Dec 29, 2013

Talking Hospitals

I live in shah alam.. the closest hospital is klang.. some goes to sg buloh but it's quite a distance away.. I'm not so familiar with route to serdang but it is not so close too. PPUM is semi gov.. but still i have to cross the all time busy federal highway to reach there.

I have my first baby at PPUM.. actually I'm afraid if I go to private they won't wait for me to be ready for normal delivery coz first delivery usually take longer hours. I'm afraid they will suggest c-sect when they didn't want to wait.. :( Gov n semi gov hospital are not so money oriented and they usually goes for normal delivery as per procedure unless there's no options such emergency.

My experience is both ok and not ok.. but I want different environment for my 2nd delivery. I didn't want to go far for check up like PPUM required.. I want a woman doctor with all women in labour room if possible. I want my hubby to hold me during delivery.. and stay the night taking care of me. And I want it normal...

I survey some places near shah alam.. the famous umra is said as a cheap option for private hospital. I didn't feel like going there.. and it is not so close to my house n my mom's. Razif hospital is famous too.. and there's good reviews too. Well i do heard of cases that I didnt like .. minor though.. it is close to klang hospital so not so much to worry bout in emergency case. The fees are affordable ... some of my friends have their baby there and love the place...

I ask friends on which place friendly  to normal delivery birth plans.. I got good reviews about salam and the doctor. And a bonus of all and everything I need in this 2nd delivery.. ;)) so I go for it. I choose to deliver there with the package price RM1999.00. You can check this out at the website. I know the cost is higher than razif or umra.. but I think it worth it to me coz I get what I want.. ;)) I won't hesitate to come there again for next delivery.. when I pass the trauma of giving birth ; D

My baby got jaundice though ; ( this time I thought of going to razif.. blood test for jaundice cost RM30.00.. and they encourage us to leave baby under their care if the baby need to be warded.. so baby got most from the treatment.  We can choose to stay in hospital for breastfeeding and pay room fees but they prefer pumping if we can so we won't keep the baby long. It cost RM500+ for 2 nights baby under the foto treatment. I think it's an affordable cost. Even if we decide not to take a room.. the visiting hours is long unlike in gov hospital and we can ask the baby for breastfeeding when we come. People normally didn't know about jaundice treatment fees in private hospital.. here I think it has reasonable cost. ;))

Ok.. that's some thoughts that I have bout hospital around here.. I don't want to discuss demc and kpj coz it needs higher budgets ; D I'm just ordinary ; D I like the fact demc has woman doctor for skin specialist.. and it cost RM200++ each time I go there include the medicine.. i made some conclusion.

I hope shah alam hospital will be a great helps. . I hope they got fpp scheme like putrajaya.. ; D it always convenient to choose doctor.. btwn, the clerk at registration department told me they receive birth report from people giving birth at salam frequently  ;)) bet lots of others thinks like I do ; ))

Dec 17, 2013

It's happening on 8th dec 2013

Alhamdulillah.. I finally gave birth to a beautiful son on 8th dec at 3.55 am...  ump.. so early in the morning.. I had the pain since after zohor.. but already had a sign early in the morning.

I actually has to go check up that day.. so before dr siti said anything about give birth Today... I text my office friends on whatsup bout all the instruction regarding office works.. I really thought I'll have another week. Lucky the log already prepared..

Dr siti told me it's 3 cm.. and ask me if I want her to help me and have the baby now since I feel no pain at all that time.. I was so not ready as I thought that I want to go enjoy the day with hubby..she ask me if I actually plan for it naturally.. I said yes.. and she said ok.. and come again when pains come..

I had my favorite nasi minang ;)) and.. go to curve to purchase hubby's new macbook.. ; p and at times the contraction comes and go but not a really hard one. So I mostly sit down..I had my san francisco coffee choc drink.. eat mcd prosperity.. before I told hubby I start to feel the contraction is a bit hard to handle and it happens every 10 minutes.

We decide to go back to salam med centre after maghrib.. to my surprise.. it is still 3cm.. so the midwife in charge ask us whether to stay in ward or go home. I really didn't know what to expect so we just go home..

But the pain comes hard.. and I no longer can stand it at 1 am.. so we decide to go stay in ward...they put me in labour room with peptidin gas and injection coz I really cant stand the pain.. but the contraction comes every 3 minutes so the drug still didnt erase all the pain.

So I just wait there for my body to really ready for birth.. and at 3 something.. the midwife call hubby to come in.. and call the doctor from home.. she arrives just at the exact time I'm ready..;))

Well, Alhamdulillah. I think I make a great choice to have my 2nd baby here... easier to reach even though got road block on the way..; D.. family can visit anytime.. hubby is with me when I'm giving birth.. it's like having baby at home.. ;) we even chat with doctor n midwife that time.. it's a relax birthing process.

Going home.. I didn't really feel the pain.. it's like I have the energy.. ;) thanks to the doctor and midwife for the birth environment...;))

A vacation to sabah

To me... sabah is really an amazing place to visit. Lucky that I'm still at my 2nd trimester that time.. well, the ticket was book like a year b4.

It's really a great trip to beautiful kundasang, manukan island and enjoying the kk... well, I still think we suppose to have more days to really enjoy everything. We stay there for 3 nights but still not enough... ; D

We certainly will go there again later.... phew.. and plan better..;))

P/s: better board a MAS flight n choose wisely where to have food...a 2 hours plus cheap flight can leave back ache..I had terrible stomach ache on the last day.. I should really make the restaurant list before going there..