Jul 19, 2012

2 days before 8 Months,,

I haven't update bout my lil girl for almost 3 weeks right.. ;D Ok.. a bit on update.. Last 2 weeks hubby is away so we stay at mama's house, Khayra nowadays really love to explore.. the first time I really seen her trying to discover a wide space.. no longer wants to stay on her mattress or comforter.. She start to going forward on her tummy faster.. lift her bump high like she wants to sit.. She start to pick up things on the shelves and on the floor. She played with abang Zafran and start to go under the table.. ;) She's so growing up right? I might forget to say that all these one month plus.. Khayra already know how to say mama.. and abah.. and baba.. wawa.. lately, she bable a lot. Her cry no longer a simple one sound cry.. hehe.. She start to enjoy twinkle - twinkle little star on Youtube.. the one got star and owl.. ;) she got so excited when watch it.. she start to appreciate her baby owl doll too ;D 

Khayra 7 Months Plus..

Khayra got angry with lil Zafran whenever he disturbed her

After comes back from mama's house, she had flu again.. but not too bad.. and she recovered after one week.. ;D Yesterday, I said bye to her and she wave her hand to me.. the first time she wave to me.. :)) She start to understand when I said.. a'... no! when she's doing something I don't like. She will pause and look at me.. sometimes with naughty smile. Yesterday, after few times I repeat a'.. no.. she copy me and said a'... while doing the thing I said no.. hehe. It's funny sometimes.. 

After she recovered from flu.. She seems like a really good girl.. no longer cry a lot.. She start to enjoy playing and exploring her world. She love to hear people recite Al - Quran.. She usually follow with her own sound.. ;)) Alhamdulillah.. I hope she grow up becoming anak solehah.

She's now love to eat different stuff.. she don't want to just eat the same nestum and biscuit everyday.. When we're out she wants to eat when we eat.. Well, she'll be 8 months and should be introduced to wide range of food, right.. we usually bring food with us or find something suitable for her to have.. she not yet have teeth.. but she start learning to chew.. she likes nasi impit ;D 

Her sitting progress good.. yesterday she can really sit.. but she only lift one hand off the floor... not yet both.. Give her few weeks.. I'm sure she'll master it.. Luv her lots..

Jul 5, 2012

Gambate Khayra Sofea ;))

As her mama.. of course I want her to progress fast.. But every baby is different and we should just let time flies and enjoy every seconds looking at our growing up girl. ;)

Khayra has been trying so hard.. and still trying hard to get herself much more mobile.. She start to move forward on her tummy but she still in trial mood.. She'll be really good in 1 week.. She can sit when we make her sit but she still afraid.. and trying her best to control herself in sitting position.. She still lift her bump trying to crawl.. ;)

I love to see her trying.. sometimes she frustrated and cry.. but she still try again..

She start to love being outside.. meeting people. I decide to let her have sometimes outside everyday so she won't feel bored staying home. Then we go to the playground or in front to watch other kids play.

Oh.. my love growing everyday for her ;)