar 2, 2010

Tentang Baju Kahwin dan Induksi...

Teringat plak lagu 'tentang seseorang' yang me and merz, one of my best friend time skolah n matrix asyik ulang2 nyanyi. Merz always be one of the person yg boleh layan lagu at the same time with me.. :) Windu sungguh zaman - zaman remaja.. :D 

Ump.. just wants to get myself to a happy mood. Well, yesterday, I call Kak Dayang just to update the dress status. And she told me that everything goes smoothly.. Actually I forgot to tell kak dayang to make my veil as well and she said that she's expecting me to request that.. hehe. She told me a story that she search the whole Tok Abang and only found one shop with the color that I like.. I'm so thankful that she didn't give up nak buat my baju. I think I should search for my veil design as soon as possible..And, the tailor confirm to do the same design as picture for baju bertandang.. die even nak add details.. thinking of if duduk, kain pergi side.. so, belah dalam tuh still got detail.. maybe kerawang ke patch .. waa.. sangatla particular.

Anyway, she's going to Bandung again this May.. so if anyone yg nak sewa baju baru from her or buat baju baru with her.. why not try and ask her about it. To me the price that I got for new baju sepasang with groom inclusive of kain and beadings.. your own measurement.. is so affordable.. and keep in my closet.. Boutique here pon banyak jgk yang charge higher than that for sewa only. It just, she's at Kampar or Kg Gajah Perak.. So to those yang jauh maybe susah sikit.. neway, last time pattern yg krim pink punya dress tuh ade yg almost equal ngan latest Majalah Pengantin.. kan..

nih fotopages die.. so, you can view some baju and maybe, some of it would be your choice.. who knows..
well..  i heart the purple one yang meleret tuh.. she told me that my baju maybe siap this april.. waa.. awal.. but at least, maybe, I can view exactly everything.. n if ade pape tak kene.. I hope it still can be fix..

well, induction.. i'll still go next friday...I've chit chat with En Jimmy.. during my bengkel fail meja.. and he told me that I should just enjoy the time.. Well, from his story, it's not that bad.. so, it just like some old time camp.. it just it's for grown up.. well, I can relax a bit hearing the tips.. including how to easily ensure my baju all clean.. thanx! huhu.

And.. I desperately want to watch Alice in Wonderland.. Huah!!!