Jan 31, 2011

Bertandang review : kasut

Ok.. dah cite baju kite citter kasut plak.. :)

Sbenarnye.. kasut pon saya mintak kak dayang buat skali so bleh la nampak sedondon ngn baju.. Sebab expect material die akan same with the dress.. Kak Dayang nicely agree untuk buatkan kasut skali.. :) But, yang buat kasut ni actually dulu ade cawangan kat Perak.. tapi skarang die dah tak buat dah kat sane so Kak Dayang bagikan material to him and I have to collect the shoes myself dekat Taman Maju Jaya..

I love the pink purple combination with laces.. So here it is..

So, the shoes are made by : Adean Creative.
Location @ 14a, Jalan MJ7, Taman Maju Jaya, PJ..
Taman Maju Jaya ni kat tepi NPE hiway.. pastu kedai ni dekat ngan CiMB Taman Maju Jaya..
Yang nak custom made shoes.. bleh cuba.. sbb shoes die ok and to me selesa nak pakai.. :)

Jan 29, 2011

Bertandang Review: Baju

Huhu.. ingatkan bleh la nak upload pic banyak2 last week.. but end up tak sempat pon.. anyway, as promised, I will certainly do some of review from my wedding yang dah 3 months plus berlalu.. will list the vendors as well at the side.. but that will takes time sikit.. hehe. Skarang weekend pon dah routine baru kan.. mesti nak gik melawat parents hubby and spend sometimes out.. if kat umah  pon on Sunday, mesti nak masak untuk hubby and uruskan hal - hal lain kat umah kan.. so semakin limited masa untuk online compare to zaman single2 dlu :p But will try my best to share as much as I like..

Anyway, proceed with 1st entry.. The Wedding Dress..

Pink and Dark Blue Purple with Beadings

If you read my entry : http://angelzentry.blogspot.com/2010/09/teaser-baju-utk-hana-yoriee.html and http://angelzentry.blogspot.com/2010/02/i-choose-butik-andaman-dayang.html , you will know la a bit on the story.. I think I write quite a lot about my wedding dress.. It's something I love for the fact that it's value for money.. I'm so wanted to have my own wedding dress.. in my size.. and in love with Lynda Rahim punya design.. yg ada sangat banyak beading.. and of course Prestigeinar yang sememangnya kite cuba nak tiru.. hehe..

Buttons at the back

Thanx to Kak dayang from Butik Andaman Dayang for helping me with the wedding dress.. Kak Dayang agree to carikan kain.. buatkan baju and all the beading.. manage it all the way from Bandung.. it's not something like designer punya baju but I love the outcome.. the color especially.. combination yg saya suka.. Hubby always told me that he wanted something 2 tone.. sebab it will look good in pics.. and I just agree.. walaupun kak dayang ckp agak susah nak cari kaler yang saya nak ni.. 

When sitting down

Thanx jugak kat Kak dayang sebab pening2 tempahkan tanjak and the matching samping for my dear.. beza tau dengan yang set kat brightsail 2.. it's larger size actually.. to those yang minat.. especially kat Perak Tengah.. why not visit her boutique utk cari baju yang sesuai.. mostly tailor made kat Bandung.. chanteq tau the beading..

Us... stand up look

when walking..

Speaking of tudung plak.. memang last minute.. Pening2.. but at last just decide to do my tudung with Pn Vispera.. Suka sebab it's chiffon.. it create softer look.. :)

Tudung and beads

Ok... enjoy the pics.. Ade yang minat nak sewa ke? Bleh je.. any Q's are welcome..

Jan 21, 2011

Wedding Reveal.. hehe

Ok.. received some good news this week.. :)

Last Tuesday I got a call from Mr Lukman.. and he told me that my video is almost ready.. he just need pics so that he can make the album cover.. So I finally manage to get in touch with Mr Rashdi from peveyhack on Wednesday.. ( He told me that my album maybe completed around February.. hopefully) I hope everything will settle then so I can get my video by next week.. :) Happy!!

And another surprise comes in Wednesday when Danialhaikal finally call.. yay.. album dah siap! Suke2...  So smalam dah pegi amek dah album tu.. simple and nice la to me.. cume sebab storyboard so takla banyak sangat gambar printed kan.. Hubby said he wants to print several 8R to put in his sticky album he bought from Manggis last time.. and print banyak2 lagi nak buh kat slot in album.. :p saje je.. nak bagi puas hati semua orang.. nanti diorang ckp ckit je gambar.. "cyg.. why not make another custom album :p"

Besh2.. dah start dapat material.. so pasni bleh la penuhkan blog ni ngan gambar2 kawen kite.. hehe.. tapi begin with reception belah hubby la coz gambar dah dpt.. Sbenarnye.. manyak je yang same between our majlis.. Like performance sebab hubby yang arrange.. tapi takpe la kan... dah de manyak gambar.. post la manyak2 kat sini.. :D

Insya Allah.. will try to begin posting this weekend.. Excited Mode !! :)

Jan 16, 2011

Another Weekend in January 2011

Skejap sangat masa berlalu.. now it's already petang Sunday. It's a relaxing Sunday to me.. but mendung2 ujan menyebabkan goals untuk mengeringkan baju2 tak berapa menjadi kenyataan.. hehe. Nak wat camne kan.. ump.. 

Unlike last week, we've change our usual plan. Instead of visiting hubby's mom on Saturday and overnight, we decide to go back on Friday.. hubby cuti dah for 2 days.. so ktorang balik after I come back from work on Friday. Saturday actually de kenduri kahwin my mom's 2nd cousin dekat je ngan rumah mak hubby (Dewan ktorang kawen ritu laa..) and hubby pon memang nak pegi kat Jalan Duta sebab kenduri anak orang opis die.. So our Saturday spent visiting newly weds :) Lepas tu melawat adik hubby kat Jinjang.. mak ngan abah hubby pon ekut skali.. Sorry la no piccas sebab tak bawak camera.. lately, I tend to forget that.. 

After hantar parents hubby balik that evening, ingat nak pergi Curve for our dating nite... Suke bile hubby cakap.. malam sabtu memang mood nak dating kan :) but hubby ingat nak pergi Sunway Giza Kota Damansara dlu..  I just agree since I haven't really been there.. I know Sunway Kota Damansara is so full with quite interesting shop especially when it comes to food :D 1st time melawat Giza.. amaze with the large size ceiling fan and air breeze cam kat tepi laut plak.. it's cool to have cafe style camtu.. not really under the sky.. but still an open air type.. I know Malaysian usually prefer open air stall rather than enclosed restaurant.. Lately banyak such open cafe type like the Curve street.. Luv these changes :) oh... I'll snap some pics of this place later.. ok.. 

Tak besar pon actually this place.. skejap je jenjalan situ.. tapi dah malam, penat plak rasenya seharian kat luar, so kitorang decide untuk balik awal sikit.. Drop by kat seksyen 15, makan nasik tom yam.. and go home.. Sweet.. Sunday just to relax at home.. :) We pretty like the change of this schedule.. bet we'll repeat again other weeks.. hehe...

Between, Miss Pd finally arrive.. Good.. I'm not worried anymore.. bet it has turn normal.. :) Hopefully I don't have to worry anymore for the coming months.. Oh, feels like sharing some Italian Dreams piccas.. hehe.. Maybe I'll post some next2 time with some story.. Ok.. Ci Vediamo !!

Jan 14, 2011

Inspired and Insecured

I haven't been online so much these days except for bace online paper few minutes in the morning... takde la busy sgt sebenarnya.. de la sehari dua cuba nak masak - masak sikit untuk hubby after office, asam pedas ngan gulai lemak.. hehe.. yesterday makan nasik arab je kat luar. not bad.. but tak seperfect yg aku imagine.. nak kena try kedai lain plak.

Kelmarin mama n abah told me that I should think of my career path.. Think of something good to do apart from stuck here.. I got good job now, to me.. I think others would love to be in my position. Alhamdulillah.. but my parents think I'm capable of something more, getting something more.. and wants me to think if it. Well I'll turn 25 this year.. "tuanya.. hehe" I should decide what I wanted to do actually.. chances probably lower when we reach 30 kan.. 5 years tu pejam celik je.. I hope I can decide if at least I wanted to have a change..

Yesterday been to Cyberjaya, visiting a building to talk to the building manager about the IBMS system.. We went with this Dr Ir.. who actually has design several.. Well, I've heard of her name several time.. never meet her personally. Wonder if she's as serious as everyone thought.. It turns out to be that not all the negative stories are true.. There are things people good at and we should look at it and hear the advice, right. She's an interesting personality that I got chances of knowing.. Well, certain days you just need to be inspired.. :)

Here the insecured story.. my monthly bestie.. Miss Pd still haven't visit me.. :( I'm not worried of getting pregnant.. It's like 4 days late yesterday.. and still my hpt strip don't show a real positive.. Wonder if I'm too early to test and should wait for next weekend to do the test again if Miss Pd still hasn't drop by.. But I heard people got +ve test even before their period.. which make me worried if I'm actually sick..

Any preggy sign??  I'm not so sure of any.. Takdela nak vomit ke pe.. My other Besties Miss B hurts a bit.. They usually did when Miss Pd about to come each month.. never this long though.. 2 days like that and Miss Pd sure to come.. now it has been few days.. Heard that could be a sign.. and it feels like Miss Pd will be here anytime ( you can tell the feeling right) but still not any sign when you check.. Some people said that it's a sign of preggy too.. Head ache do visit me sometimes.. but so light so I can just ignore and not even count it as headache.. Become food lovers cam org slalu kate if preggy makan banyak.. tp, bukan lepas kawen memang makan banyak ke? Prefer going straight home to lay on my bed rather than going out like I always love before.. pantang hubby tanye laju je.. die pon pelik bile tanye nak pegi mane? then kite jawab.. balik la..

Since my hpt takde lagi exact positive... I've been so worried if I sick.. Miss Pd just weird these days after I get maaried... I even did pap smear to confirm if I'm not sick.. and I'm not.. Alhamdulillah.. but that is last month story.. I expect I'm good this month... Just to make sure I'm not sick.. Preggy is a bonus if I am.. but healthy is the most important one..

Jan 11, 2011

The Not So Wonderful Beginning..

Baru je 10 hari tahun baru kan.. Most people maybe still in full spirit.. My beginning is not that wonderful.. Start work with such a full spirit to accomplish more this year but end up knowing that one of my colleague will leave us for a new biz plan.. It's good for him though.. Wish him good luck! but my assistant will leave my unit to cover his job so I have to figure out on how to complete things on my own. I should see it as a challenge, I know...

Flu comes visiting me the whole week last week :( But flu only.. without fever which is good :)  Friday I join my officemates making sandwiches.. but I eat so little because my flu gets worst. I'm just get better this weekend. Not really fully recovered... And actually I'm waiting for my monthly best friend to come visit me.. but it's a bit late now... I hope there'll be good news :D Currently.. nothing to confirm yet..

Abah supposed to undergo an operation today.. He went already to the hospital yesterday. Unluckily, it is postponed.. so he has to wait for March.

Life goes on like normal these days.. still learning to keep up.

Jan 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone.. Hope that this year will be better.. and bring out the best in us :)

Thanks so much for a wonderfull 2010.. Camne sambutan korang? Last nite decide to celebrate lightly.. more to celebrating 2011 as  us.. being together.. just enjoy some meal outside.. some cartoon in the room.. the MTV's award..  enjoying cheese cake.. with some Kenny G's music background.. :) Well, the fireworks at the window :p Thanks to hubby for making me happy. With love so much to you sayang.. Hopefully kita akan jadi Hubby and Wifey yang lebih baik.. Amin..