Feb 10, 2011

Bertandang review : pelamin

Ump.. lately memang banyak sangat pelamin design yg chanteq2.. boleh pilih yang mane design korang suke.. I like Rass Deco punye pelamin so decide untuk amek Rass Deco as pelamin maker.. plus it's quite affordable jugak compare to pelamin maker yang lain. Rasenya ramai yang familiar with Rass Deco punya pelamin kan.. Ok, Some pic for that day..

Ni la rupa pelamin kitorang yang Rass Deco buat

Time bersanding

Fresh Flower pelamin by Rass Deco

Renjis2.. :)

Meja pengantin by Rass Deco as well..

Some tips to those yang nak pilih pelamin..

1) Set bajet and pilih base on that bajet..

2) Make sure whatever discussion is being written down on paper.. black and white is so important esp when you request extra but price same

3) It's hurt sometimes but sape yang pay dlu or extra, or amek pakej yg extra than yours do get advantages

4) Regarding no 3.. make sure if korang berkenan something from that pelamin maker, ask her berapa banyak dia ade and berapa banyak event yang die kena buat.. make it clear EARLY that you want that special item.. be it as big as pelamin panel, to the aisle design, to the arch and as small as peralatan merenjis silver or gold color.. you have to book early.. or you got whatever left..  remember that diorang mungkin ada satu je set pelamin chanteq yg semua suka tu.. so maybe korang takan dapat yang tu..

5) Refer to no 4, untung sbenarnya kalau it's happen that korang punya majlis je hari tu.. you can try to negotiate untuk dapat extra item.. as long as benda to bukan high cost macam extra bouquet bunga hidup kat pelamin, chances are you can get it if pelamin maker you nice and tak berkira..

Well it's from experience.. there are things I didn't get which saya berharap untuk dapat.. and ada yang saya dapat extra.. after all semua tu boleh dikatakan rezeki sebab kita dah cuba nak dapat yang the best.. when the wedding is done.. what's left is picture. As long as it looks good in picture.. it's great!

So check out Rass Deco for your fav pelamin :)

Korang Buat Pe Cuti Haritu..??

Ump.. masih tak sempat nak sambung banyak2 entry kahwin.. hehe.. gambar nak kena edit sikit2 kan.. nnt saya usahakan ye :) Montaj majlis my side pon dh ade.. nak upload tapi tak upload2 lagi.. umah takde unifi la.. ok.. bleh check out this link before kite officially post kat blog ek..

This one posted by Lukman from LH mediatv :) I really like this vid.. I hope you guys too.. 

Anyway, just nak bercerita tentang cuti Raya Cina yang lalu.. yang paling hot orang bercakap mestilah pasal jam kan.. tapi, seb baik hubby plan really well.. Ktorang gerak balik Perak exactly after solat subuh.. means.. memang dah siap.. solat and terus turun.. Alhamdulillah jalan ok.. berenti kat Bukit Gantang jap sarapan. Mak hubby buat nasi lemak.. sedap :) Mak hubby memang suka masak when he request.. sebab, tu la satu anak lelaki die yang kuat makan.. hehe.. ( hubby cuma 2 beradik je.. adik die perempuan)  

Then exit kat Kemunting singgah rumah Pak Ngah hubby.. sepupu dia tunang.. still kenyang tapi jamah jugak sikit nasik kenduri.. gulai kari daging, nice :) Then hubby ajak jenjalan kejap before balik rumah Tuk dia.. die cakap, if dah masuk kat kampung.. malas nak kuar. Kite ikut je la.. gik Econsave yang baru bukak.. gik Tesco.. pastu dah penat.. beli kek 1 then terus balik umah Tuk hubby..

Alhamdulillah, first time balik situ.. jauh jugak rupanya Pekan Selama dari jalan hiway tu.. Rumah Tuk memang kat Felda.. tapi takla rasa masuk dalam sangat bila sampai kawasan tu.. cuma nak sampai ke Selama tu yang rasa jauh.. sama macam balik Sauk dulu2.. ( kampung abah). Mungkin de yang ingat if dulu.. balik Kelantan ikut Gerik.. jauh sikit kan? Jalan lama dulu memang lalu depan umah Opah saya kat Sauk.. kat Selama.. still camtu jalan die.

Balik kampung hubby.. Tuk nak buat kenduri arwah lepas solat Jumaat.. Khamis sampai berehat.. then Jumaat dari pagi semua orang prepare untuk kenduri... tapi orang kampung ramai jugak datang tolong.. happening kenduri kat situ walaupun kenduri kecil - kecilan.. Lauk - lauk pun cukup seperti yang dah bajet.. :)

Sabtu pukul 9 dah bergerak balik ke rumah Opah kite plak kat Kampar.. pagi - pagi tu tak jam lagi.. tapi hubby nak singgah Ipoh jenjalan.. so jalan2 dlu kat Jusco.. Pastu ikut jalan lama nak balik rumah opah.. jam sikit sampai Simpang Pulai sebab banyak traffic light.. tengok kat highway pon dah start jam.. seb baik tak panjang sangat.. lepas Simpang Pulai jalan ok.. sempat gik Tesco Kampar jap beli daging nak mintak Opah masak kicap blackpaper.. opah masak sedap sangat :)

Tapi tak boleh stay lama2 kat rumah opah.. pagi - pagi ahad pukul 9 dah balik.. itu pun tak laju sangat dari Tapah ke Slim River... bila start 3 lane.. baru semua Ok.. at least tak jam teruk.. still ok lagi.. Mak Andak hubby masuk hi way kt Kemunting kul 4.. Kul 1 pagi baru sampai... :( seb baik ktorang balik awal. Sampai Bukit Naga.. beli Cendol ngan Rojak.. pastu berehat.. tidur.. hehe..

Tapikan sebenarnya.. sedih plak bile cousin kate.. haritu balik.. takde pon. Tak dapat jumpa :(  Yela.. dah tak macam dulu kan.. single.. skarang de 2 umah nak pergi.. Nak kena ikut hubby jugak. Takpe, insya Allah.. ade mase boleh jumpa.
Isnin ritu kite cuti.. sebab nak tengok ayah hubby masuk Hospital Selayang. Dia kena wat operation laser untuk Batu Karang.. tapi tengok condition die ok pas operation tu.. :) hopefully dia betul2  sehat.. Hubby kite Selasa haritu dah kena pergi Lahad Datu kerja.. Hari ni dia balik tapi esok pergi Kedah plak.. So minggu ni kita single kejap.. hehe.. Nanti bleh try update gambar2 lagi kan :D

Feb 9, 2011

Oh.. Overcome It With Sincere and Honest Writing..

Yes.. that's what I usually did.. overcome it with a sincere and honest writing.. It doesn't mean someone has to read.. It's the matter of letting it go from you.. Well, it kind of stuck in your mind sometimes.. Leaving mark that you can't easily erase.. It usually did. But at least, it lets the burden fly away.. or make things seem lighter.. And by the time you finish pouring everything.. You maybe reach your positive thoughts..

We tend to conclude when we write didn't we.. People pour their anger in writing and conclude it with a curse.. It's common. Saying things.. "She's crazy.. It's not fair.. I hope it comes back to her one day... " But, if you want to be a positive person.. and embrace what our religion taught us that we shouldn't revenge.. We should just smile and move on.. leaving prays that one day he'll repent what he's done..

To me.. it simply because we didn't know if we hurt somebody and he didn't forgive us.. Or that we have sins that we didn't notice. So Allah send us this tiny test that seems big to us.. so that we stop and think for few seconds that it's actually the way He shows us his love. He gives His test so that we turn back to him.. remember that we're just this tiny little people that manage to do whatever we did because of Him.. Isn't it beautiful to forgive.. hoping that because we sincerely forgive.. other person that maybe felt hurt by us.. sincerely forgive us back.. Well, we can't forget.. but at least forgive can be the best gift in life.. 

Oh, life did seem like almost the same with the moving wheels.. everyone know that they won't be on top in entire life.. We have time that we fall.. And it makes us remember that we should move on higher.. grow mature after all the mistakes we've made, right..  Of course, sometimes we thought that it's not entirely our fault.. But it's ok.. It something between us and Allah.. That person and Allah.. and Allah knows what's best for us.. There's always sunshine and rain before there's rainbow right :)

Just wanted to say..Thanx Sayang.. I love every positive things you said.. I need that more than some pity looks on the face. That's why I can really be with you all these years.. How much my mood swings and after another 10 minutes you make me smile again.. You always make me smile..Thanks So Much sayang.. 

INSYA ALLAH.. we'll find the way.. :) 

Luv this song.. really good for therapy :)

Everytime you feel like you cannot go on
You feel so lost
That your so alone
All you is see is night
And darkness all around
You feel so helpless
You can’t see which way to go
Don’t despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side

Insya Allah x3
Insya Allah you’ll find your way

Everytime you can make one more mistake
You feel you can’t repent
And that its way too late
Your’re so confused, wrong decisions you have made
Haunt your mind and your heart is full of shame

Don’t despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side
Insya Allah x3
Insya Allah you’ll find your way
Insya Allah x3
Insya Allah you’ll find your way

Turn to Allah
He’s never far away
Put your trust in Him
Raise your hands and pray
OOO Ya Allah
Guide my steps don’t let me go astray
You’re the only one that showed me the way,
Showed me the way x2

Insya Allah x3
Insya Allah we’ll find the way

Feb 2, 2011

Bertandang review : make up

Make Up is one of  the most important thing kan utk majlis kahwin.. If tak pilih btul2.. takut end up muka tak chomel.. I always tell myself that I wanted make up artist perempuan compare to lelaki.. Tau, ramai sangat make up artist lelaki yang bagus2 yang make up kan chanteq sangat.. But I want a woman's touch.. Just sebab I've seen make up artist yang tend to change muka kite.. Rasenya, we don't need our face to become like someone else kan.. We only need our face to become pretty with glow.. And hubby wanted a make up yang highligt the eyes.. So mata akan nampak chanteq.. lagipon pkai tudung.. so takle nak highlight hairdo.. and I need someone yang know how to pakaikan tudung dengan kemas dan chanteq.. sebab If nak pakai snirik.. alamatnye.. takde la kemas sangat2... hehe..

So, my sis tell me about this make up artist punye page.. she did make up bertudung yang gorgeous.. So I take a look.. try to get in touch with her.. and finally decide to book the make up part with her.. and I never regret.. :)

So here presenting make up by Awin, Seindah Wajah..

To those who interested with her art work.. kindly check out her site  Seindah Wajah or her facebook to get in touch..

They dress the groom as well..  nak ikat2 samping yang mencabar tu...

Neway, thanx to Kak Awin.. I really love the look..