Jan 31, 2010

La Mia Bella Casa.. (Avira Bandar Bukit Raja)

So, like usual.. Saturday is an outing day.. I thought of meeting a make up artist to get her service..but she's away so we'll try to make a meeting on this wednesday.. Hopefully this part will complete.. I start to search for wedding dress design.. if i think of making dress one piece and meleret (pretty but use only once) or making 2 piece.. only the bottom part meleret.. so I still can use the baju.. so, the search continue.. ( Wonder when Jackel will have sale) 

1st thing in morning I got msg from Sime Darby.. that the actual show house completed.. and open for viewing.. no wonder that house progress is fast.. I heard that they got 6 units left yesterday for current 338k price.. and bumi quota has finished lor.. they did reserved a few other units but you'll see the price increase.. Every year the price will increase.. Mind you.

Here I present the completed Avira that I'm quite satisfied with..

I like the semi - D look alike design.. (notice that window.. I always luv something like that )

the front look.. 

the hall and dine area ..the good thing about this house is the staircase at  the back.. 
so tak la tetamu nampak if you're not prepared.. then wants to go upstairs

This house memang banyak tingkap..
so I have to prepare to have banyak grill.. hehe
ishk2 mr fiance de kat situ plak..

Kitchen yg dh ade conc table top..
but the space yg kat tepi tuh so small to me..
wonder if my peti ais boleh masuk

suke sungguh tangga ini..

yg tak bagusnye for avira...toilet kecik maa..

Ellis got bigger toilet and family area lebih strategik.. but smaller kitchen and not so square room.. which make me choose avira..

Luv this master bedroom as well..
got sliding door to view outside.. hehe.

the back... which i believe to become "grande cucina nel futuro.."
our parents pon always sambung their dapur kan..

So, there goes my Saturday.. visiting the house, lepak2 at Ikea.. thinking bout house and wedding.. So today will be a mengemas day.. and I need to complete few pages for my friend's thesis (my assistant at my office lor..  he's doing his degree.. and the sent date on 5th March.. )

I think Iwan will go there again today with his mom.. he's so excited to show this house to her.. Wonder if my parents want to see it as well.. La la la..

Jan 28, 2010

Che ho travato! Bellissimo..

Today, I go out with Iwan.. and we decide to just take a look at several boutique in shah alam that can do wedding gown/dress and I've found this boutique.. which i think quite ok.. They got Indonesian tailor that have working like 20 years in sewing biz.. I come in because i saw they wrote there that they provide sewing services. I ask for baju nikah at first and she told me that normally it cost like RM300.. then I ask her did they make complicated dress.. and she shows me that they still in progress in making a gown.. That person send 3 of her dress there.. they did patching as well.. you know whose design that bride wants to copy.. it's Lynda Rahim's... I always love her dress.. and the cost I think is quite affordable compare to designer.. I think the dress will look prettier if she bought higher quality material.. but overall it looks good. She also told me that.. they are good at making kebaya and gown... kurung moden is ok.. but not the one with pesak.. just like when you go to Indonesia to do your baju.. The price increase if more difficult patching and kain with lots of beads.. ( patching on net usually more expensive) Overall I'm quite satisfied with everything.. die layan dengan sangat baik :) so, i'm considering myself to make my wedding dress there.. and Iwan is satisfied too... :) Let see.. :D so I have to search a pattern to copy.. hehe.

Jan 27, 2010

Wedding theme..

Me and Iwan has had a few discussioan regarding wedding dress.. he wants us to wear silver or grey for sanding and white for akad nikah.. I always love a bit garden like decoration.. and hope that this color is ok to adapt with garden like theme.. and... I'm so into barbie girl and pink.. so i won't skip this favorite color.. I hope it can appear at least as flowers.. :) let's view how pretty can pink be like...

color pallete for grey, silver and pink wedding

when pink and silver are together.. :)

Example of pink and silver theme..

room deco for silver n pink..

pink theme

pink and black.. :) i think i can adapt a bit..

another pink theme..

various pink...

I WANT TO MAKE IT PINK AND SILVER.. with a touch of white, purple or black.. (if necessary)

Wedding dress lagi..

Hehehe.. still didn't know what's the solution to my wedding dress.. Of course everyone wants a pretty one but you have budget limit as well right.. Praying that my dream will come true.. So here a few pics lagi..

Something from Monique Lhuiller.. I think it's simple and nice

I love the look from the  back..

I usually don't like too much lace but this one seems pretty..
by Monique as well.

ok tak if with ribbon like this..


couture with veil..

another one..

a front look.. :)

Jan 23, 2010

Abiti da sposa.. (wedding gown)

I remember those days when strolling aroud classique itallian city.. ump.. it's a fact that my house just upstairs.. and I only need a few slices of pizza.. It's winter so you will feel like just wash your face and brush your teeth.. put on jeans and sweater and go get the pizza at pizzeria..

Honestly, I usually feel small.. so unpretty when surrounded by itallian girls.. they look so gorgeous in every way.. they make sure themselve look fantastic before step out.. ( the old woman that I live with for a month.. even spend time setting her hair before step out to send a piece of letter to a friend.. so not like our grandma here) apart from the fact that gucci, prada and LV seems like cheap to them ( I often see people have it.. i think it's normal to them) My lecturer even told me that she got her winter boot at prada cheap warehouse..  that's itallian..

So I search for few design by itallian designer or itallian favorite.. ( fabulous design always come from itally..)  which I think can give some inspiration.. So here some pics from..


 It's simple.. and I like it

I like the idea of top part with lace and embroidery and satin for the gown


I like the layer.. it's different..


I like this kind of layer stuff but i'm petite..so don't know if I can fit into it.. ( but itallian not so tall either)

The same goes to this one too..

pretty on top with satin under it.. luvly..


I think curti has unique special design.. lot's others that might interest you..

Love the layers.. think it's expensive

Love the flower details..

Different ways of accessories..

This one nice and simple too

this one full with layers that makes it so pretty..

this one for Dubai fashion show.. maybe a bit inspiration from there.. is it..

the embroidery make it pretty

nice right...

This one i don't remember where i got it.. but it's nice too.. if you want some lace..

I don't know yet what kind of dress i'll wear.. but I thought that to make it a bit english.. rather than ordinary baju tradisional.. let just see.. if i can make it..

Jan 22, 2010

Wiken ini...

Actually I'm  wondering jugak .. am I too early for worrying about my wedding.. haha.. Hopefully, not interupting my working concentration.. ( I did curse all the meetings since I got job pile up on the desk) and trying not to think of wedding..

I did my survey on internet for a few days.. ( suddenly i'm able to sleep at 12.00.. 5 straight days.. so not me..) just viewing things here and there. I can make a bit of conclusion that.. wedding stuff dh jadi digital.. why? Because you go surveying at the boutique and so on.. but they just have old wedding pics.. (which probably the result of totally digital camera nowadays ) and the one that have online stuff seems like those who follow the trend..even some of them actually takde kedai pon.. biz from home but have a really brilliant outcomes.. (gorgeous stuff)

So, I find several interesting blogs.. one of them that which to me give some info like the one from Diah (She's nice that willing to answer my questions trough email.. )

I found out that some people use designer for their dress and I found a blog that have some views about the designer cost.. like this one

and this one


I'm so interested with Syomir design.. then I call him and he said that his design cost like RM1800 without material but he also said that if I want RM1800 cost (all in) he reduce the design or material cost.. Something like that.. so I'm still thinking bout that.. But If anyone de additional  info about this maybe you can let me know..

Sometimes I thought.. if I know any UiTM fashion's student yang bagus in design.. and can make my dress at cheaper cost pon bagus jugak (ha .. ha..) But I don't incharge of that Zone or involve in any FSSR projects nak dpt chances talking to their lecturers.. hehe.. Silly.. I know some of them really good like those yg nowadays popular.. mana taknya.. my cousin, Asri dlu amek fine art.. gosh, stuff that he has to do.. lots! But it's good that I heard he manage to sell one of his painting.. (rasenye lebih dari 1k) but he ends up jadi pramugara.. dh lame tak tgk die melukis. ( I once ask him to do my homework and I got A) Maybe my dad patut ask him amek fashion design.. haha.

Ok.. back to wedding.. When I read Diah's blog.. she writes that she hire Rass deco untuk decoration.. so I view their blog.. waa.. gorgeaousnya.. trus I fall in love.. So I go out with Iwan on Wednesday and discuss bout wedding things.. with his opis nye lap top.. we go surfing at starbuck carrefour yg sgt slow.. (wish I go to bkt  raja instead.. huh) I show him this blog and he's satisfied too.. Great! Xsabar nak finalize kan this thing.

Actually while I talk to Iwan there.. I heard the waitress said something in Italian or Spanish.. Waa.. lamenye tak speaking Italian. (almost a year) so yesterday call Ijan nak dapatkan my lecturer, Piermauro punye number but end up she lost it too.. Then she told me yang she and afra, my best friend yang tunang a week before me want to go to bandung with my other friends.. tix on July RM175 je.. and I'm still thinking if it's worth.. takut my saving plan tebakar plak nanti.. hahaha!

Iwan also agree with me today to go to Eleena Lamat punye studio.. He knows she always make up for ted adnan punye photoshoot.. (bdk camera.. tau je cite camni) and she did offer me if I want to make dress with her.. Price die seems interesting la.. so we agree to meet her this Sunday.. later I'll update on that.

Me and Iwan also have this discussion on photo and video cost.. everything so mahal these days.. :( one session charge like RM2000 at least.. and being a photography fans himself make him has this kind of expensive taste.. ishk2.. the one he loves is the one that is so expensive.. (more than the one I state above) To him the final album is so important.. He said.. everyone that have SLR cam with right tecnique can get good picture, to us.. the ordinary and not so artistic one.. nampak cantik je gambar.. but to those yang appreciate design.. album design.. the way they put the picture in the album.. the editting.. can make a real great difference.. iye ke.. (so i let him think la..whoever that can make him satisfy la with their works.. )

I want to make an entry on several baju that I like.. ( but kene modified la..) I think I love the one yg look like gown.. then more satin.. or chiffon ek name die.. yg jarang2 tuh.. and only  small portion lace.. ske sumthing simple with long veil which can show ( a woman which look simple yet pretty) so tak nampak lebih2 sgt.. macam wedding dress western tu.. sket je embroidery..wah2.. ade ke org leh tunaikan impian tuh.. huhu.. bajet tak seberape plak tuh.. :p

some pics..

Vera wang punye dress yg sgt simple..
to me sweet je..

monique punye dress.. ske tangan yg camni..
but bawah to me too lacey

nak kale ala2 macam ni la..

Suke jugak a few baju lain dari Monique Lhuillier.. http://www.moniquelhuillier.com/
Just for inspiration ok la kan..

Ok la.. next nanti I add few other entry... Tomorrow nak tolong my fren wat thesis.. nak anta this Mac.. sempat ke..

Jan 17, 2010

1st round of survey..

So, it almost final that my wedding will take place at dewan bukit naga :) I've book the place with MBSA and now waiting for MBSA official letter. Dewan Bukit Naga is just an ordinary dewan serbaguna but I think I can make it look good if include with all the decorations.. and it is so convenient actually to have a wedding at the hall..

Day after day, my head spinning thinking about all the wedding stuff need to be included. I survey both in the internet as well as at the boutique.. so here is the first outcome that I have..

I msg to awin from seindahwajah.. I love her make up so much :) so she charges RM1300 for 2 times make up and RM1800 for 3 times.. 

Then I survey for several package of wedding ( I thought  they can give me cheaper price for make up but I find out that make up artist charge like that..  so I'll consider to book awin)

Boutique that I went to..

1) Ryn's avenue, sek 9 : she got wedding package for dewan start price at RM2699.00.. but to Iwan, it's a bit conventional.. (maybe because she doesn't  put her latest pic)

2) Masella, alam sentral : they got promotion now (for wedding at home) until March but they charge higher for pelamin dewan that I like (the latest 3 panel). If you only want make up and dress.. they can give you as low as RM1350

3)Wazira, alam sentral : I haven't talk to wazira but they do have good package.. Dewan package cost RM5900 but they charge RM500 for high back chair.. their package xinclude red carpet then add RM150.
Nikah include pelamin cost RM2300.. and I love a grey dress they have ( But I thought I've seen that in my neighbour's wedding )

4)Kelrina, alam sentral : I think kelrina focus more on make up. She did make up for sheikh muzafar engagement.. which I think nice.. and she's a dress designer.. she charge RM650 for make up

5)She Nadz D'wangga, alam sentral : I always love their dresses.. they charge RM1100 for dress.. (pair with your man). Make up charge RM700 and pelamin from RM1500

6)Fidz Collection, alam sentral : Iwan only interested at this one from all the survey.. They said that 2010 theme is silver grey.. and actually, they price things one by one..

So the list that I gave them with price:

Baju sanding : RM1300 (it can come to RM3500)
Baju nikah : RM700 (korean lace)
Make up : RM600
Pelamin dewan (fresh flower): RM2500
Pelamin nikah : RM800
Arch fresh flower : RM500
Tiang bunga untuk walkaway: RM150 (per pillar)

7) The last one that I went to is Hanieym boutique at PKNS
Make up and baju cost RM1300.00 ( she did have various dress color :) ) Nice..

Some other online survey:

Ump.. I can't wait to see Dina halim boutique at Rawang
Her 3 panel dais package cost RM5700.. and her 5 panel pelamin package with special dress cost RM9000..
they said they got pelamin package as well.. so I think I better go there and see.. (I think I can book dina halim for pelamin)

Then.. I would love to see what Udaimatunnur (syahirah) dress like.. and her package..

And my dream dress is like what Lynda Rahim got.. (so pretty..)

I saw at one blog her dress and make up package cost RM4000.00 (that's a large sum)
And I think.. I will only make my own nikah dress.. :) If rental pon the cost will be like RM700.. so if I bought kain and send to auntie untuk jait.. I think I can make it at that cost.. and phew.. I can have it in my closet.. :)

So now.. recalculate again... :)

Jan 10, 2010

My 1st wedding fever..

It's early January and I really think about starting to make a wedding preparation.. I really think of searching for a reception place.. ump.. There are few places that people always want do their wedding at here in Shah Alam..

1) Dewan Banquet MBSA
2) Dewan Jubli Perak SUK
3) Dewan Cattleya PKPS
4) Dewan Raja Mulu (Jab Muzium)
5) Taman Seni Islam
6) Galleri taman tasik
7) INTEKMA resort
8) De Palma Inn
9) Kompleks Belia Seksyen 7
10) Dewan Warisan Seksyen 24
11) Dewan - dewan komuniti lain :)

I have had a few discussion with my parents.. we thought of 1st choosing dewan banquet MBSA.. but unluckily, it's fully book.. :( I try to get my neighbour to help me ask for Dewan Jubli Perak.. and I still wait for the answer.. I haven't call dewan cattleya yet but at Kuzi catering website.. it cost RM7000 and we must use Kuzie catering.. Ump.. my dad said he doesn't like the food and I think dewan raja mulu is too small.. I know Tmn Seni Islam is a good place for a garden like theme but I don't like the idea that guest have to sit like everywhere.. Galleri taman tasik is a nice garden theme place but Iwan doesn't like the Idea that it seems like too open to public.. I don't know, he thinks like that.. INTEKMA is a nice place for a beautiful wedding.. at the cost of RM39 per head.. even pelamin included.. and the food is good... honestly, i don't want to spend that much.. I think de Palma probably have that kind of rate as well.. Kompleks Belia.. I haven't been there personally.. but I see the decoration in the internet.. it looks good with the pretty decoration.. But i heard it cost much.. dewan warisan look good and cheap.. but my dad said that it's not easy for people to search for that dewan.. mp, I guess I'll make a nice garden like wedding at my own home.. or maybe Dewan Bukit Naga is not a bad place after all the decoration.. :) Still searching for the best place and a good theme.. Love my home :) I let you see the outside of my home.. :D

Jan 6, 2010

My Engagement..

When me and Iwan first think about engagement.. I thought that it will be a real simple thing.. I ask Intan for her dress.. Rainie for a simple make up.. and my dad want to make a feast at my grandma's house. I thought of doing 5 hantaran (gift) and Iwan will give me 5 too..

But.. my grandma house needs new curtains for every window.. so me and Acu agree on buying new curtains for all the windows.. and seek help from my mom's cousin, Mak Long Biah to sew .. On the day she comes to see the textile and the window size, she ask me what color I plan to do during my engagement day.. and I said.. It will be white and blue.. then she said it will not match everything since the curtain color is like peach gold.. Actually, when I bought the curtain textile.. I only think of the cushion cover that I've bought during hari raya....not my engagement dress.. phew.

Then I sit and re-think of the theme color.. My sister has another set of gift decoration in maroon gold theme... which I thought at first, to do that color on my wedding.. But I have to switch everything now.. All because of the so unmatching curtain.. Ump..

Then after I decide to do that color.. me and my sister visit a wedding boutique called Andaman Dayang in Kampar. I try several dress.. and book a decorated stage (pelamin) for that engagement.. I think it's better
that way than trying to crack my head decorating the room.

I let Iwan choose whether I should wear maroon or gold.. and Iwan said gold is nicer.. and for engagement red is too bright I think.. So, I decide to wear gold and have creme color for pelamin. So things should look simple. I thought of asking for make up service too.. but end up cancelling it because I don't like how it looks like in their website.. I don't like too white face.. Plus, Rainie promise to come over.. so she can do the make up for me.. And guess what.. she did them so well.. :) I really like how I look like.. and we decide not to wear the accessories as well.. I just use my own veil.. (my pretty gold selendang) :)

I did my own gift (hantaran) decoration.. Rainie help me with the sirih junjung arrangement and decoration of fruit basket. She's so helpful and I don't know what I'll do without her.. Everything so perfect with her around.. and me and Iwan end up exchanging 9 gift.. I got 1 cupcake from Ijan and 1 icing cake from mak uda to give to iwan.. so pretty and cute.. Thanx to them.. others, I give Iwan wallet, coat, famous amos biscuit, secret recipe cake, fruit, ferrero rocher.. etc. I got Kose cleanse set and telekung and etc.. And of course my Diamond n Platinum ring.. luv it

 I invite several friends but maybe it's too far so they don't come.. but most of my cousins come and I'm so happy that they've been around for me.. Anyway, I'm so happy.. Everything good and I can't wait for my wedding.. We plan to do it in October.. :)