Jul 4, 2014

Breastpump yang best

I didn't really like talking breastpump.. expensive things but well.. why so berkira with breastpump when you can buy RM2k handphone..plus tab and all the entertainment  but feel rugi to buy breastpump that help you feed your baby. ;p there I go.. hehe.. I know, everything should follow budget ;)

ump.. but I wish to share a bit of breastpump experience..
I currently use my sister's Medela Swing..  she bought it on 2012. But she only use it for like 1 month.

My first breastpump is Ameda Lactaline.. It suppose to be a good double pump.. but, being first timer, I actually didn't know much of the manual control. You can control both the suction and the speed of pumping. So you can actually imitate medela 2 phase.. and you can create the phase you like.. Ameda comes with standard 25mm breastshield. But I suggest, try medela 2 phase pump or any other 2 phase pump first.. only then you'll know how to do the manual control. ;)

I honestly love Medela swing much better.. the suction suits me.. comfy suction and 2 phase allow me to get more milk.. and honestly, I didn't have much choice because I need 21mm breastshield size.. and medela can provide me this.. ;)

Ok.. you probably wants to ask why on earth I bother so much about suction and breastshield... Well, a good pump has suction that imitate well baby feedings.. If they have good suction that suits you.. they imitate your baby so well.. so you can get more milk coz you manage to sort of telling your body it's a baby feeding :D that the science.. that's why people choose pump that suits them.. and lately, lots of brand offer 2 phase cheaper than medela.. I haven't try but they have their own fans.. like Spectra M1 and Autmnz Passion. Both seems interesting to me. Minus the breastshield problem... ;(

Spectra M1

autumz passion

Lots of people forget about breastshield.. When I first feeding Khayra.. I even bleed myself.. melecet bagai.. need lots of cream.. and got ezecma.. infection just because of breastshield. ;( and due to that I stop breastfeeding Khayra when she turns 1.. hubby insist.. and well, I stop pumping lot when she turn 6 months and stop pumping at all when she turn 8 months.. It's all because of breastshield.. and sadly, I only really understand that when I have my second baby, Ilman. Poor me.. ;( Breastshield is important when you choose a breastpump.. that's why you should try your pump before buying if you're not sure. And check how your nipple move in the breastshield.. The cone is not important.. the inner diameter is the one that is so important so that your areola tissue didn't get in and get hurt.. or your nipple stuck and bruise at the inner round tunnel. Check out here more the info here

Standard breastshield is different between pumps.. Ameda standard is 25mm (inner round tunnel size) Medela comes with either 24mm or 27mm size... Spectra if I'm not mistaken comes with 28mm size but spectra do have 24mm size but need to buy from them. ( I've call spectra to confirm on this). If you have been using pumps and encounter problems say.. using pump hurts you.. check your breastshield.. it probably not a perfect fit. It's not the pump that probably gives problem.. it probably just your breastshield..

Medela offer me small breastshield.. size 21mm ;) I like this discovery ;D but I'm not saying Medela all perfect too.. because my pump has show some ageing ;D My baby is only 7 months . I bet I'll need to visit the service centre.. I read some people write that motor problems can charge you around RM300... Uwaa.. I heard that Medela is good but manja.. making breastfeeding isn't about saving.. it's about giving your baby the best milk.

Because I do have problems with supply post bad diarrhea that takes me away from good food for a week.. I guess I'm going to need a double pump to relactation sort of thing (it's good to have another since that swing is not truly mine.. and I didn't have back up if something happen.) I'm looking at Medela Freestyle.. but probably going for cheaper option... ump.. let see.. ;D Will review on that superb pump that has love from all breastfeeding mother.. planning to do some testing over the weekend..