Nov 4, 2013

Low yat today..

I'm having a cup of tea... ;)) I'm actually waiting for my hubby n my lil brother making my lil brother PC.. n he's upgrading the PS3.. need to wait at least till 5 plus.. ump..

The tea do make me feel good.. I had flu since morning.. sakit tekak since yesterday..  But I'm not bringing lil khayra today.. so it's kind of ok.. lil khayra staying with opah ;)) I hope she's ok and have fun.

It's not really as according to plan.. thought that today will be a stay at home day...need to pack my hospital bag.. tomorrow I'm in 34weeks.. it's late already. N all the baby stuff since I'm going to pantang at my mom's. N the house tidying... I cannot do it at one go.. ; (( I'm feeling heavy in this pregnancy.. my feet ache so much..

So.. hubby thought that if he needs to make the pc... it's better now coz he'll be busy with AGM soon.. and we actually take a day off tomorrow.. so holidaying till tuesday.Today seems like a perfect day.. so here I am sipping my tea n waiting... at least more sitting down ; D