Mar 11, 2011

Bertandang Review : Bunga Tangan

Salam semua... dah lame tak hupdate bab - bab kawen2 ni.. hehe..

Harini sampai awal sket kat opis.. dah abes dah those one week and half hari cuti dibekukan.. :p Plus with bos pon cuti hari ni... So awal - awal pagi ni de la chances nak update skit. Not much..

Today's entry is also specially for my dear Mahan Chan from Craft-frenzy. She's my bestie from my matrix year :) My pretty miss aircraft engineer who I think should just forget physics and become wedding planner instead.. :D Jangan marah ek darling.. She won't be reading it today kot.. tak tau la.. since she's busy visiting Europe.. "Bila ko nak bawak aku plak gik Eiffel Tower..:p "

So, presenting my dearly munge tangan made by her.. Actually, hubby punye pakej pelamin not included with bunga tangan so.. I decide to ask her for help.. And she nicely arrange them for me :) Love u!!  But the choice of flower are mine and hubby.. It's from floristika.. she can do better if she choose herself everything, I think.. but the green leaves yang jurai2 tu.. with the beads and all is her idea.. I just bought the flower and ribbon for her. 

And I'm so in love with this flower :) my fav roses.. very nice arrangement made by my bestie.. I know pink can be one of the choice too but I already had pink for my Majlis Sanding so I choose something light purple and to add contrast, add some white..

So how? I think it's perfect for me.. :)

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HanHan said...

ooo..macik..hehe..thanks for the review :)