Mar 31, 2012

My Early Working Days and Khayra

13 Mac 2012

I've told you I won't be able to write so much once I start working.. :(( sob2.. plus, we're in a hurry to move to our new home.. I had so full schedule Monday to Sunday.. Khayra stay with her Nyang these weeks.. the third week already now.. I'm so glad that she can help looking after Khayra while making our home ready. I spend Monday to Friday working on the days and coming home at 6.00++ to play with Khayra and sleep early at around 10.30.. I'll wake up around 5.45 morning.. depends if Khayra wakes me up earlier.. I try to get 5 to 6 bottles of 3oz milk with at least 4 times pumping.. and currently on track.. except that I have to leave Khayra once on weekend to settle on our home so my stock will be used more :((  But I'm happy that Khayra still can have her mama's milk :) She'll turn 4 months next week then I'll have another 2 Months to ensure Khayra get her mama's milk only.. my 1st milestone.. I hope I can make it. I'll do my best.

Things getting better these days.. unlike the first week, I worried too much about my pumping schedule.. coping with morning schedule and Khayra not used to being left during daytime.. These days, she sleep well and wake up around 5.00++ so I get good sleep :) I mish Khayra during my working hours.. and feel bad whenever I have to leave her on weekend because there's so much to do with our new home and Khayra will feel tired if we bring her outside for long hours.

I still try to read her books and sing on swing to her whenever we had chance.. usually after coming home from work. She still enjoy all the session :) I start to let her hands free from mittens so she can learn to hold things.. She love holding hands.. and love putting stuff inside her mouth.. She loves her elephant toy that Abah choose for her.. I think, red really attract her attention.

We bought her new stroller... :) A Quiny Zapp Extra all black at stroller world.. and she seems to like it better than her previous stroller ( I borrow from my sis) :)) We went to Mom's care sales and Baby fair at Mid Valley last weekend to get Khayra new stuff.. bought her tight, 4 pairs of new bigger clothes, ribbon and socks... huhu.. really need to replace some of her clothes because she's getting bigger. She just got her immunization last wednesday.. she seems fine and not having fever :)

 Khayra after her immunization.. Gd Mood :))

It seems that she wants to laugh but that hasn't really come out yet.. :D Can't wait for her cute laugh !!

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