Jan 6, 2010

My Engagement..

When me and Iwan first think about engagement.. I thought that it will be a real simple thing.. I ask Intan for her dress.. Rainie for a simple make up.. and my dad want to make a feast at my grandma's house. I thought of doing 5 hantaran (gift) and Iwan will give me 5 too..

But.. my grandma house needs new curtains for every window.. so me and Acu agree on buying new curtains for all the windows.. and seek help from my mom's cousin, Mak Long Biah to sew .. On the day she comes to see the textile and the window size, she ask me what color I plan to do during my engagement day.. and I said.. It will be white and blue.. then she said it will not match everything since the curtain color is like peach gold.. Actually, when I bought the curtain textile.. I only think of the cushion cover that I've bought during hari raya....not my engagement dress.. phew.

Then I sit and re-think of the theme color.. My sister has another set of gift decoration in maroon gold theme... which I thought at first, to do that color on my wedding.. But I have to switch everything now.. All because of the so unmatching curtain.. Ump..

Then after I decide to do that color.. me and my sister visit a wedding boutique called Andaman Dayang in Kampar. I try several dress.. and book a decorated stage (pelamin) for that engagement.. I think it's better
that way than trying to crack my head decorating the room.

I let Iwan choose whether I should wear maroon or gold.. and Iwan said gold is nicer.. and for engagement red is too bright I think.. So, I decide to wear gold and have creme color for pelamin. So things should look simple. I thought of asking for make up service too.. but end up cancelling it because I don't like how it looks like in their website.. I don't like too white face.. Plus, Rainie promise to come over.. so she can do the make up for me.. And guess what.. she did them so well.. :) I really like how I look like.. and we decide not to wear the accessories as well.. I just use my own veil.. (my pretty gold selendang) :)

I did my own gift (hantaran) decoration.. Rainie help me with the sirih junjung arrangement and decoration of fruit basket. She's so helpful and I don't know what I'll do without her.. Everything so perfect with her around.. and me and Iwan end up exchanging 9 gift.. I got 1 cupcake from Ijan and 1 icing cake from mak uda to give to iwan.. so pretty and cute.. Thanx to them.. others, I give Iwan wallet, coat, famous amos biscuit, secret recipe cake, fruit, ferrero rocher.. etc. I got Kose cleanse set and telekung and etc.. And of course my Diamond n Platinum ring.. luv it

 I invite several friends but maybe it's too far so they don't come.. but most of my cousins come and I'm so happy that they've been around for me.. Anyway, I'm so happy.. Everything good and I can't wait for my wedding.. We plan to do it in October.. :)

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