Feb 19, 2010

Baju Purple..

Iwan first wanted me to just rent wedding dress for Majlis Bertandang.. so I never thought about what kind of purple will suit me and Iwan.. he doesn't like soft shade.. especially the pink close like.. Gosh.. so uneasy for me.. since I always see something pinkish as beautiful.. :) Then he don't want white.. so I have to cancel my 1st color combination..Then now he's away that I can't even really discuss about whatever color that he likes.. but he did suggest me one that I'm still thinking bout.. So here, I present few shades of Purple.. that probably be what I like..

see that this color wheel present so many purple shades
(violet) the close to pink.. close to blue.. and the equal purple..

This is the various name.. (i'm not sure if this true)

This is the combination that I like..
(purple and red purple).
Drawing is owner's courtesy.. of course!

This is a nice purple combination...
something like red purple with grey - like purple tones
But I got grey as my other baju.. so trying to propose the other one

So, this is the purple that Iwan agree with me..
Kak Dayang.. any comments?
The inside layer is something  red like purple tones
The outside one will be the actual purple tone..

So, this is the color of shantung that I think will fit the abovelike color

So, the color of lace as patching on top of chiffon or net like the above pic..

So, that's my rough idea.. I know it looks bit bright but I think It's quite ok.. coz I've seen once, an actual one like this.. HOPE it goes good..

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