May 7, 2010

Tentang Cantik dan sebagainya.. :D

Sorry sebab my blog is under construction.. :D Still ade masalah and imperfection yang saya tak pandai tukar sendiri :( I hope people who come across it will love the new look :D Well, my honey yang change everything for me.. He choose this one for me..He wants my blog to nampak girly sikit.. not just  blogspot template..It's a bit feminine and romantic like with pink, my fav color becomes the main one :) Well, at first I insist if I can see other options and yeah.. there are but it turn out that this is my fav one at last.. Iwan has choose it rightly :D So, I'm waiting for him to correct everything since tadi tak sempat..

Penat jugak these few days, dikursuskan.. 4 days dah go to an audit course.. well, I'm not planning to be the internal auditor of my office but it's something that everyone baru should go to this training.. according to my office.. Tak pernah fikir ISO is something interesting but it's actually not that bad. Macam mana feel nya this study.. ? Same je macam study PWD form. Selak one clause to another but my PWD de 50 + clause.. nii yang penting 4 big section je.. :D

So, few things I want to babble about.. 1st, my Mom and Iwan talk to me about spa.. Iwan think that it's good for me.. hehe.. he wants me to feel good about myself, I think.. My mom of course wants her daughter to look pretty, and well, I don't know when I want to go for it or which spa is good for me...But I hope I can get myself treated top to toe at least once..

Then, Iwan wants me to wear contact lense during my wedding.. he wants my eyes to look gorgeous.. seriously, mata akan nampak cantik sangat in picture if you had your contact lense on... so, I'm not wearing spect so I never need contact and I don't know how to use this... then, Iwan told me that I should buy them now so I get use to wearing them.. ump.. I hope so :)

My friend suggest that we go swimming tomorrow.. since friday kire ok la daripada tak buat apa during lunch then manfaatkannya dengan go for swimming for some exercise.. ump, lama gak tak swimming2 nih.. tak taulah if bleh timbul lagi.. hehe.. Really.. last time belajar suke2 sebab pk.. tak bestnya kalau pegi holiday.. teringin nak main2 kat pool pastu dok statik je tak begerak2 sebab tak pandai langsung berenang.. hahaha.. but my water confident utk tempat dalam still tak ok lagi.. :(

Iwan will be away few days.. :( Mesti rindu sebab takle nak call :) His office got trip to kenyir.. and I'm going to go back to Perak to see my grandpa.. he was admitted to hospital sebab sakit.. terasa yang orang sekeliling bertambah tua.. aku pon same.. bertambah tua tapi tak tahu la bertambah baik atau tidak :( 

Ok, further notes later :)

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