May 30, 2013

Posting and not posting...

I do love this blog... tp of course here got lots of wedding things.. honestly, I'm not so much into wedding these days... :( i didn't want to answer inapropriate addressed questions on this topic.. n of course, those trends mostly no longer 'trendy' these days..there's some khayra's early story ;) so I cannot let things just fly away... and my motherhood sharing.. just some honest sharing.. but I think I want a simple one with everyday things... stories that I want to share..

So alternately, I will post lil things here and enjoying shortnote here.. it's faster to write in tumblr when using androit.. n acceptable in short notes.. ;))

They will be new blogs of everyday randomness.. I will post here when I want too.. if I feel it's good to be here.. maybe when it is more on long thoughts of something.. I know it seems like against blogging rules... having several blogs. Abandone  the one that people read :D But sometimes you just feel like you have outgrow things..

Feel free to msg me on my email if you need to ask something about what you've read here..

OK.. take care ;)

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