Mar 31, 2011

Bertandang Review : Catering

Continue sikit update on catering time bertandang.. hehe.. sorry ye sebab dah lima bulan berlalu dan kite tak sempat lagi nak update. :p

Nak cite sikit2 je la pasal catering ni.. Hubby choose Rass Catering.. the same owner as Rass Deco untuk catering on his side.. Al kesahnya, hubby pergi pameran pengantin PWTC sebab nak booking pelamin kitorang sebab kite nak sangat pelamin daripada Rass Deco. Hubby pon sbenarnye berkenan ngan pelamin Rass Deco jugak :D So... time kat situ die tengok2 la skali menu catering Kak La.. Kak La siap offer nak bawak lauk.. contoh masakan die. So, hari Ahad esoknya.. hubby pon rase food yg memang diorang prepare untuk wedding haritu and die trus decide nak pilih Rass Catering sebab harga ok and food pon sedap..

Yang besh pasal Rass Catering.. die ade wat ayam goreng berempah yang goreng on site.. tau.. :) sedap.. panas2 die letak.. :)

Free kek pengantin jugak :) Kak La wat chanteq2 matching ngan baju kitorang. Hubby nak cream kek ni.. sebab besar.. If free fondant.. kecik je kek die.. so, sebab nak besar.. pilih cream kek..  Lagipon die memang tak suke gula fondant kek.. Yang penting chanteq mase amek gambar :p

Sebab dewan ktorang ni takde krusi meja so amek ngan Kak La gak sebab ade pakej yang dah includekan skali dalam krusi meja dalam pakej catering.. :) siap de riben lagi kerusi... kak la wat riben selang - selang pink purple :)

So, anyone yg fans Rass Deco yang takde caterer lagi bleh la ask Kak La or Abg Razak part catering ni.. Senang jugak bile pelamin and catering with setting dewan orang yang sama, mudah kerja.. :)

Mar 30, 2011

Tak Sabar Nak Tunggu Wiken Depan.. :D

Hehe.. lame sungguh kite tak update kan.. :D I'm still around  :p

Anyway, saje je nak release a bit stress.. baru je completekan one document.. then nak relax few minutes sebab next nak completekan another one.. :) Anyway.. I've been playing lots of Harvest Moon I think.. so lambat update.. :p Manage to finish another novel.. Queen Of Bables Gets Hitched!! and I recommend this to all bride to be.. It's fun story with some wedding tips.. It's a chic novel so expect yourself to smile lots while reading :)

Kite tak la pembaca novel sejati sangat so nak habiskan satu... lamenye.. :D But reading is good kan.... why not take chance to practise some.. :)

Not much happen lately.. been around KL with hubby and lil brother yang dah bujang dah pon.. searching for best price PS3.. and bought one.. It's my lil brother yang menyimpan duit elaun asasi and decide to buy this stuff with that.. ( ishk2.. budak2 skarang.. I've bought my PSP like that too :p)

Been to Gambang weekend before that with hubby.. it's hubby's office punya family day :) ooo.. I'm so bad when it comes to transfering pics and all.. that's why I haven't really update lately.. hehe.. and I want to really puts some pics when make an entry..

Sorry if I'm late in answering questions.. or forget to answer any.. I haven't really visit my fb and blog these days.. and sometimes I read emails but need sometimes to answer.. If I ever forget your question, please remind me, Ok.. :)

Oh, what's the title related to this entry.. actually, I'm waiting for some good news.. and I will only get the confirmed news next Saturday.. It makes me can't wait.. Sure nanti kite akan wat entry untuk this good news.. (another promise that I wish to fulfilled.. insya-Allah)

Mar 11, 2011

Bertandang Review : Bunga Tangan

Salam semua... dah lame tak hupdate bab - bab kawen2 ni.. hehe..

Harini sampai awal sket kat opis.. dah abes dah those one week and half hari cuti dibekukan.. :p Plus with bos pon cuti hari ni... So awal - awal pagi ni de la chances nak update skit. Not much..

Today's entry is also specially for my dear Mahan Chan from Craft-frenzy. She's my bestie from my matrix year :) My pretty miss aircraft engineer who I think should just forget physics and become wedding planner instead.. :D Jangan marah ek darling.. She won't be reading it today kot.. tak tau la.. since she's busy visiting Europe.. "Bila ko nak bawak aku plak gik Eiffel Tower..:p "

So, presenting my dearly munge tangan made by her.. Actually, hubby punye pakej pelamin not included with bunga tangan so.. I decide to ask her for help.. And she nicely arrange them for me :) Love u!!  But the choice of flower are mine and hubby.. It's from floristika.. she can do better if she choose herself everything, I think.. but the green leaves yang jurai2 tu.. with the beads and all is her idea.. I just bought the flower and ribbon for her. 

And I'm so in love with this flower :) my fav roses.. very nice arrangement made by my bestie.. I know pink can be one of the choice too but I already had pink for my Majlis Sanding so I choose something light purple and to add contrast, add some white..

So how? I think it's perfect for me.. :)

Mar 7, 2011

Some of the thing To Say..

Hee.. I'm still here.. so wanted to blog more.. tapi tak buat - buat lagi post. :p Kadang - kadang, banyak sangat yang kite nak buat.. banyak sangat lagi yang teringin nak buat.. still banyak sangat lagi yang perlu buat and in Q's.. :) Well, life seems like all about steal some chances kan.. Chances to write, to read, to play.. apart from all the "have to" works... Sorry, hari ni hanya untuk bebel kosong je.. :D

Well, I do wish I have the 24 hours more than I have.. or simply manage to cut few hours of sleep yet still so healthy.. So orang tanye.. ala.. takan takde mase nak wat benda lain kot.. Ade la.. ade.. Been playing Harvest Moon in my PSP at each time gap.. hehe.. So I skip whatever facebooking and blogging time.. Is it? Agaknye la kot.. :) Well, it won't take that long.. I will win.. :D tak bleh tamak tau nak buat everything.. hehe..

Life after marriage is different.. well, quite. Maybe in term if some "me" time.. for hobbies. But like I said before.. steal some chances :) But being in love is so great.. Patience and Ikhlas.. Insya Allah.. everything will run smoothly..I'm happy..contented. :)

It has been few weeks of so many things.. Works suddenly becomes a bit heavier than usual. Thought of getting some leave utk teman Abah to hospital with hubby.. end up cuti di freeze kan :( but hubby nicely temankan my parents to hospital.. sy terharu sgt sebab he's willing to do that.. Tapi tak jadi plak operation.. tunda lagi.

Been to several weddings jugak.. and hubby plak outstation for a whole week haritu.. Time his birthday pon die takde cni.. anyway, I'll make an entry nnt bout his birthday.. Simple birthday and I hope he's happy..Then.. I manage to really finish reading a book. huhu.. I did alternate book. yela.. got some fiction mood, non fiction mood and my fav mag mood.. I think I took too much time for this book sebab it's quite a tough subject.. :) alasan..oh... I wish I can give some book review too.. hehe.. bile nak wat smue ni :D

Hubby told me bout his family holiday.. :) office punye la.. which include dinner with black n pink themes.. suke sangat sebab hubby semangat sangat temankan cari baju.. dari downtown Cheras ke me ideas what he loves :) It will take place kat Gambang.. Nice2.. a holiday for us. Last time holiday hubby ikut my family punye trip to Melaka.

And yup.. kite dah dapat smue album and video kawen.. nak post nnt la gambar2 kawen kite.. hehe.. Insya Allah, kite try post gambar2 kawen aritu. Ok, just feel like writing sumthing.. nnt kite sambung lagi ye. :)