Jan 16, 2011

Another Weekend in January 2011

Skejap sangat masa berlalu.. now it's already petang Sunday. It's a relaxing Sunday to me.. but mendung2 ujan menyebabkan goals untuk mengeringkan baju2 tak berapa menjadi kenyataan.. hehe. Nak wat camne kan.. ump.. 

Unlike last week, we've change our usual plan. Instead of visiting hubby's mom on Saturday and overnight, we decide to go back on Friday.. hubby cuti dah for 2 days.. so ktorang balik after I come back from work on Friday. Saturday actually de kenduri kahwin my mom's 2nd cousin dekat je ngan rumah mak hubby (Dewan ktorang kawen ritu laa..) and hubby pon memang nak pegi kat Jalan Duta sebab kenduri anak orang opis die.. So our Saturday spent visiting newly weds :) Lepas tu melawat adik hubby kat Jinjang.. mak ngan abah hubby pon ekut skali.. Sorry la no piccas sebab tak bawak camera.. lately, I tend to forget that.. 

After hantar parents hubby balik that evening, ingat nak pergi Curve for our dating nite... Suke bile hubby cakap.. malam sabtu memang mood nak dating kan :) but hubby ingat nak pergi Sunway Giza Kota Damansara dlu..  I just agree since I haven't really been there.. I know Sunway Kota Damansara is so full with quite interesting shop especially when it comes to food :D 1st time melawat Giza.. amaze with the large size ceiling fan and air breeze cam kat tepi laut plak.. it's cool to have cafe style camtu.. not really under the sky.. but still an open air type.. I know Malaysian usually prefer open air stall rather than enclosed restaurant.. Lately banyak such open cafe type like the Curve street.. Luv these changes :) oh... I'll snap some pics of this place later.. ok.. 

Tak besar pon actually this place.. skejap je jenjalan situ.. tapi dah malam, penat plak rasenya seharian kat luar, so kitorang decide untuk balik awal sikit.. Drop by kat seksyen 15, makan nasik tom yam.. and go home.. Sweet.. Sunday just to relax at home.. :) We pretty like the change of this schedule.. bet we'll repeat again other weeks.. hehe...

Between, Miss Pd finally arrive.. Good.. I'm not worried anymore.. bet it has turn normal.. :) Hopefully I don't have to worry anymore for the coming months.. Oh, feels like sharing some Italian Dreams piccas.. hehe.. Maybe I'll post some next2 time with some story.. Ok.. Ci Vediamo !!

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