Dec 31, 2010

A Movie A Day ~ :)

Just Like What I said.. A movie marathon would be so good in this holiday .. :)

Since dah cuti begin Wednesday, Wednesday movie is Gulliver's Travel. Korang dah tengok tak cite ni? Honestly, to me it wasn't up to the standard I'm expected.. sangat ringan.. for kids mungkin Ok.. tapi too light can make you feel bored too.. Tapi takpe la.. At least dapat bawak both my lil brother pegi tengok movie and jalan - jalan Times Square sempena las cuti skolah ni... :)

A bit on the story.. begin with Gulliver who's a mail room guy that always think like a loser, has a crush with dearie darcy, a travel's journalist. Gulliver's trying to impress her with his plagarised articles and he's delightfully by Darcy who didn't notice, being sent to find out bout the Bermuda Triangle. That's when his journey begin in a kingdom of small people called Liliput.  


To me, they should really make the adventure much more interesting so the travelling to the small people kingdom part will look much more interesting.. :(

So, wednesday end with Malaysia winning the Suzuki cup right :) Congratz to the team.. Finally, berjaya jugak. Sempat la tengok kejap kat Pelita Sek 9.. Meriahnya.. everyone sing and cheer just like in stadium.. tak masuk yang bawak Jalur Gemilang.. kibar dengan semangat..  Ump, credit especially to the keeper and Safee the striker..

Thursday is a dating day for me and hubby... :) So, we got chance watching Tourist staring Angelina Jolie. For this I could say, a really good watch.. not as adventurous as previous Jolie's movie.. but still an adventure with a twist.. It's good. The scene is Venice.. OMG.. I miss venice so much.. with some Itallian speaking in that movie.. a trip down a memory lane to me :) Love it..  Go watching..

So, it begin with Elise meeting Frank on a train to Venice.. well, I don't want to tell the story. It's good to watch on your own because it gives you the fun to discover the plot.. I pretty like the ending too..

What else good to watch? Looking forward to fireworks display tonight.. happy new year everyone! 

Dec 29, 2010

3 days To Go ~ 2011 will find me..

How's your 2010?

I will always remember this year.. Takan tanak ingat tahun bile kawen x? hehe.. Tak penah pon aku terfikir yang jodoh aku akan sampai pada tahun 2010.. Tapi Alhamdulillah sampai jugak. :) Resolusi utama tercapai la tuh.. nak kawen, lepas macam - macam dugaan dan rintangan.. :D Alhamdulillah dapat gak kawen ngan buah hati intan payung :) Thanks sayang for making my wishes comes true this year.. Semoga Allah permudahkan lagi urusan kita dan memberikan kita rezeki yang barakah.. Amin..

Honestly, I was like terawang - awang jugak la sikit tahun 2010 ni.. Like 70 to 80% are mostly about getting
married.. Preparation A to Z.. satu kenangan manis jugak to me.. :) Sweet sangat preparation and the day ktorang finally become husband and wife.. :) Kerja.. huhu.. tanak cite SKT. Still ade benda yang aku tak puas hati yang I have to think of how to sort this prob in 2011.. hopefully things getting better :)

That is basically 2 main things in 2010.. Marriage n Job..

But there is sad story too.. My grandpa pass away kan.. dia tak sempat pon tengok kite kawen.. sedih sangat.. :(

Tahun baru 2011.. How?

  • Ramai yang cakap.. berusahalah :p  hopefully I can be a good mother if the time come untuk jadi seorang ibu.. nanti kite tengok ye ujung tahun 2011 camne.. :D

  • Job again.. need some replanning untuk kerja lebih baik lagi next year.. few other things.. register ngan board yang tak buat2 lagi.. and write log book untuk lebih ingat.

  • Holiday.. I need some travel.. at least PD in Feb, Langkawi in March.. oversea? tak tau la.. hopefully some saving

  • Masuk umah baru.. yay! home sweet home.. hopefully, ktorang can manage living together alone.. berdikari.

  • Investment.. My finance need some revision lor.. saving target nak kawen lebih senang la dari saje2 saving.. but have to try to discipline myself la..

  • Want to reward myself at the end of year nanti.. something women lust.. cam handbag coach.. hehe.. tak semestinya kan.. buy something yg puas hati.. it will be good enough

  • Read more.. what for got chance tahu kedai book xcess and not reading..

Begitulah serba sedikit tentang Tahun 2010 dan 2011.. :) I hope everything goes well as planning.. Please farhana dearie.. be good!

Dec 28, 2010

Tuesday Ranting ~ :p

Today is the last day I'll work in 2010.. hehe.. besh tak announcement..

Saje je nak rilex2 kat umah ngan hubby... Hubby is in off day already since last Thursday.. tu pon cutinye banyak lagi carry forward next year.. Haritu memang saje spare these 3 days.. untuk emergency pape.. Alhamdulillah, no emergency so habiskan je la 3 hari tu..

Actually doesn't have a real firm planning la for these few days cuti.. pikir - pikir nak sangat wat movie marathon.. tak tau lagi jadi tak :p besh jugak kan.. sok rabu so bleh gik tengok wayang.. been thinking of bodek hubby gik sambut new year somewhere.. I - city seems interesting.. tapi cam biase.. mesti jam punye kan.. dengan toilet tak brape nak ade kat situ, tak tau la if sesuai nak pegi situ.. last 2 years.. Curve.. is much more relaxing.. ok jugak if bleh tengok cite Tourist dlu petang tu kan.. :) Makan - makan kat IKEA, then baru tengok show concert and Fireworks.. Yay! actually my fav part is the fireworks.. not really the concert.

Lame gak actually tak update blog kan.. Nothing really interesting actually.. been outing the whole week actually with hubby dear.. Wat ape? Hunting for Transformers.. Hubby just got this lil virus yang tak brape nak berkenan di hati.. hehe.. He's falling in love with sexy transformers figure.. Juz like most guys.. except that it has become a bit chronic that he's willing to spend.. Ump.. it his money and budget, I know.. Not much I can say. I love Barbie and try to collect some.. but my range is rather small.. and his is too much for my head to think of.. I'm not so discouraging.. I'm a toys fan.. just reminding lots I guess.. Ok, following that.. I'm planning to do another blog for the collections.. whatever collection.. It will be mostly transformers stuff and some barbie.. and maybe some other things later. It's a soon to be blogging project..

Anything to comments on 2010? well.. I'll save that to another entry.. ok? The ordinary resolution and review entry.. hehe. 

Dec 21, 2010

Online Shopping...

December shopping again.. Juz want to share some online shopping experience.. Dlu tak penah la addicted to online shopping ni.. These days ramai yang wat online shopping ni.. bleh bayar trough Maybank2u kan.. senang dan mudah... hehe.. Start with geo lens untuk wedding haritu.. (classicgeolens) So lately been doing some online shopping lagi.. Tudung and Make Up.. :)

This selendang from Sugarscarf.. chantek sangat kale die.. so in love with it..

 Ni pon selendang Sugarscarf and kat atas tu Benefit punye make up..
Cheap tau.. original from chantek teemor.. bleh la korang check out these galz at facebook

Dec 20, 2010

My Mom's Cousin's Daughter wedding..

Belit - belit je tajuk kan.. hehe...

Tak kesah la kan.. nak bagitau sebab jauh tau dari sini ke Pagoh pergi wedding ni.. (B4 pegi Melaka haritu..) and guess what.. sedapp sangat lauk - lauk kat majlis ni... Nyum2.. Hubby kite makan 2 kali la.. balik dapat yg bungkus boleh plak die makan lagi skali.. hehe. My mom paling happy dapat jumpa cousin - cousin die.. bukan slalu nak dapat jumpa diorang..

Meh tengok a bit about this wedding..

Ni pengantin and family.. Purple..same like my wedding color belah hubby.

Paling suka bunga manggar ni.. :) If DIY slalu if bunga biasa takle wat ape kan.. this one so sweet.. candy! boleh bagi budak - budak yang memang slalunya suke sangat bunga manggar..

 Another view.. love the ideas.. 

To my cousin Mazni.. if you would love to have one.. we would love to do it for you.. like this or some red and black sweets.. hehe..This one color just like rainbow.. :)

Dec 18, 2010

When Hubby's bit Busy..

Disember can be a tough time.. Even though certain days are perfect for family holidays, the other days are for keeping up with company's goal or any last minute task that you should complete before the new year.. kan.. kan.. ( if me.. office budgetting is the toughest one.. hehe) Like hubby, he's working in private so he has this Annual Meetings which he should be part of thing and gives his 200% to complete his task.. Iyela.. baru lagi haritu cuti lame nak kahwin kan.. hehe..

So, we didn't got so many times to spend together these few weeks after return from Melaka holiday.. He has been home so late.. But I appreciate how he try to keep me happy though.. 

On the first weekend he's busy working.. he let me went to PD with my family visiting my aunt.. saje bawak opah jalan pergi rumah my aunt @ PD.. best jugak berkelah ramai2.. Cuma cian hubby miss this moments.

Nabilah and Fikran..

When we have break on Tuesday, lucky my dear hubby got the day off too.. we went to Curve for IKEA's western.. bawak budak - budak degil jalan - jalan :D Nabilah will return home to PD.. kesian plak if tak bawak die jalan - jalan mane - mane..

X-mas deco can be very interesting..

When hubby feels like finishing things at home.. I accompany him over tea and coffee @ Kopitiam.. New favorite is Bangi Kopitiam TTDI Shah Alam..

 Unifi @ Bangi Kopitiam.. so hubby can view vid making tricks tutorial and some idea from what's on youtube faster

 I bought myself a magazine.. A bonus, Marie Claire gives freebies.. small planner for 2011. Exactly what I need right now.. and.. it's Peugeot.. huhu

 Quite relaxing with performance on Wednesday night..

 Some views

 On the table..

 I did miss several wedding last week.. :( My friend and Hana Yoriee especially.. Hubby still working last weekend and my aunt comes to pick up Nabila.. so I just follow my mom to kedai emas and bought my necklace and wait for my aunt coming @ home.. Hubby has finished his task for the annual meeting.. I'm home alone today because he's in Melaka playing bowling for company.. ump.. But he'll have his holiday begin this Thursday till new year.. Yay! (Tapi aku punye cuti tinggal 3 hari je maa.. :p) Will ask hubby to jalan - jalan with me.. Looking forward to have good time with him..

Dec 11, 2010

Ape Korang Wat Dengan Duit Mas Kawen Korang..

Gambar Hiasan je.. :p  My potrait time bertandang

Huhu... Today I finally use all my duit Mas Kawen.. Actually, baru je tanggalkan dari bunga yang dibuat cantik oleh officemate mr hubby sy.. :) hehe.. nanti sy tunjuk bile de gambar.. I know, I'm too much behind in all the wedding reveals.. 

Anyway, korang beli pe or plan nak beli pe? Me actually.. ktorang tak kahwin cam cara Selangor.. Discussed with my Tok Kadi.. so my mas kawen is separated from hantaran. Lagipon, hubby dah bawak half of it masa tunang.. (adat belah mak saya) Like old time hantaran guna untuk wat kenduri.. But hubby nicely bagi saya lebih sikit mas kawen.. tak la banyak.. it just I can convert it to gold.. Like what I always wish.. So, I did some top up and finally bought a simple necklace.. :) Sy suke.. I always dream of my mas kawen converted to gold necklace :)

Bagi sy.. duit mas kawen ni special sangat.. tamo la guna untuk bayar hutang kahwin..(Alhamdulillah I manage not to berhutang except video ngan gambar yg memang term payment nya camtu.. tak dpt album lagi kan..)  and to ensure that it always valuable.. beli la yellow gold.. white gold have no value after dah beli.. but yellow gold is something that have market value.. My boss nicely told me that she did that and never regret.. during that time.. she bought them for price like 3k plus je.. and now it turn to like 20k.. after like 10 years of marriage.. see.. 1 gram is RM157 sekarang.. compare to dulu yang tak sampai hundred pon.

And bear in mind especially to those yang nak kahwin and expecting to buy gold ring and all.. gold price will rise soon... dah 2, 3 orang yang kerja kedai mas cakap ngan aku.. expecting to rise paling awal.. end of this month.. akak kedai tu cakap.. die akan naik before Tahun Baru Cina.. baru - baru ni pon kalo korang prasan.. harga die naik dari RM151 to RM157.. (october) I really think I shouldn't wait.. so I decide to buy the necklace now.. I heard that price will reach RM180++. Kalo betul.. sungguh rugi nya if tunggu next year.. 

To those yang banyak duit.. why not invest in gold.. If sy ada duit.. I'll choose that as one of my investment portfolio.. We have option like Public Bank punya gold investment.. which you don't have to bring them home.. it's on buku bank je.. Even Azizi Ali pon dah kluar buku Masa Untuk Emas kan.. :) So guys.. grab your chances..

Honeymoon 1 : Family Vacation To Melaka (part 2)

Benti kat mane ye... hehe.. sambung balik cite melaka
Habes kisah Menara Taming Sari.. kaki pon dah penat la.. plan malam ni harus blasah seafood somewhere.. Sebab tak pernah pegi Umbai.. jadi pergi la Umbai.. rupanya umbai ni medan ikan bakar.. yang restoran besar tu name Parameswara.. Memang fresh lauk2 die.. orang pon ramai.. seb baik ahad malam isnin.. kalo sabtu malam ahad.. huhu... rmainye orang.. sbenarnya.. de bnyak medan ikan bakar melaka ni.. if korang tamo makan kat umbai.. pergila muara sungai duyong.. lagi dekat ngan bandar melaka.. but Alai is favourite to local Melaka citizen (murah dan sedap kate mereka) .. tapi aku gik umbai gak.. harga.. macam makan kat Muara Ikan Bakar tu.. Masakan biase je.. cuma taste of freshness yang sedap..

kedai yang simple je.. de bot kat tepi kalo nak duduk.. :)

Lepas habes.. balik Bandar Melaka.. tengok jam.. pukul 9.00 lebih baru.. siap- siap.. jom tengok if de wayang besh kat Dataran Pahlawan mall.. cuma saya, hubby, along, acik, fikran n nabilah je pergi.. sampai - sampai tengok.. ala.. takde mid night.. show last start 10.40 camtu.. cite yang tak start lagi skyline.. blasah je la tengok.. conclusion : sebuah cerita yang pelik.. macam baru start je.. mungkin perlu episod 2, 3, yang lebih interesting.. punyela banyak - banyak scene.. yang melekat kat kepala adik kite iyela.. Kenapa otak die merah? hahaha.. Not interesting la to me..

Isnin... huhu.. bangun pon telewat ckit.. tapi sempat gak mandi lam 30 minit kat kolam.. pastu siap - siap untuk destinasi seterusnya.. 1st stop.. Taman Buaya.. Same macam dlu banyak buaya di sana sini.. frustrated sebab tunggu persembahan sampai pukul 2.30 tapi end up tau buaya takde.. :(  Zafran yang paling sronok.. ikan buaya die cakap.. hehe.. adik - adik ngan spupu ku memang tak pernah naik ketapi misteri, mahupun masuk rumah hantu.. maka aku pon kena bawak diorang masuk.. dah tak relevan dah semua tu.. haha.. dlu iyela umur 10 tahun.. skarang tak takut langsung.. at least they enjoy that experience.. yang klakar mase naik ketapi tu ade raksasa kat tepi.. zafran tengok je.. last skali die copy mase main pemainan ketapi kat umah... hahaha..

Buaya dah awet kan... :)

Ade jugak reptilia lain macam ular..

Tengok buaya.. macam - macam jenis buaya

Mengenang zaman kanak - kanak naik ketapi..

Macam lame je kat taman buaya.. pastu pegi Taman Mini Malaysia makan tengah hari.. abah tamo masuk.. cuma aku je bawak Nabilah ngan Fikran ngan Acik masuk tengok rumah - rumah tu.. baru sampai rumah ke 4.. hujan mula trun.. hubby paling risau camera.. so die pon kluar anta camera n amek payung untuk ktorang.. sementara menunggu hujan lebat sangat.. bila payung sampai ktorang trus kluar.. macam lame je lagi hujan nak berenti.. so tak dapatla visit spenuhnya taman mini tu.. Zoo pon tak pegi.. pastu trus balik.. :( Takpe la.. Zoo KL dah banyak kali pergi.. to me Zoo yang interesting if bleh bwk kids.. :)

Us.. @  Rumah Perak

Rumah Negeri Sembilan..

Dec 9, 2010

Honeymoon 1 : Family Vacation to Melaka..opps :p

Hahaha.. mane de lagi saya pegi honeymoon ke mane2 lagi.. It has been quite sometimes I haven't really write and visit dearest bloggers.. Will trying to keep up..

So, my 1st trip holiday with hubby start with family vacation ke Mallacca.. Al kesahnya my lil brother Fikran Ilmi tak pernah pergi berjalan - jalan ke Melaka. Kebetulan my 2nd cousin punye wedding @ Pagoh.. (Will be reviewed soon) My mom nak pergi, nak bawak opah.. Lagipun ngan 5A's yang Fikran dapat in UPSR, Abah pon decide untuk bawak die berjalan - jalan sempena cuti sekolah ni. Plus, my aunt, lil nabilah my cousin and Opah pon ikut skali.. jadinya meriah la sikit.. cuma Pak Su and abg ipar ku saje sibuk bekerja.. Lucky hubby bleh cuti sehari.. He's been busy sangat.. after that trip.. which is on 27 to 29 November.. Hubby jadi sangat2 bz.. balik pon pukul 2 pagi :( Cian hubby.. even last weekend punya trip pon he has to miss gara - gara sibuk bekerja.. So, I've set my mind dah.. any holiday with hubby should be awal - awal tahun or.. hujung taun sangat which is tak besh to me sebab 25th to new year almost everyone pon wanted a vacation kan.. Jadi.. peak times not really my favourite la. 

Tapi, family vacation to me memang sangat besh... tak boring.. berseronok beramai2.. Snap pics ramai2.. :) Kitorang dapat book tempat tido kat Garden City Serviced Apartment.. not bad la die punya rate.. 3 bilik apartment dapat price dalam RM300 camtu.. Takla cantik gila.. kire bolehla.. selesa untuk tidur.. sesuai untuk family vacation tau.. korang bleh bawak extra travel mattress if nak.. bleh tdo kat hall and diorang tak kisah pon if camtu.. breakfast tak included.. yang paling besh yang budak - budak mesti suka ialah kolam renang die.. huhu.. besar.. :) tengok anak buah saya yang umur 3 years tu excited sangat2 dapat mandi kat situ..

Seperti yang telah di plan.. first night datang memang malam tu nak kluar cari makan.. tapi tak tau nak makan katne.. teringat orang promote Jonker's Walk since it happen to be on Saturday Night.. pegi la kat situ.. round2 rupanya that one is really Chinese Uptown.. banyak sangat orang jual - jual barang.. quite interesting barang cuma tak jumpa Malay punye kedai if nak makan - makan.. Chinese punya memang banyak.. So, skejap je la ktorang kat situ sebab lapar sangat.. Trus gik cari tempat makan.. Lastnya makan kat Sahabat Tom Yam dekat - dekat ngan Jusco.. berenti sebab tengok ramai orang makan situ.. Ok gak masakan die.. Yang special maybe sebab dia buat set2 makanan.. macam set 4 orang.. nasik, air 2 jug ngan lauk berbagai2.. I think it's really affordable.

Siang tu.. bangun - bangun sarapan roti ngan kaya yang dah beli siap2.. apartment tu ade peti ais but macam tak brape bleh nak cooking je.. die sediakan cam dapur elektrik.. kuali periuk tak jumpa plak. Pastu terus serbu kolam renang.. :) dah berendam jap.. which is sejam la jugak kot.. pastu siap - siap terus gerak ke Bandar Hilir. Lawak tak.. punya la kalut mase mengemas baju kat rumah.. time pergi pakai baju kaftan sebab nak gik kenduri kawen.. cek2 beg.. alamak.. suar jeans tetinggal.. bodek hubby ajak gik bli suar jeans.. Bandar Hilir tu memang dah lain la kan.. Dlu mase kite pergi baru darjah 4. Of course la semua dah jadi lain.. Dah ada Dataran Pahlawan, shopping complex plak tu.. sampai situ pusing - pusing.. tak jumpa plak parking.. terus masuk parking shopping complex Dataran Pahlawan.. Ok je sbenarnya rate die.. dari pagi sampai 6 petang camtu 7 ringgit tak silap.. ok la tu.. alang - alang dah kat situ.. gik carik Padini Concept Store dulu.. dapat la suar emergency.. tengah sale plak tu.. Alhamdulillah slamat. Kat situ rupanya ade macam bazaar gak yang jual t-shirt, belacan, cencaluk.. macam2 la.. 

Naik - naik atas tu terus ade Muzium Dunia Melayu.. Takde pe pon kat sini.. tak brape menarik perhatianku..huhu.. Nak tau pasal sejarah Melayu memang OK la pergi sini..

Mama n Abah sedang melihat - lihat Muzium

In front of the museum..

Pastu next to A - Famosa. Panjat la tangga naik atas.. if bleh wat pre - wedding ke outdoor mesti chanteq kan.. Kebetulan ade Art Festival.. Hubby memang layan la.. yang kitorang sibuk ajak bergambar.. hehe..

Us In front of A Famosa..

The pattern @ A - Famosa wall make good background

lovebirds @ A - Famosa.. hehe

Turun daripada A - Famosa dengan fenat.. pergi Muzium Istana plak... Suke gak muzium ni.. sebab wat dari kayu kan.. Masuk - masuk ade air - cond lagi.. sesuai dengan time panas - panas camni.. hehe..Design die nice sangat.. they said that it's the replica from original Sultan's Palace..

The front look

Demo istiadat istana kat dalam

Lepas tu.. mama memang excited nak bawak Zafran naik beca.. so ktorang pon ramai - ramai naik beca. RM10 tau satu beca.. Boleh la tu.. sebab tak pernah naik.. Nak amek experience je..

Mama and Abah.. Nice beca!

Then pastu.. serbu plak Melaka River Cruise. Pemandangan die.. takde la pe sangat.. sebab belakang kedai kan.. but they try to improve.. nampak semakin nice with cat - cat baru. Yang cantik kampung Morten.. cuma air sedikit berbau.. but not too bad la.. still acceptable.. and yang worth is.. lame gak atas bot tu.. adela lebih 30 minit.. so RM10 untuk dewasa.. RM5 untuk kanak - kanak.. pejam mata saje ek..

How's the cruise look like..

Lame gak sampai Zafran terlena.. hehe

Ok.. comparison with honest thought.. I've been to Venice.. which is main transport memang guna boat.. kenderaan tak dibenarkan masuk.. rasenya, cruise ni sort of try to adapt the concept.. boat ni memang akan lalu kat bawah2.. jambatan.. just like in Venice.. (so you can snap pic with jambatan as background) cuma.. kat venice, river ni jadi macam front of building.. wat cantik2 kat situ.. kat melaka ni.. it's at the back.. so, less attention diberikan at all these years.. so, still perlukan mase untuk perbaiki.. maybe.. one day we can use it untuk transport from one station to another.. "water bus" just like in Venice if things get better..  station2 banyak yang dah dibina cuma diorang tak stop pon.. it's more like a tourist boat skarang.. I hope in times.. lebih banyak improvement and it will become much more interesting

Settle with Melaka Cruise.. ktorang pon pergi Muzium Maritim.. Dari jauh memang berkenan dengan bentuk boat ni.. masuk dalam pon ok.. tengok design kapal - kapal lame.. very interesting..

Me and hubby.. :)

Adik yang khusyuk... tengok kapal

 Pastu.. dah lapar sebab dah pkul 4, layan asam pedas kat food court.. not bad :) Dah siap - siap makan.. solat semua.. terus gik bratur kat menara taming sari.. seb baik la tiket die 50% untuk warganegara Malaysia.. Nice view.. tapi skejap sangat rasa kat atas tu.. menunggu lagi lame dari naik tu.. kalo RM20 memang tak baloi la rasenya.. :(

View dari atas menara...

Dalam taming sari.. tak yah la sewa bino.. kejap sangat nak guna.. tengok ngan mata lagi puas..

 So, it look like this...

 To be continue..

Dec 1, 2010

Year End Sale n X-mas Season Shopping

I know most of you tahu kan pasal this year end sale.. :) Most kedai buat offer time ni.. so why not go shopping a bit.. hehe.. Yesterday I did some shopping.. Some je ek.. My cousin is getting married this June so I thought that I give a help to her by belikan die punye kain baju nikah kat Jakel.. ( she's staying in Ipoh) Jakel is having offer tau.. I think it's pretty good price.. chiffon beaded fan can get kain set together with lelaki n sampin at price less than RM500.. ok what.. I just bought laces for my cousin.. Simple saje 2 metre lace, 4 meter kain for girl and 4.5 for guys.. with sampin for price around RM300 set. It's quite a good price to me.. then nak bagi nampak matte sikit.. another 2 metre chiffon RM19 semeter.. I'm not so sure kalo different chiffon but last time plain chiffon silk yang kite beli RM22 per meter..nampak same je.. hehe.. She told me yang die nak wat baju kurung biase je.. hopefully those kain will turn out great..

It's PinK! and bright sikit.. :) Satin in lighter shade for girl pastu chiffon silk yg lebih pekat and guy punye satin yg pekat so nampak la cam lebih kurang bile dah gabungkan tak.. :) Samping kale itam pink so it will suit songkok in black kan..

Lebih kurang camni la patutnya . I hope she like it !

Apart from that, X-mas season is the best time to purchase many things from the counter.. Holiday gift set yang comei2.. add with all the gift.. macam Estee usually buat promo macam beli harga RM200++ then bleh purchase set make up besar with price RM200++ camtu.. so, bleh dapat 2 hantaran.. 1 untuk perfume and 1 set make up.. which is quite good offer.. If tak pon beli set pape pon usually got extra item at this x-mas season..

Sbenarnye.. gedik2 nak try pitera SKII.. pe la yang besh sangat.. semua gara - gara stock penjagaan muka KOSE yang beli mase e-day dah nak abes sangat.. gile.. 12 bulan baru nak abes.. Oh, haritu they cost me RM350 laa.. lebih kurang untuk toner, pencuci ngan krim.. so aku pon pakai setaun.. rasenya RM350 setaun boleh ditolerate lagi.. RM30 camtu sbulan tuk muka.. kire ok la tu.. sehari sengget.. dlu pon gara - gara nak kahwin.. nak la pkai set yang besh ckit.. (heard of good review about KOSE - japan brand) and it's true la bagi aku.. Besh..

Skarang dah teracun nak try brand2 camni. Japanese skin care product yang besh.. So, about Pitera.. I finally bought starter set pitera.. tak tau la.. she told me that at this X-Mas season ni de offer.. Instead of beli satu RM195 camtu.. Pitera set boleh bli harga RM206.. tapi pitera tu kecik je.. 75 ml camtu je.. nak yang besar RM300++ tak silap... tapi kalo korang gedik - gedik jugak cam aku.. kat hantaran nampak cantik pe.. huhu..

So, ni la yang die bagi lam box tu.. pitera, toner kecik, trial cleaser, mask ngan box yang de facial punye kapas tu..

Mungkin boleh masuk list hantaran korang.. sebab aku dah kawen dah.. so just nak try jaga muka je ni.. hehe..Harap - harapnya shopping sakan ni akan abes bulan ni.. next year mase untuk blanje berhemah la.. :p