Jan 10, 2010

My 1st wedding fever..

It's early January and I really think about starting to make a wedding preparation.. I really think of searching for a reception place.. ump.. There are few places that people always want do their wedding at here in Shah Alam..

1) Dewan Banquet MBSA
2) Dewan Jubli Perak SUK
3) Dewan Cattleya PKPS
4) Dewan Raja Mulu (Jab Muzium)
5) Taman Seni Islam
6) Galleri taman tasik
7) INTEKMA resort
8) De Palma Inn
9) Kompleks Belia Seksyen 7
10) Dewan Warisan Seksyen 24
11) Dewan - dewan komuniti lain :)

I have had a few discussion with my parents.. we thought of 1st choosing dewan banquet MBSA.. but unluckily, it's fully book.. :( I try to get my neighbour to help me ask for Dewan Jubli Perak.. and I still wait for the answer.. I haven't call dewan cattleya yet but at Kuzi catering website.. it cost RM7000 and we must use Kuzie catering.. Ump.. my dad said he doesn't like the food and I think dewan raja mulu is too small.. I know Tmn Seni Islam is a good place for a garden like theme but I don't like the idea that guest have to sit like everywhere.. Galleri taman tasik is a nice garden theme place but Iwan doesn't like the Idea that it seems like too open to public.. I don't know, he thinks like that.. INTEKMA is a nice place for a beautiful wedding.. at the cost of RM39 per head.. even pelamin included.. and the food is good... honestly, i don't want to spend that much.. I think de Palma probably have that kind of rate as well.. Kompleks Belia.. I haven't been there personally.. but I see the decoration in the internet.. it looks good with the pretty decoration.. But i heard it cost much.. dewan warisan look good and cheap.. but my dad said that it's not easy for people to search for that dewan.. mp, I guess I'll make a nice garden like wedding at my own home.. or maybe Dewan Bukit Naga is not a bad place after all the decoration.. :) Still searching for the best place and a good theme.. Love my home :) I let you see the outside of my home.. :D


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

congratulations on your engagement. You must be thrilled! Actually, I pun dalam persediaan juga. I only have about 2.5 months to go. Huhuhu... So anyway, masa I tengah nak decide hall/venue for my reception pun, I banyak juga lah pergi survey. So, here's my two cents about these locations:-

1) Dewan Banquet MBSA - fully booked until 2011. Yep, bummer.
2) Dewan Jubli Perak SUK - closed for wedding.
3) Dewan Cattleya PKPS - My best friend had a very bad experience with them.
4) Dewan Raja Mulu (Jab Muzium) - I dont like the idea of being surrounded by artefacts on my wedding. Haha!
5) Taman Seni Islam - They have a panel caterer, and frankly... Ramai orang kata tak sedap, including my own family.
6) Galleri taman tasik - open air concept. Seems like a very happy environment.
7) INTEKMA resort - tak pergi survey yang ni. But seems ok!
8) De Palma Inn - Mahal for it's standard. I mean, it's a 3 star hotel right?
9) Kompleks Belia Seksyen 7 - Besar & cantik. But my guests tak ramai sangat pun. Nanti nampak kosong.
10) Dewan Warisan Seksyen 24 - No air cond. Huhu!
11) Dewan - dewan komuniti lain :)

So, lepas considering semua2, my family and I decided to book Galeri Shah Alam. Alhamdulillah. I hope everything will run smoothly. Good luck to you too!

Hana said...

Thanx.. congratz 2u too.. dh tak lame dh kan. thanx for the nfo too.

fansuri said...


tumpang tanya..dewan raja mulu ni kat mana? sy pun tgh cari dewan utk wedding ni..

Hana said...

dewan raja mulu nih kat area muzium shah alam..

fansuri said...

oo ye ke.thanks!!(^^)

fansuri said...

oo ye ke.thanks a lot!! (^^)