May 30, 2013

Posting and not posting...

I do love this blog... tp of course here got lots of wedding things.. honestly, I'm not so much into wedding these days... :( i didn't want to answer inapropriate addressed questions on this topic.. n of course, those trends mostly no longer 'trendy' these days..there's some khayra's early story ;) so I cannot let things just fly away... and my motherhood sharing.. just some honest sharing.. but I think I want a simple one with everyday things... stories that I want to share..

So alternately, I will post lil things here and enjoying shortnote here.. it's faster to write in tumblr when using androit.. n acceptable in short notes.. ;))

They will be new blogs of everyday randomness.. I will post here when I want too.. if I feel it's good to be here.. maybe when it is more on long thoughts of something.. I know it seems like against blogging rules... having several blogs. Abandone  the one that people read :D But sometimes you just feel like you have outgrow things..

Feel free to msg me on my email if you need to ask something about what you've read here..

OK.. take care ;)

May 29, 2013

Can I Have A little spa

I read that pregnant women shouldn't go to spa before 3 months.. I'm approaching 12weeks in a few days ;) it has been quite sometimes since the last time I manage to go manja - manjakan diri  :D

Some spa do offer prenatal massage... see if I can manage to get to try that.. at least, I want to go to some little spa like facial and hair cream bath ;)

It has been quite some bad weeks my early pregnancy... my office was on fire... my department was not totally hangus so we've been relocating with years of documents to move...we have to tumpang other people's office ;( and works pile up.. :D

I need a break even though not to Colmar ;p

May 27, 2013

Hair Tying Battle

I haven't yet have a little girl in my life before I have my princess.. so tying hair is simply for barbie doll ;p now I have this little girl that I need to battle with just to tie some hair... I'm lucky if I have at least manage to put on 1 tie.. here when I manage to put on some...

And still she runs here and there... and play with the band
Now it's all over the floor... ;p
I try to put on ribbon when we want to go out to tesco.. but we end up losing it because she usually take it off with the band too... and it happens when I'm busy searching for stuff ;(
I hope she'll love it soon... ;D

May 26, 2013

Latest Online Obsession.. Spa

Spa.... I love spa.. it's all begin with my frustration to my eczema treatment. The steroid cream doesn't work that much :( I really want to try minyak kelapa dara (vco) as an alternative treatment and remember tanamera has a postnatal set with vco as one of the item.. browse on tanamera and find out about the set and thinking of trying it for this round of postnatal treatment... (I know I'm not yet 3 months ;p)

OK... I discover that tanamera got spa but somewhere in subang Jaya. There is this one alammi spa at Concorde shah alam that interest me ;) it is previously tanamera..I'm not so much into spa until I got married.. the first spa I've been to is serenity spa seksyen 13, shah alam.. ;) I do had a good time there.. it has good environment too.. balinese.. relaxing music.. that one is before I got married.. for cantik2 as bride to be ;p then I fall in love and pledge to have spa at least once a year :D

Second, I've been to andamai spa seksyen 13 last year when they got rm120 for 3 things .. i choose to have massage, mask and sauna. it's good and good price..but I prefer traditional sauna with bertanggas or bertanggas like just like at serenity spa. This one sauna is just body heating in a hot room.. the service is good ;)

I really think mothers should go spa or at least berurut.. our body just different after giving birth.. we rush to work everyday and have tiny tots to take care of when we return home... we even have to run after them (I didn't remember how many time I run after my Toddler even though at 2 months pregnancy);p
There are several other spa at shah Alam that I want to try like embunseri and cendana. I like a good environment spa but yup.. I didn't think I want to spend lots... common 4 step spa package around 200++ to 300+(but it's good if we can get good price below 200 when they have promotion... I like the 4 steps.. sauna, massage, scrub and milk or herbal bath.

I also discover 2 interesting Muslimah salon that I want to try... Siti salon and iris salon.. my friends love one salon in sek 9.. cheap.. good service but I couldn't stand the environment... to me salon is for relaxing... I prefer something with good environment.

Happy spa... ;)

May 19, 2013

Early Pregnancy..

I was actually scared after I got birth to khayra. I didn't know how long I'll take to finally forget that and ready to get pregnant again. Well it takes sometimes. When khayra finally sleep through the night, I think things was not so bad and all of us can be ready for a new baby. Yes I did feel afraid of how to take care of both of them but I hope khayra will be happy with a new sibling, a new friend.

Like most women say, different pregnancy is different. I remember myself had trouble to eat but still can go out shopping last time. My nausea just came when I smell things I didn't like. This time I prefer to stay home. I had less trouble choosing food but I face indigestion problem.. my head tends to get dizzy and I can't stand up in long hours. It's different but challenging coz I need to still manage my princess and give her all the attention that she needs. And I didn't live at my mom's.

Wish me luck then..

May 13, 2013

A little mother's day to me

I really want some steak so we headed to D One Steak at section 7.. it's my 1st time and guess what.. it's quite good.. I had a mix combo of meat and lamb with bonus,  a prawn on top ;)
Hubby had some chicken chop ;) Yummy to khayra too.. and we had lots of fun having dinner together on 12 may ;)
It's me and my daughter... ;)

Good Morning Sunday

I thought of trying new apps yesterday on my little tab from my luvly husband... he said it is a mother s day gift ;) and maybe coz I'm pregnant again.. it's 2 months now.. I hope khayra will be so happy with the new baby.. due in December.  She is happy with the tab too. Lately playing lots of color... n lil coloring book.. Happy mothers day to all..!

May 12, 2013

My sleeping baby on Sunday afternoon


It's hard to put her to sleep when all she wanted is playing ;) finally a nap for my princess