Jan 14, 2011

Inspired and Insecured

I haven't been online so much these days except for bace online paper few minutes in the morning... takde la busy sgt sebenarnya.. de la sehari dua cuba nak masak - masak sikit untuk hubby after office, asam pedas ngan gulai lemak.. hehe.. yesterday makan nasik arab je kat luar. not bad.. but tak seperfect yg aku imagine.. nak kena try kedai lain plak.

Kelmarin mama n abah told me that I should think of my career path.. Think of something good to do apart from stuck here.. I got good job now, to me.. I think others would love to be in my position. Alhamdulillah.. but my parents think I'm capable of something more, getting something more.. and wants me to think if it. Well I'll turn 25 this year.. "tuanya.. hehe" I should decide what I wanted to do actually.. chances probably lower when we reach 30 kan.. 5 years tu pejam celik je.. I hope I can decide if at least I wanted to have a change..

Yesterday been to Cyberjaya, visiting a building to talk to the building manager about the IBMS system.. We went with this Dr Ir.. who actually has design several.. Well, I've heard of her name several time.. never meet her personally. Wonder if she's as serious as everyone thought.. It turns out to be that not all the negative stories are true.. There are things people good at and we should look at it and hear the advice, right. She's an interesting personality that I got chances of knowing.. Well, certain days you just need to be inspired.. :)

Here the insecured story.. my monthly bestie.. Miss Pd still haven't visit me.. :( I'm not worried of getting pregnant.. It's like 4 days late yesterday.. and still my hpt strip don't show a real positive.. Wonder if I'm too early to test and should wait for next weekend to do the test again if Miss Pd still hasn't drop by.. But I heard people got +ve test even before their period.. which make me worried if I'm actually sick..

Any preggy sign??  I'm not so sure of any.. Takdela nak vomit ke pe.. My other Besties Miss B hurts a bit.. They usually did when Miss Pd about to come each month.. never this long though.. 2 days like that and Miss Pd sure to come.. now it has been few days.. Heard that could be a sign.. and it feels like Miss Pd will be here anytime ( you can tell the feeling right) but still not any sign when you check.. Some people said that it's a sign of preggy too.. Head ache do visit me sometimes.. but so light so I can just ignore and not even count it as headache.. Become food lovers cam org slalu kate if preggy makan banyak.. tp, bukan lepas kawen memang makan banyak ke? Prefer going straight home to lay on my bed rather than going out like I always love before.. pantang hubby tanye laju je.. die pon pelik bile tanye nak pegi mane? then kite jawab.. balik la..

Since my hpt takde lagi exact positive... I've been so worried if I sick.. Miss Pd just weird these days after I get maaried... I even did pap smear to confirm if I'm not sick.. and I'm not.. Alhamdulillah.. but that is last month story.. I expect I'm good this month... Just to make sure I'm not sick.. Preggy is a bonus if I am.. but healthy is the most important one..


honey bedazzled said...

sometimes after married kan, memang period punya cycle went haywire. so dont worry. my 2nd period after married came 10 days late. i thought i was pregnant as well. but my belly was so bloated i know im not pregnant. so dont worry our hormone is just messing with our bodies due to changes of lifestyle. so relax.

Hana said...

thanx for the calming advice.. I hope I'm doing fine and get used to it next - next month.. thanx so much :)

HanHan said...

anachna-janganla worry sgt..maybe hang busy and penat kot after kawen?or too relax? :P hormon ape semua dah lain.cycle larik la (chewaahhh..bajet pandai je.bio pun tak pernah blajar :p)
dpt baby pun bagus jugak ye.. :P bole aku cubit2 mcm aku cubit pp mak die :P

Hana said...

aiyok... bio bukan amek sampai form 3 je ke :p hehe.. pandai ek nak picit pipi.. picit pipi macik mahan la lagi besh :D tembom..dh ok dh.. blom de rezki lagi nak de baby.. gambate kudasai! :p