Feb 2, 2011

Bertandang review : make up

Make Up is one of  the most important thing kan utk majlis kahwin.. If tak pilih btul2.. takut end up muka tak chomel.. I always tell myself that I wanted make up artist perempuan compare to lelaki.. Tau, ramai sangat make up artist lelaki yang bagus2 yang make up kan chanteq sangat.. But I want a woman's touch.. Just sebab I've seen make up artist yang tend to change muka kite.. Rasenya, we don't need our face to become like someone else kan.. We only need our face to become pretty with glow.. And hubby wanted a make up yang highligt the eyes.. So mata akan nampak chanteq.. lagipon pkai tudung.. so takle nak highlight hairdo.. and I need someone yang know how to pakaikan tudung dengan kemas dan chanteq.. sebab If nak pakai snirik.. alamatnye.. takde la kemas sangat2... hehe..

So, my sis tell me about this make up artist punye page.. she did make up bertudung yang gorgeous.. So I take a look.. try to get in touch with her.. and finally decide to book the make up part with her.. and I never regret.. :)

So here presenting make up by Awin, Seindah Wajah..

To those who interested with her art work.. kindly check out her site  Seindah Wajah or her facebook to get in touch..

They dress the groom as well..  nak ikat2 samping yang mencabar tu...

Neway, thanx to Kak Awin.. I really love the look..


Lyna Shaari said...

hye dtg blogwalking kat snie :)

Mia-Ina said...

great make up hana

Hana said...

thanx lyna & mia..

zyanfara said...

salam..hye..bpe kos utk amek make up kak awin ni erk?u look beautiful