Feb 28, 2010

Majlis kahwin red, white n black.. (ikha dan ayie)

Congratz to this couple

Ok, majlis nih buat kat umah Acik Aina.. which is, my neighbour sekampung.. (my house ni kat kampung, ok.. pinggiran shah alam.. huhu) which actually, my mum punya friend when she works in SPR Selangor. So, she invites us to her son's wedding. I think this is the third time I've been to Acik Aina punya kenduri kahwin.. And one thing that I always love about her kenduri kahwin is, food.. sedap sangat. Since Acik Aina really from here.. means, this is her kampung. Her mum's house and all her relatives are here.. they use to masak on their own.. specialty for Orang Jawa.. usually, sambal Jawa.. and it's my favourite during her kenduri. Others lauk - lauk pon really delicious. n air sirap campur oren.. suke air nih.

Their color theme for this wedding is red, white and black..  

Ok let's see some of the portion that makes up this wedding and the pengantin as well..

Ikha & Ayie
Pengantin yang sangat sporting sdg berkaraoke..

ok.. this the welcome parts. Nice arch

Meja pengantin.. (sy dtg lambat, diorang dh makan)

sukenye ada bunga on the table.. fresh flower, ok! 
(that's my dad)

Pelamin panel yg simple n sweet..

Bunga tangan pengantin

This is my pretty guy, buah hati sy dan keluarga
Muhammad Zafran Hakimi..

Sungguh dia tak boleh dok diam.. 
So, dapatla this kind of pic.

Ok.. there goes my Sunday.. Going to Wedding  :) Well, Monday is working hard day.. and I'll have my kursus 2 days from Tuesday n Wednesday.. Need to tune my head to Job!

My Saturday @ Pameran Pengantin Alamanda Putrajaya

Yesterday got chance to visit a wedding exhibition at Alamanda Putrajaya.. Since next 2 weeks I won't manage to go to Pameran Pengantin @ PWTC.. I thought of seeing what some boutique could offer at wedding exhibition. So here some views of the exhibition..

Area tak besar but quite some vendors boleh join kan..

Some of the vendors yang ada include Weddings Gallore, Avicenna Studio, Creative Elements, Butik Leezsha, and Red Hut photography.

This booth from Weddings Gallore..
Nice kan pelamin nih.. die guna fresh flower..

Nih.. model butik leezsha getting ready..

Pelamin from Creative Elements.. 
sgt nice.. Dress from ..Leezsha.
Got contrast right.. white and grey.

This one pretty in white and red

Cream can be interesting too..

Apa yang saya dapat... hehe.. dapat tengok. I personally think weddings gallore punya pelamin looks nice. And, they told me that the price will increase.. since they'll have boutique soon.. so, to those yang prefer weddings galore, memang berbaloi la. Leezsha  punya baju is quite nice too.. it looks like pretty baju done in bandung.. with detail at the back as well.. Creative elements is fabulous.. I think all people know that.. it just, i preffer english looks than java punye style. Price pon like designer price la jugak.. hehe.. I think I want to cut down the budget for that.. :) I got to know Avicenna punya package but my dear Iwan says he still wants to survey among the not so famous one (other than clicks couture yg memang well - known) with quite ok punya quality and cheaper.. whatever dear.. I trust your judgement. The good thing is.. I come across cute wedding card yg simple design but nice and cost less than RM1.00.. It's chic-look design.. and we're thinking about it..

Kira ok la kan.. to me, wedding exhibition nih agak save time la to me.. ye la.. it's easier than travel one boutique to another. Plus, you can see the trend offered by vendors as well..


Because this entry about my saturday so..  nak story la yang actually after that we go out jalan2 and finally makan malam kat ani sup utara.. Actually, I'm quite fond of idea of certain people that manage to write about where to eat this and that.. I love food.. so I thought of insert something about food in my blog as well.. just to add flavours.. :) So, why ani sup utara.. sebab cepat.. order and things sampai depan mata.. but to me, perfect soup usually from fresh meat punya soup.. especially during hari raya korban... but, remember, it contains fat as well.. so, control is essential!

Saje nak post gambar en abg yg tengah tengok menu

Well, dah sampai dah soup... 

air bandung memang sangat  menggoda.. :)

Then.. punya la jam kat sek 7 tuh.. weird la rasanya.. jam macam pagi isnin plak. Then only I know, ada fireworks show kat i-city.. Tengok dari jauh je.. and it looks beautiful still.. :) Sy sgt suka fireworks.. Ok.. nak masuk next entry..

Feb 26, 2010

A love stage (Pelamin)

Well dais is a special thing during a wedding.. apart from I want to look good.. dais will make the event itself look good.. So many design these days.. I always love something with english garden wedding touch.. Since I'll have 2 pelamin.. one for dewan.. and another one at home for majlis nikah n berinai.. I want one to look sweet and simple and another one sweet with an elegant's touch. 

I think these days.. apart from the dais design.. the bouquet of flowers at the dais play so important role.. If it's pretty, then the dais will look pretty. So, I think it's a bonus if you have a pelamin maker that's good with flower arrangement.. it can surely make a difference..

So, some design that I like from my browsing..

Ok, I think most people know bout this pelamin from khreyan..
Pretty, right? It will be my pelamin angan2 je.
Too expensive for me.. thanx to Zaila for the quo
I like the top part.. bunge2 tuh cantik sgt..


This one I got from Ayureq's Stories blog..
Nice right.. the design.. So garden like

I like the idea which the 2 panels fully covered with the green..
like from the previous pic.. except the centre one..
This one from Rass Deco

This one from ayureq's stories as well..
The fabrics will certainly make a dramatic, elegent look..
So, maybe  i need this combination.. fabrics with garden theme..

I had this delimma.. The hall's ceiling is too high.. and the lighting as well not so good in the hall.. so, having 3D pelamin just like this.. will surely help the photographer to get good picture..It's the 'pantulan cahaya' punye rules.. cahaya from the flash goes to the top fabric.. then to your face.. so your face get the soft light instead of direct light..result.. your pic will look.. prettier! So? 
This one from Djari Artz

this one so sweet garden like by fathinz

  Ni boleh jadi pelamin angan2 jugak.. 
dome - like garden..  so perfect by Dina Halim 
Different from ordinary panel..n will fit to my theme I think
Somewhat.. combination of fairy tales garden with traditional dress n music. hehe.. so rojak..

Now.. for my pelamin kat rumah.. sweet and simple.. camne ek..

This one from Rass Deco
Xbrape nak simple sangat kot.. hehe

 From Kerja Kahwin.. sweet2

Ok.. memang banyak sangat pelamin nih.. camne nak pilih? I thought of having different type between at home, at hall and Iwan's side.. but still, which vendor can give me the perfect pelamin with good price.. 

Ok.. other entries la kot for deco's..  Any vendor's suggestion feel free to give your point of views..

Feb 25, 2010

MATTA n bridal fair vs induction weeks

Waa.. so sad when my wishes.. just left as wishes.. Juz like when u want to own a Toyota wish and end up just wishing.. pe la aku mengarut ni kan.. :D Well actually, I've been planning like a month to really go to this event with my buah hati, Iwan dearest..  plus, Ijan also wants to meet me there.. really want to try to take a look at honeymoon package. Plus, I really want to go to bridal fair so that I can view certain things and decide what I really want for my wedding. 

Now, all those plan should be gone with the wind.. I've got an offer letter to go to induction. Since it will surely, involve my confirmation to my current position.. I should just say, yes, I will go. But, it's kind of cruel that it will be done during school holidays that people have planned this and that.. :( Whatever.. I just go with the flow..

So, it means.. I have to cancel my trip to MATTA and bridal fair that is as well important to me :( Iwan  probably will still go to just look around. But I know he's not always in the mood if he has to do it alone.. it will not be that fun as when we're doing it together. Well, well.. let's hope we manage to find some good things for our wedding..

Feb 23, 2010

Flu and Talks..

I'm not making any big progress in my wedding planning this week.. Saturday i Spent making my previous entry. Iwan is away in Kelantan doing some snaps in photography camp at kampung orang asli.. well, I only go to Carrefour on Saturday with my family.. the new one in Bukit Rimau.. But, the other shop still not open yet.. and, even though it's common to me to visit construction site.. I did hate the cements smell for new building.. Sorry, I've got sinus problems that makes me feel bad.. :(

Little Zafran make a visit to my house with his mom.. I love it when he's around.. There's some fireworks outside that can be seen from my house.. (chinese new year things) I let him see that and he's so happy.. he keep saying.. "Pom! Die meletop.. besar.. besar lampu die" hehe.. what can I say for a 2 years old boy :D So, saturday night playing with Zafran while watching Man-U being defeated by Everton.. And think about my fantasy football marks will go down with Rooney set as captain :(

I spend lots of time going online too.. and chat up with friends. Ijan wants to see me at Matta Fair.. which I think good. :) I haven't seen all my friends for quite sometimes.. they are all busy. It's common if you work with consultants and contractors.. ( the economics driven factor :p )

Yesterday my boss is around for half day.. during lunch I follow Kak CT to Alam Central and she's promoting me this pretty batik shop. I haven't yet have a kain krip (how to spell) batik.. and I don't have many of them too.. So, I bought a pink one and tempah terus at that butik.. all in RM270. Why tempah at that butik? simply because.. they design their own corak.. and the tailor simply know how to put the pattern as it should looks like.. the one yg ready made really made me fall.. :D I'll post the pic when it's done! And I go out with Iwan and enjoying Mcflurry Oreo even though I start to feel sick :D

Ok.. what's the relationship with the topics? hehe.. niente? Mestila ade.. today, I thought of just sitting in office doing my job.. with the flu.. I don't feel like going anywhere.. but Kak CT suddenly told me that I have to take her place going to this Risk Management Talk.. :( I'm not in the mood of listening with the handkerchif and flu and people from the other office that I don't really close to.. But, I just go. And listen. And learn.. which is good.. :)  Getting prepared for next risk management for Audit..

 Ayu and Raja..  My groupmate

Me.. being silly next to Kak Shikin

The guys yg kusyuk with discussion..

So, what I'm thinking.. It's good for project manager.. so Plz learn for better project management..

Then.. in office I grab 3 new tudung from Kak CT.. she bought them from Kelantan...coming home, Kak Dayang call me from Indonesia.. telling me the good news that she manage to find the color that I want even though it's bit difficult :D Yay! I still owe her some measurement..  Going to get them tonite..Then, I log in to my blog and check that Kak Dina from Dina Halim boutique has put some comments on my entry.. Luv It! Wish me Luck then.. :D

Feb 20, 2010

Dina Halim Bridal Boutique Online Contest


    ~ Saya ~ 

                                                                                                     ~ Dia ~      




Siapa yang tak suka if ada prince charming yang sanggup menunggu bertahun - tahun lamanya dengan sabar sebelum dapat memiliki cinderella nya. Saya hanya budak perempuan biasa yang comot waktu Iwan bertemu dengan saya. Baru berusia 16 tahun, terlalu muda sebenarnya untuk memahami cinta. Dan Iwan yang tua 7 tahun daripada saya sudah cukup dewasa, sudah bercampur dengan dunia luar.. Sepatutnya, dia boleh memilih yang lain jika dia mahu. Boleh cepat - cepat membina istana cinta dari menunggu saya yang masih dengan angan- angan 'sweet 16'. Bila difikirkan, apa lagi yang ingin dia tunggu.. dia sudah bekerja dan berkereta.. saya SPM pun belum ada. Arah tujuan hidup pun belum pasti. 

We meet through the net'. Siapa kata berkenalan di dunia siber tak boleh bertahan lama. Semua boleh jadi bila ikhlas. Ikhlas itu sangat penting.. dan dia sangat ikhlas berkawan dengan saya. Permulaannya kami umpama sahabat, dia tidak putus - putus memberi kata semangat.. saya harus belajar bersungguh - sungguh. Dia tidak pernah mengajak saya bercinta waktu itu kerana dia tidak mahu pelajaran saya terganggu tetapi tidak pernah jemu mengenali saya. Saya juga sama.. saya perlu cemerlang dalam SPM. Jadi, kami menjadi sahabat baik.. walaupun jarang sekali saya berjumpa dengannya, hanya berbual di telefon. Yela.. saya bersekolah di sekolah asrama..  sebulan sekali sahaja pulang bertemu keluarga. Bertemu kawan - kawan hanya pada cuti semester.

Dan semuanya berjalan baik.. saya berjaya ke matrikulasi selepas SPM, jauh di Pulau Pinang.. jauh dari keluarga di Shah Alam, dan jauh dari Iwan di Petaling Jaya. Hanya telefon sering menjadi penghubung kami. Sekali sekala saya pulang, Iwan mesti menanti saya di Pudu Raya, menghantar saya pulang dengan selamat ke rumah keluarga. Bila umur saya 18 tahun, kami fikir kami sama - sama bersedia. Walaupun seorang di hulu, seorang di hilir.. kami nekad. Jadi kami bersetuju mengikat janji.. Janji yang kami sama - sama akan melangkah ke jinjang pelamin satu hari nanti. Janji yang kami akan hidup bersama. Dan dengan janji ini, kami sama - sama mengaharap cinta kami direstui Illahi. Walaupun kami sedar.. perjalanan masih jauh.. macam - macam dugaan pasti tiba.

Nasib kami baik, saya melanjutkan pelajaran di UiTM Shah Alam. Seronok rasanya buah hati di depan mata setelah hampir setahun berjauhan. Kami jadi semakin akrab. Setiap minggu boleh berjumpa. Iwan jadi sahabat saya yang paling baik. Dia sangat mengambil berat.. dan saya sangat selesa melalui zaman remaja saya dengan dia ada di sisi saya. Rasa sangat terbimbing bila ada seorang yang lebih dewasa, yang sangat menyayangi saya, membantu saya mengharungi cabaran hidup sebagai remaja di kota yang besar.

Ada yang bertanya, tidak susahkah mempertahankan hubungan kami yang telah berusia 7 tahun lebih kini.. Memang banyak cabarannya. bayangkan dunia seorang gadis, ada rakan - rakan sekeliling yang bertukar kekasih bila bertukar lokasi.. rakan - rakan saya ada yang bercinta di bangku sekolah.. masuk ke matrikulasi bertukar pasangan dan iyela.. matrikulasi setahun cuma, ke universiti seorang di Johor, seorang di Kuala Lumpur. Nak jadi Jurutera atau Peguam, 4 tahun lamanya. Bayangkan 4 tahun itu berjauhan, ramai yang kecundang, bertukar pasangan lagi. Saya beruntung, Iwan di depan mata selalu.. Dia sentiasa yakinkan saya dengan sikapnya.. saya betul - betul percaya dia yang terbaik untuk saya. Tanpa menoleh kanan  kiri pada karenah rakan - rakan yang lain, saya meneruskan langkah saya.

Dugaan itu tidak berhenti begitu sahaja, saya seperti yang lain punya impian. Ingin mempunyai pengalaman dalam banyak benda. Saya dapat tahu ada peluang untuk ke negeri artistik dan romantis, Itali. Saya ingin mencuba mendapatkan biasiswa itu. Saya tidak mahu pergi sekejap dan tidak pandai berbahasa. Jadi, saya memohon untuk pergi selama setahun. Apa Iwan kata? Dia akan rindukan saya.. dia memang mahu saya cepat bekerja sebab Mama dan Abah mahu saya bekerja tetap sebelum berkahwin. Dia ingin mengahwini saya. Tapi dia tahu itu impian saya.. dan dia lepaskan saya pergi. Mungkin, Tuhan lebih mengerti.. permohonan saya diluluskan untuk 4 bulan sahaja. Jadi, kami berpisah lagi selama 3 bulan lebih. 

Saya pulang awal sedikit dari tarikh sepatutnya sebab saya perlu pergi temuduga kerja. Saya sebenarnya tak bersedia. Berita itu saya terima dengan sangat lewat. Saya cuma ada 4 hari untuk selesaikan semuanya di Itali. Saya jadi buntu.. tapi Iwan tetap yakinkan saya. Dia kata, saya berpeluang untuk dapat jawatan ini.. jawatan yang baik dan tetap. Nanti saya tidak perlu mencari yang lain.. dan saya tahu, jika saya dapat, saya boleh mula merancang perkahwinan kami.. Dan Iwan tidak silap, saya berjaya.. Terima kasih sayang sebab yakinkan saya.

Bagaimana jika anda seorang lelaki seperti dia, ingin meyakinkan seorang gadis yang baru nak dewasa, masih mempelajari erti hidup.. yang anda terbaik untuknya? Iwan tidak pernah mengongkong saya.. dia menyayangi saya dan memberi ruang untuk saya mencapai impian saya.. seperti lagu 'Butterfly' nyanyian Mariah Carey..

ooh ooh
When you love someone so deeply
They become your life
It's easy to succumb to overwhelming fears inside
Blindly I imagined I could
Keep you under glass
Now I understand to hold you
I must open up my hands and watch you rise

Spread you wings and prepare to fly
For you have become a butterfly (Oooh)
Fly abandonedly into the sun
If you should return to me
We truly were meant to be, so spread your wings and fly

Dan dia selalu kata..

"Saya cuma ada awak dalam hati saya... dan itu tidak akan berubah selama - lamanya"

dan sekarang saya ingin jawab..
Iya, sayang.. saya tahu.. dan saya tidak pernah ragu - ragu untuk itu.
Terima kasih kerana menjaga saya.. dan terus ingin menjaga saya.
Semoga dengan rahmat-Nya, kita bahagia dunia akhirat bersama..

Saya mengimpikan sebuah majlis perkahwinan yang simple, sweet in grey, silver with a bit pink touch. Sesuatu seperti taman fairy tale tetapi tidak terlalu sarat. dan rakan - rakan serta keluarga juga berasa selesa dan dapat bertemu, bersembang lama setelah sekian lama tidak bertemu. My wedding is not just about me, him and our love.. it's also about our family blessings and our friends happiness.. All in all.. a joyous day.

7 tahun 6 bulan

Feb 19, 2010

Baju Purple..

Iwan first wanted me to just rent wedding dress for Majlis Bertandang.. so I never thought about what kind of purple will suit me and Iwan.. he doesn't like soft shade.. especially the pink close like.. Gosh.. so uneasy for me.. since I always see something pinkish as beautiful.. :) Then he don't want white.. so I have to cancel my 1st color combination..Then now he's away that I can't even really discuss about whatever color that he likes.. but he did suggest me one that I'm still thinking bout.. So here, I present few shades of Purple.. that probably be what I like..

see that this color wheel present so many purple shades
(violet) the close to pink.. close to blue.. and the equal purple..

This is the various name.. (i'm not sure if this true)

This is the combination that I like..
(purple and red purple).
Drawing is owner's courtesy.. of course!

This is a nice purple combination...
something like red purple with grey - like purple tones
But I got grey as my other baju.. so trying to propose the other one

So, this is the purple that Iwan agree with me..
Kak Dayang.. any comments?
The inside layer is something  red like purple tones
The outside one will be the actual purple tone..

So, this is the color of shantung that I think will fit the abovelike color

So, the color of lace as patching on top of chiffon or net like the above pic..

So, that's my rough idea.. I know it looks bit bright but I think It's quite ok.. coz I've seen once, an actual one like this.. HOPE it goes good..

I Choose.. Butik Andaman Dayang

Ok.. I know.. it's weird sometimes when it comes to decision.. I've survey several contemporary designer.. but I'm not planning to splurge all k's that I have just to have a pretty baju.. so, if I could save some portion that I have.. I'm more than happy to do it.. I know I'm just an ordinary girl. Not some famous person.. So I'm looking for something which value for money..

Like in my previous entry, I've told the story that I suddenly feel like browsing some dress at this boutique.. so, I happen to stumble on these two design that I kind of like it.. ok, let's view the dress I'm talking about..

 I like this grey and the next one, pink cream dress..
It's indonesian design.

Ok, the look from the back.. they even got details for the back 
tak macam kat sini.. tak pentingkan sangat blakang..

Lower parts detail.. 

I'm copying the cutting of this dress.. 
but with of the grey lace yang lagi satu

I think the details for chest part nih full and interesting
then, bahagian leher is kemas as well..

Maybe it's not the type yg you all suke.. but I've been in love with Linda Rahim design.. but, to copy usually here.. you can't get manik as much as if you did the dress in Indonesia.. so, I manage to grab Kak Dayang, the owner at the time she's about to go to Jakarta.. and she's willingly let me buat baju dengan dia with the price of.. jeng - jeng - jeng.. ask me via e- mail.. I let you know.. But.. it's better for people live in area teluk intan, kampar, tapah.. maybe paling jauh pon.. Ipoh.. I don't know.. because this boutique have 2 branch Kampar and  Kg Gajah kot.. In Perak.. 

I got to know pon sebab my engagement last time.. with budget yg sikit and baju pon blasah je.. but I got pretty baju from this boutique jugak.. sewa for price like.. RM170 je untuk perempuan..

Time my engagement

full baju.. from top to toe :)
but that selendang is mine la..

If baju krim tadi dh ade.. mesti aku dh kebas.. ump.. I'm early few days..  So, few reason why I choose this boutique to make my baju..

  • I love kebaya with beads detail n patch works..
  • The price is so affordable..
  • Kak Dayang is nice and easy to work with.. banyak kali die tepon me.. to discuss bout baju
  • I got my relatives working there too.. so senang nak contact.. hehe. ( but the price the same je coz she's not the owner)
So, let's pray that my baju will turn out good.. I do my baju bersanding and bertandang as well with her.. grey, silver n a bit pink beads for my side.. and dark purple with white for Iwan's side.. I'll still do my baju nikah with Unaisah.. hopefully.. since that one will be baju kurung moden..

The design I tend to copy are by http://www.prestigeinar.com
Something like...

for bersanding.. but that kain will be different

this one for bertandang..

Ok.. wish me luck with all the baju.. :D