Jul 19, 2012

2 days before 8 Months,,

I haven't update bout my lil girl for almost 3 weeks right.. ;D Ok.. a bit on update.. Last 2 weeks hubby is away so we stay at mama's house, Khayra nowadays really love to explore.. the first time I really seen her trying to discover a wide space.. no longer wants to stay on her mattress or comforter.. She start to going forward on her tummy faster.. lift her bump high like she wants to sit.. She start to pick up things on the shelves and on the floor. She played with abang Zafran and start to go under the table.. ;) She's so growing up right? I might forget to say that all these one month plus.. Khayra already know how to say mama.. and abah.. and baba.. wawa.. lately, she bable a lot. Her cry no longer a simple one sound cry.. hehe.. She start to enjoy twinkle - twinkle little star on Youtube.. the one got star and owl.. ;) she got so excited when watch it.. she start to appreciate her baby owl doll too ;D 

Khayra 7 Months Plus..

Khayra got angry with lil Zafran whenever he disturbed her

After comes back from mama's house, she had flu again.. but not too bad.. and she recovered after one week.. ;D Yesterday, I said bye to her and she wave her hand to me.. the first time she wave to me.. :)) She start to understand when I said.. a'... no! when she's doing something I don't like. She will pause and look at me.. sometimes with naughty smile. Yesterday, after few times I repeat a'.. no.. she copy me and said a'... while doing the thing I said no.. hehe. It's funny sometimes.. 

After she recovered from flu.. She seems like a really good girl.. no longer cry a lot.. She start to enjoy playing and exploring her world. She love to hear people recite Al - Quran.. She usually follow with her own sound.. ;)) Alhamdulillah.. I hope she grow up becoming anak solehah.

She's now love to eat different stuff.. she don't want to just eat the same nestum and biscuit everyday.. When we're out she wants to eat when we eat.. Well, she'll be 8 months and should be introduced to wide range of food, right.. we usually bring food with us or find something suitable for her to have.. she not yet have teeth.. but she start learning to chew.. she likes nasi impit ;D 

Her sitting progress good.. yesterday she can really sit.. but she only lift one hand off the floor... not yet both.. Give her few weeks.. I'm sure she'll master it.. Luv her lots..

Jul 5, 2012

Gambate Khayra Sofea ;))

As her mama.. of course I want her to progress fast.. But every baby is different and we should just let time flies and enjoy every seconds looking at our growing up girl. ;)

Khayra has been trying so hard.. and still trying hard to get herself much more mobile.. She start to move forward on her tummy but she still in trial mood.. She'll be really good in 1 week.. She can sit when we make her sit but she still afraid.. and trying her best to control herself in sitting position.. She still lift her bump trying to crawl.. ;)

I love to see her trying.. sometimes she frustrated and cry.. but she still try again..

She start to love being outside.. meeting people. I decide to let her have sometimes outside everyday so she won't feel bored staying home. Then we go to the playground or in front to watch other kids play.

Oh.. my love growing everyday for her ;)

Jun 20, 2012

Happy Day and Sick Day

Most of my friends take a leave during school holidays.. but me and hubby decide to take our leaves later than school holidays.. simply because we don't have schooling kids.. ;p So Monday and Tuesday we decide to take a leave and happily, enjoying our time at home.. Hubby been shopping for drawers at IKEA and he just seems so busy fixing ;D 

I realize that there's not manyKhayra's picture during she's on her tummy.. so I decide to snap some of Khayra's pic when she's on her tummy..

It's good to see you little girl in some action ;D See.. she do love playing on her tummy sometimes.. She make a round turn but never wants to move forward.. Just Circle few times ;D She's already 6 Months plus..

I start working Wednesday but sadly, Khayra got a fever on Friday.. It wasn't so bad because she still feels like playing a little but I'm so worried that I decide to take a leave again. 

 Khayra in fever

Saturday and Sunday.. Khayra is so well. She start to lift her bumps lots of times.. and goyang2. she's ready in crawling position but didn't move forward.. hehe.. she's still practice to hold herself and maybe she got fever because she's about to crawl..;p  But Saturday and Sunday are the worst hazy days ;( 

Khayra suddenly cough and has flu on Tuesday (yesterday) .. and I take a leave another time to bring Khayra to clinic... She couldn't sleep at night and her kahak doesn't seem to come out.. and for the second time I decide to skip flu medicine Promitazine .. I only let Khayra has her ubat cair kahak . I even go back early today to check on her flu.. but it seems she's a happy baby even though a bit sick ;D 

So, tomorrow I can work peacefully because Khayra usually fine during the day.. even though 2 days she had trouble sleeping.. she rest well during the day. Hubby take a leave tomorrow.. 

Sometimes.. when it comes to worryimg bout your daughter.. you just don't have the real spirit to work efficiently ;p and yup.. wanted to share this link bout ubat selsema.. why we shouldn't give ubat selsema to infants. http://drzubaidi.com/blog/?p=670 It's a recomendation from doctor as well... and my pharmacist friend also said the same thing..

Khayra sleeping tonight

Jun 11, 2012

Some Stories..

Orang cakap.. baby will change day after day.. they develop so fast.. and yup their attitude change as well.. Khayra already 6 Months half.. quite like in steady phase.. right now ;)) So much stories.. that sometimes you just forget that you so wanted to write bout them..

Khayra still learning.. she roll over lots.. doing push up with her chubby arm.. practising and practising.. they weren't strong enough yet.. Not yet for her to crawl ;D But I think... she will soon. Maybe things will be different after a month.. She makes lots of sound.. gurgling.. playing with her milk in her mouth.. and she loves screaming.. Aaaa.. ;D She even likes it when I makes many animals sound and copy her soud.

Khayra suka sangat timang.. she knows when her nenek count satu.. dua.. and she'll be ready to be thrown up when reach tiga ;D She still put all things in her mouth.. Pull my hair.. and play with her hand.. She usually makes hand like Gong Xi Fa Cai.. hehe.. These days.. she luv smashing.. she just discover that smashing table and timber floor makes such a loud nice song.. She even smash water in her tub.. She loves playing with water.. We even think of buying lil drum toy.. maybe later ;D She loves her walker because it allows her to move.. But It got dirty during meal time..

She also loves being out after I come back from work... and on weekend.. We've been to KLIA last week.. she start to recognize people too.. Her mama especially.. I wonder if she will ever sleep if I'm not around..

I start giving Khayra other things.. she love biscuit.. enjoy nestum and fruits..( she tried apples, banana and papaya). Last week I start giving her potato mix with milk.. Today, Khayra had her 1st rice with chicken and some broccoli.. I hope I can prepare other delicious meal for her.. ;) I love her having great nutricious meal instead of nestum only..

There's one thing really dissapoint me.. I can't manage to fulfill Khayra's need for milk.. so I have to mix with fm.. she needs 5 bottle of 3 oz.. but I usually provide between 9 to 12 oz.. so Khayra need fm to cover her need. Lucky she can accept Enfalac that we bought when she's a newborn.. At least, I've done my best to ensure she had everything enough until she's 6 months.. and still continue to breastfeed her..

 Last 2 weeks.. I try to change her Avent bottle teat.. Unfortunately, she don't want to drink from it.. I don't know whether it's the too slow flow or because it's not soft enough.. Or Khayra turn to be so fussy because she has grown up and knows bout choice.. I don't feel like buying her other Avent teat that will cost me another 20++.. so I just decide to buy her a new MAM's bottle with 20++ price as well ;D I hope she'll like the bottle.. it claims to be soft teat.. and I got her the 2nd stage flow.. hopefully.. it is fine to her..

I am so grateful that I win a mamy poko contest that I joined from Pa Ma mag.. I won Khayra 8 Packs of Mamy Poko easy fit pants.. 1 pack got 44 pieces.. so we don't have to buy pampers few months ;D It's enough I think.. and Khayra ready stock pampers also quite lots..

I've been falling in love with headband and bought Khayra quite a huge collection ;D But I'm satisfied when Khayra looks so cute wearing them.. I even splurge on Poney dresses when they got 70% offer.. all in 1 year old size.. bet Khayra can start wearing them during raya..;p

And I've been thinking of starting Khayra's saving account at tabung haji... Khayra needs that.. We'll go to open account tomorrow.. hopefully everything will happen according to plan.. I got so many thoughts on financial issue.. I even register with http://www.moneytrackin.com/.. to track my spending.. I hope I can manage to replan things.. and yup, save for a Coach bag.. hehe..;p I've got my wristlet already.. well, that's not the real goal.. I need to save lots.. and has strategies.. who know.. we can buy a big bungalow house.. go to haji and travels.. ;D

I've been discussing with hubby bout Khayra's education.. I thought of sending Khayra to playgroup when she turns two.. bcoz she turns 2 at November and the next year will be third year.. But depends if pre-school around my house will accept it.. we got Krista, Qdees and Little Caliph within walking distant... so that will be Khayra's 1st school.. Maybe, Khayra can go to 2 different school.. We even thought bout the Yamaha JMC.. atuk Khayra also encourage that Khayra join JMC if we want her to learn music..Well, he works with Yamaha before he retired.. I do think it's good for Khayra to try.. maybe it's something she'll love.

Ok..that's my some stories ;D

Jun 10, 2012

Khayra 1st Travel far

On 19th May.. I took Khayra to her Nyang house at Kuala Dipang, Kampar.. Hubby's away working.. so this is the first longest travel for Lil Khayra, we go together with Mama Abah and my family.. I put on to her long sleeves shirt with tights.. Alhamdulillah she's doing fine.. She easily sleep in the car sebab sejuk air-cond.. Play with her Pak Su.. ( she usually enjoy when kids around).

 But I change her clothes when we arrive at Kampar for meals.. because she yak2 and the hot weather outside.. She arrive at nyang's house sleeping..

Nyang let Khayra rasmikan her new tilam.. which she got as bantuan from Kelab Putera 1Malaysia after banjir.. ;D She calls it tilam Tok Najib ;)) Selesanya Khayra...

Khayra just playing all the time without clothes because of the heat ;D

and.. we snap pictures as her 1st kenangan balik kampung ;D

 Most of the time..she had meal when we had meal too ;D Now it becomes a habit to her.. she wants her meal when we had ours... hehe..

Malam.. she sleep well dalam kelambu ;D except during tengah hari dia meragam sikit due to the heat.. At last, I just bath her with cold water.. ( macam air terjun).. she enjoy it very much then just put her to sleep.. seb baik bleh tdo ;D Ok.. Success2.. So wanted a holiday with hubby and Khayra.. Khayra pass the test ;))

Certainly will visit Nyang again later ;))

May 26, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I haven't really mention bout my home before... Well, pretty much some history to us.. We currently living peacefully in it.. hehe! Simple to me.. And still lots need improvement.. 

We get ourselves  powder coated grille in brown color.. I like it so much. Simple design.. Just from a contractor who usually here..

We bought our Lightings at 99 Lighting somewhere at Kota Damansara. We love their ceiling lights design. Browse a few kedai but tak jumpa yg bekenan di hati. But the shop will close soon, maybe can check at Top Ten Puchong, their partner later. We bought fans at lighting shop near my mom's house at Jalan Bukit Kemuning.. I forgot the name.. It's RM235 for KDK remote 4 bilah..

Some of the lighting we've chose since we didn't use plaster ceiling and not planning to have one

 Ceiling Lamp

 IKEA Simple hanging lamp

 Room Light

 IKEA Spotlight

We decide to make our first Hall and Master Bedroom langsir at MACY (they got discount that time :D) .. and bought the rest ready made at IKEA. We decide to hang the curtain at maximum level.. :)) Hubby love to shop at Houz Depot and IKEA.. He got his almari TV  at Houz Depot. Got our Sofa at IKEA.. Luv TIDAFORS in brown :D And the first bed we bought at Harvey Norman.. ( we so in love with the design.. so much... boleh sandar, storage at head and bawah katil... so practical.) and it's on SALE.. that's why ;D I really fancy Harvey Norman stuff but the price tag :o Will have to save if I adore something..hehe..

We got our tilam and dining table at the shop nearby ;D I luv Harvey Norman's design but this one quite a copy la.. ;p. Luv the mattress too.. King Koil.. Now,  I love my ow bed more than other places in the world.. ;p

No Kitchen cabinet for me... :(( We decide to save before getting a perfect design..

We bought our first TV at Komplek Desa.. Jauh kan.. but it's cheap. Berbaloi sangat to us. Shop for Peti Ais and Panasonic air cond at HLK.. recommend this shop.. ;)) and Mesin Basuh at SenQ. Still lots of stuff to fill the house.. By the times.. most of the essential are there.. 

May 22, 2012

I'm Not a Super Mommy.. but I pray and I try to be One

16 May 2012

My baby girl will turn 6 Months next week.. I'm so happy for her.. ;))

Khayra at Miqa's besday

There's so much running inside my head.. after 5 months plus of breastfeeding.. my freezer running out empty from milk.. I got crack nip and so hard to struggle to pump out much more ;( But I try to keep up with my baby demand.. she drink 12 to 15oz of milk everyday.. but I only can pump out around 10oz to 12 oz usually.. so much more come out from the freezer.

Of course I want to be a supermommy... I've woke up early to pump.. Pump another 3 times at the office.. but sometimes it doesn't comes exactly like you wish.. meetings.. pile of works.. you running out of energy and finally wake up just enough time to get ready to work.. ;( So, certain days things got out of hand.. and less pumping time..

It  sounds easy.. add more pumping time.. like every 2 hours.. Imagine if you use 20 to 30 minutes pumping after every 2 hours.. and with pile of works.. when are all those things finally can clear up.. ;( and they say wake up in the middle of the night.. but mommy need some rest too.. coz tomorrow got meeting and 101 things to settle.. no way you could miscounting because sleepy.. ;D It's people money I'm counting.. and they screaming for their payment..

Well, It's not that easy... PATIENCE! PATIENCE! and lots of PATIENCE!.. and PRAY.. lots of PRAY..coz when mommy feel bad and stres, those milk don't comes out lots.. ;(

So, that's the struggle of breastfeeding.. some people are bless with easier time to pump.. I would pump every 2 hours if my desk ever empty.. some less time but got lots of milk each pumping time.. so rezeki yang Allah bagi.. Alhamdulillah. Doa banyak - banyak Insya Allah.. Whatever it is.. I still try my best to get enough milk for Khayra.. and Khayra has start eating, hopefully she can do with 12oz milk everyday.

After all.. she's a happy healthy baby.. eat her first rice and carrot last weekend.. her 1st biscuit yesterday.. had her injection on Monday.. Alhamdulillah she didn't get fever.. I love the fact that my baby never had fever after injection, I think mother's milk is part of the reason.

We've been to Mom's and baby expo last weekend.. and got Khayra a playing mat.. Luv2 ;) Others just some cheap clothes, Khayra's food and her weaning accessories.. ;D

 Khayra at Mid Valley

 Khayra bored waiting ;D

May 7, 2012

Khayra's1st Food..

Khayra is already 5 Months 1 week when we decide to test giving her food.. just very small amount of food so that Khayra learn how's eating like.. She's been eying our food for few weeks :D

Khayra 5 Months with abang Zafran at Yan's wedding ;)

Khayra wants mama's frappy.. :)

 Khayra shopping her 1st jar food

It's Monday 30 April, the first time Khayra had her first food. It's a jar puree of Pumpkin and Sweet Corn.. (It taste more like Pumpkin ;p) It's hubby's choice and Khayra like it too.. 

The first time, some did come out.. and she even cry because eating is something slow to her.. she thought that she can continuosly swallow like when she drink her milk ;D The second time she start to enjoy the food.. and wanted to eat lots.. But mama afraid if the food is too much for her ;p 

Khayra 1st day eating.. ;D

Thursday, everything has finished so I decide to buy her Cerelac Rice with milk.. she seems to enjoy it too.. and she's 5 Months 2 weeks now.. ;) I thought of making puree for her, to help her love other things and get more nutrients.. bought myself a book .. Nutritionists' Choice Cookbook ( still on the way) .. this one from Malaysia so it suits our menu.. and order one English puree book from Kinokuniya for different type of menu..

Currently, everything seems fine.. she digest well.. Not a day without poo - poo.. hehe.. And she's still on breastmilk except that I'm a bit worried if I had to mix with some formula in case if my stock empty.. I'm running out of stock.. So, 2nd lesson learnt.. Plz, stock up your milk when on maternity leave.. don't be lazy ;D

May 6, 2012

Done Berkhatan, Bercukur..

Last Weekend  29 April 2012 finally manage to get Khayra bercukur :) Thanx so much to my dear sister, along sebab susah - susah dapat gak cukurkan kepala Khayra. How it is done? 3 times Khayra sleep.. then only it's finally done.. and my 1st lesson learnt.. Cukur la cepat.. when baby tak pandai meniarap and senang nak tidur.. tak payah nak struggle macam cukur kepala Khayra. Tidur.. pastu mesyusu nak bagi tahan lama sket.. then bangun nak main tapi cukur kepala tak siap lagi. Pas main - main tidur balik.. sambung cukur.. pastu meniarap plak.. ;D Macam - macam.. Seb baik lasnye licin ;p 

Monday 30 April, me and hubby saje je amek cuti because nak gak khatankan Khayra with my fav doctor, Doctor Sabrina.. dia ade morning sampai 4 o'clock je Monday to Friday.. Alhamdulillah, it's finally done.. and Khayra sangat la baik time tu... amazing.. nangis pon tak :D

Well.. soon will ask hubby buat aqiqah utk my lil princess.. Ok, next nak cerita pasal Khayra and her food's experience.. :)

Apr 22, 2012

Khayra is 5 Months today...

Khayra sleep peacefully now :))

Time camni la nak layan komputer ngan blog tak?? hehe.. Some update.. 

Khayra dah penat harini jenjalan.. Penat mula2 kena tunggu tukar tayar keta.. pastu gik armcorp mall carik aichik nye camera.. Sempat gak curik masa belikan khayra buku kat book excess... Ok la dapat la 6 books with price RM62.. berbaloi kan :)

 Khayra bored at kedai tayar

Khayra new book from Book Excess

There are changes after we move.. mak hubby will go home on Friday night. Then we will visit mama and abah.. either sleep there or just singgah jap.. Saturday we went for outing. Sunday is for cleaning and after that.. pick up mak from her house.. So mak will have weekend days free to relax..  Khayra will have sometimes to jalan - jalan on weekend and visit her family, right.. I hope it's good for her :)

Today, mama got so excited that Khayra turn 5 months.. bought her bottle food.. tak tau bila nak start bagi.. guess bila 5 months half bleh bagi khayra rase2 kan :) She start to eye our food.. and put her hand on our drink.. hehe.. I hope she'll soon will enjoy food and not fussy.. still haven't bought her makan set ;D will get them as soon as possible.. and get her bip ready.. nak jugak bumbo seat .. will get that for her nnt..

It feels bad that lately I haven't really got chance to snap Khayra's pics.. n even upload pics and write blog.. I get home when it's already 6.30... and Khayra usually a bit moody during evening time.. she wants her feed and so wanted to sleep.. I usually have to struggle with her from 9 to 10.30.. even though she usually fall to sleep for half hour around 7.30.. that help me to only survive maghrib n dinner time before she start to fuss again... She's really a good girl and love to play during day time.. But night is for sleeping to her.. all she needs is bed ( she wants to be upstairs), little chat or story book time, feed and sleep.. buai pon dia tanak when it's 10 p.m.. That's new Khayra after we move.. 

Khayra with her fav giggly ball

Something bad happen... rumah opah kena banjir.. :( But I can't visit her with Khayra around.. Hope able to help her some later...

Cian opah.. :(

New LPG out this week... Insya Allah the 13% this month.. Alhamdulillah.. thought to invest on property.. :)) Eying one..

Apr 13, 2012

Lil Khayra 4 Months Plus..

Time did fly so fast.. Khayra will be five months next week.. She's becoming so chubby.. So cute!! :)) Much more progress.. Khayra dah pandai meniarap :) She choose 31st March to start betul2 meniarap. Tapi tak pandai pusing balik :D Takpela.. slowly she'll learn. She start to hate socks.. selalu je gosok kaki sampai socks tertanggal.. or tunduk n tarik socks dengan tangan.. hehe. Few times I have to bend and collect back her socks.. jatuh rata - rata dah.. Dah bertambah bijak.:) And she start to play and laugh too.. I first heard her laugh on 31st March. Especially when looking into the mirror.. she loves mirror.. Sometimes she watch tv like she understand what's inside it :D beriya2 je..

I still fully breastfeed her.. I hope I can manage to continue until she is 2.. Hopefully.. :) Khayra pon dah pandai.. when mama comes home she don't want to drink from the bottle.. and she start to pull my shirt few times asking her milk.. hehe. Luv to see her grow up..

We've move to our new home at Bandar Bukit Raja.. and Khayra stay with nenek during daytime.. It's already the 3rd week. Khayra seems fine.. and she enjoy playing with nenek too..

I start to replace some of her shirt. Got some cheap baju at Jusco warehouse sale. Ok la.. sehelai RM6.. hehe.. got her some of Pooh shirt. size besar.. setahun..  Just untuk pakai kat rumah.

Can't wait for her progress.. :D

Mar 31, 2012

My Early Working Days and Khayra

13 Mac 2012

I've told you I won't be able to write so much once I start working.. :(( sob2.. plus, we're in a hurry to move to our new home.. I had so full schedule Monday to Sunday.. Khayra stay with her Nyang these weeks.. the third week already now.. I'm so glad that she can help looking after Khayra while making our home ready. I spend Monday to Friday working on the days and coming home at 6.00++ to play with Khayra and sleep early at around 10.30.. I'll wake up around 5.45 morning.. depends if Khayra wakes me up earlier.. I try to get 5 to 6 bottles of 3oz milk with at least 4 times pumping.. and currently on track.. except that I have to leave Khayra once on weekend to settle on our home so my stock will be used more :((  But I'm happy that Khayra still can have her mama's milk :) She'll turn 4 months next week then I'll have another 2 Months to ensure Khayra get her mama's milk only.. my 1st milestone.. I hope I can make it. I'll do my best.

Things getting better these days.. unlike the first week, I worried too much about my pumping schedule.. coping with morning schedule and Khayra not used to being left during daytime.. These days, she sleep well and wake up around 5.00++ so I get good sleep :) I mish Khayra during my working hours.. and feel bad whenever I have to leave her on weekend because there's so much to do with our new home and Khayra will feel tired if we bring her outside for long hours.

I still try to read her books and sing on swing to her whenever we had chance.. usually after coming home from work. She still enjoy all the session :) I start to let her hands free from mittens so she can learn to hold things.. She love holding hands.. and love putting stuff inside her mouth.. She loves her elephant toy that Abah choose for her.. I think, red really attract her attention.

We bought her new stroller... :) A Quiny Zapp Extra all black at stroller world.. and she seems to like it better than her previous stroller ( I borrow from my sis) :)) We went to Mom's care sales and Baby fair at Mid Valley last weekend to get Khayra new stuff.. bought her tight, 4 pairs of new bigger clothes, ribbon and socks... huhu.. really need to replace some of her clothes because she's getting bigger. She just got her immunization last wednesday.. she seems fine and not having fever :)

 Khayra after her immunization.. Gd Mood :))

It seems that she wants to laugh but that hasn't really come out yet.. :D Can't wait for her cute laugh !!

Mar 1, 2012

I am a Working Mama :))

It has been 4 days since I start working.. Yes, I mish Khayra.. everyday. It feel bad not to have lots of time talking to her and read to her.. Khayra is fine at home because she's staying home with her atuk n nyang. At least she didn't have to adapt to a new surrounding. But I'm worried the most about her milk everyday.. I haven't campur her milk with formula. Yes, I wish I can just breastfeed her. It's the best milk.. and I'm trying to make sure of that at least until she's ready for her solid..

But works are works.. many consequences.. I do have some formula spare for my lil girl in case if whatever that I provide is not enough.. Up till today.. Khayra drink 5 bottle of 3 oz. and that's usually what I got when pumping 5 times a day. Alhamdulillah I still can meet the demand but no extra does make me worried.. But I'll try to cover with whatever stock I have until all finish well before trying to mix up.. even if I have to mix up, I'll make sure she got most breastmilk.. maybe only 1 bottle formula a day if she drink 4 oz...

Khayra usually wants to feed with me when I come home.. The moment I hold her after work, she wants it instantly. She start waking up at night too asking for feeding. So it did becomes a bit tiring to wake up early for pumping and then goes to work and not enough sleeping. But our body will cope with that I believe.. Soon things will become normal day to day right..

I can't  wait for Khayra development.. she seems growing up fast these days.. steadier head each day.. playing with her hand each day.. enjoying her gym and try batting her toys.. Can't wait for her 1st laugh :) 

Feb 26, 2012

Khayra 14th Week - Mama Get Ready To Work

Actually, I took extra 1 week holiday instead of going back to work after my 90 days Maternity Leave. I've spare my last year annual leave just to add some days to spend with my Khayra. Honestly, I'm not sure if I'm ready to leave lil Khayra with someone else.. and sickly worried I cannot pump enough milk for her. I work 8 .00 to 5.00 and conveniently has a room for myself if I need to pump. But, I'll have meeting which I should attend. and certain week, I have them everyday and a never ending desk-job.. Certain days I still have to bring them home... I might have to strive a bit because stress is common when it comes to work, right  :)) every job has their stress time.. and be prepared as well if I finally have to give Khayra some formula milk if things get out of hand which I hope not.. :(( Semoga Allah murahkan rezeki Khayra untuk dapat susu ibu sepenuhnya.. Insya Allah. I'll strive for my Lil Girl.

Khayra's antibiotic finally finish and I've start some bottlefeeding session with Khayra... Lucky she wants to drink up all the milk.. I learn that she usually take around 3 oz per session but she drink regularly.. like every 2 hours... :o I'll try hard to have more milk.. I wonder if my flange isn't the correct size.. ump.. I might need to buy new one with the right size.

I try letting Khayra sleep in buaian instead of nursing her to sleep and allow her to play at play gym.. :) I hope she can stay home nicely without fussing lots. Nyang will take care of Khayra a week or two before we move to our new home. Then Khayra will stay with nenek.. :)

So it certainly will be all new episode and drama of a working mother with her 3 Months Old daughter.. :))) So, my checklist to get back to work..

~ Bottlefeeding Khayra - done
~ Get Khayra know her care-person - done
~ A method of calming and sleeping - done
~ Breastmilk storage - done
~ Pump set - check the flange
~ Milk Label - need new marker pen
~ Cooler bag and ice pack - ice pack to go to freezer
~ Handbag and pump bag - Progressing
~ Daily Diary - need to go inside the bag
~ Monday milk - striving!!
~ Ironing.. :D - will find sometimes to do it

Will write about my home progress later.. Gril, curtain and lighting.. 

Feb 25, 2012

Khayra 13th Week

Khayra gets better at her 13th Week.. On Tuesday her fever still comes in evening.. her cough still there.. but her mood and appetite are good.. I'm so worried why it doesn't goes away. On Thursday, my mom told me that I should take Khayra back to clinic to ask the doctor. My dad even told me that Klinik Panel yg bagus for kids as far as he knows are Klinik Dr Rosli Seksyen 18 and Klinik Soraya. Klinik Soraya banyak doktor during day time je.. (Clinic Check Up mengandung ku :D)Tu Klinik yang dia selalu bawak ktorang dlu.

So, Thursday night jugak I bring Khayra to Klinik Dr Rosli. Dr dia tak tau la Dr pe tapi nampak macam dah berumur sikit so maybe banyak experience :D I told the doctor about her fever..cough and even the medicine yang previous Dr dah bagi.. He just ask me to continue with Rhinathiol with 0.5ml increase dose ngan add with 1 mild antibiotic.. Cephalexin.. I don't know bout other Moms but I was raised up with lots of medicine around and get use to read the label... :D like ventolin for asthma and actifed or claritin for flu n allergy, paracetamol usually for fever/tahan sakit.. hehe.. that's common medicine right. I even try to remember sebijik brape gram.. sebab kadang - kadang kena belah 2 :p Now, ingat every medicine yg doktor bagi pada anak and dose nya skali. So I start giving Khayra Cephalexin.. and her fever did becomes better.

Actually, I don't like antibiotic... Our body should build the antibody for us.. I usually skip antibiotic unless I don't see improvement with my fever sebab antibiotic kan kena habiskan bila dah start makan. I heard that baby tak patut diberikan antibiotic unless we have too.. I hope doctor will not simply give antibiotic to my baby unless she really needs it. It really make me confuse whether to give antibiotic or not.. I hope she wasn't abused.. And she's breastfed.. From ape yg saya baca.. Antibiotic hanya boleh hapuskan bakteria.. not viral infection, something from virus. But bakteria baik pon akan terhapus skali bila makan antibiotik :( But I give Khayra that antibiotic finally because it's a week already her fever doesn't really improved.. See article from Dr Azwan about antibiotic here.

Khayra Luv playing with atuk

 Khayra dah pandai mintak Aichik dukung :D

Takpe la.. yang penting Khayra dah makin sihat skarang.. her cough sometimes comes but greatly reduce. I think I'll wait till antibiotic finished and see if her cough continue. 

Monday, hubby cuti after 3 days outstation. Sukenya saya.. Khayra start to notice that she can scream differently when crying.. :o It's too loud with new rhythm and she just love to repeat it.. ump.. a 3 Months old punye perangai kot.. Now, last week before Mama gets to work.. Wish that I have enough milk.. My stock so little..

Feb 22, 2012

Diaper Ape??

Huhu.. It's always becomes one of mommy's topic... pampers pe nak pakai?? (even though brand pampers dah tak banyak jual :p) I even google mula - mula dulu nak cari pampers pe yg orang lain recommend :D Ok la.. mama lain pakai diaper ape ek? 

Khayra has test a lot.. seb baik dia takde la sensitif sangat.. penah ade mild nappy rash sebab she's quiet je yak2... So salah mama dia jugak tak perasan.. pitty lil Khayra. Tapi tak la sampai menangis2 and fussy sebab nappy rash.. basuh pon dia diam je.. . then sapu dropolene hilang.. :)

First pampers Khayra is Premium Dri5 size s ( free dapat kat hospital :D) lembut untuk baby, I like...


Then Huggies Newborn.. It's quite small for Khayra actually and not as soft as I expect.. Tak berape prefer untuk newborn.

Then Mamy Poko size Newborn.. I like Mamy Poko punya newborn size.. it's bigger than other Newborn size.. and lembut sangat for my baby.. cuma, mahal ckit Mamy Poko if takde sale.. so, if minat, grab time sale.. Saya pon beli sebab de expo baby dapat murah :D 

Then try plak Pet Pet size S, tak berapa lembut gak to me... tapi suka pinggang dia ade macam getah tu. Rasenya bleh dapat better pampers with price dia.

Then pampers sampingan Diapex.. Ni utk Khayra pakai kejap2 je.. sebab Khayra sometimes kotorkan pampers time nak readykan dia after mandi.. n bila dia yak2 and almost time for bath.. Beli bigger size M. I'm not sure kalo pakai lama.. kalo untuk kejap2 ni ok je.. Maybe sebab size yang beli tu besar, bila yak2 pon takla keluar2.. Tak la lembut sangat.. but for day use ok je, berbaloi utk harga :D

Then try pampers Pureen Dri5 size S. tak berapa suka jugak sebab macam plastik sikit to Lil Khayra.. tape dia wat peha Khayra merah la..
Then Mamy Poko Size S. Lebih banyak sale dari newborn.. Masa nak masuk sebulan lebih tu Khayra tak muat lagi.. Bila 2 bulan lebih  baru muat. Lembut.. cuma takde getah kat belakang..

Then Huggies Dry Comfort  Size M.. seperti yang saya teka size Huggies seems smaller than Mamy Poko punye size. So Khayra dah boleh start pakai.. Lembut jugak.. de getah belakang.. tape dia selesa untuk baby yang dah aktif sebab tinggi skit.. cuma lebar dia tak sama ngan Mamy Poko. Mamy Poko lagi lebar la.. Tapi stakat ni takde kebocoran berlaku.. kire bleh tahan lagi la..

Dah dapat sample BabyLove... :) Nnt nak try if Ok.. 

Ok la some tips to new mommy... (kite pon new jugak :)) ) to me 1st Month baby banyak Yak2.. Yak2 sikit berenti n baru tukar dah yak2 balik.. itu biase.. so pampers memang asyik tukar.. pukul 2 ke 3 pagi pon kena tukar pampers.. so takpe je kalo murah sebab tak perlu serap banyak pon.. If one piece tu mahal sedih plak bila tengok kejap je pakai :D Tapi saya sangat pentingkan lembut n baby selesa.. if dia macam tak selesa, jangan beli lagi la.. 

Pek besar ke kecik ek.. Khayra dlu pek besar sebab kejap sgt habis... tengok la senarai pampers yg kita dah try ni.. walaupun Khayra baru 3 bulan, dah macam2 sempat try. Maybe sebab breastfeed kot.. skarang pon dia berak paling kurang 3 kali.. 5 kali pon biase je.. Tapi cousin Khayra dia minum formula milk.. baby boy.. cepat besar.. so dia tak bleh beli banyak.. newborn pek kecik skejap je pakai.. tu pon tak habis.. tapi saya pon tak brape suggest beli newborn.. unless Mamy Poko. Newborn lain smue kecik.

Saya ngan hubby skarang de sindrom nampak yg murah terus beli.. pastu susun stok :p So dapat la beli pampers mahal tapi harga affordable.. tak la beli Mamy Poko 80sen.. mahalnye.. beli time die 50++sen ke.. berbaloi ckit. Huggies Dry pon camtu.. tapi kena agak2 la stok kat rumah yg ade n if size die akan bertukar..  Stakat ni formula tu menjadi.. Khayra dapat pampers yg selesa n affordable to mama n abah.. 

Sape yang nak beli mamy poko.. cuba tgk if mamy poko de offer time expo kat Mid Valley March ni.. :) Dlu ktorang beli murah time camni la untuk new born.. sebab dia yg sponser expo.. 

Tringin nak try cloth diaper yg chomei tu.. tapi tunggu la Khayra pandai main snirik.. boleh de mase extra nak cuci :D sape yg dh try bleh la bagi feedback.. Ok, bleh la share experience lain coz lain baby lain kadang preference dia.. Stakat ni mama Khayra prefer Mamy Poko n Huggies Dry Comfort.