Dec 31, 2010

A Movie A Day ~ :)

Just Like What I said.. A movie marathon would be so good in this holiday .. :)

Since dah cuti begin Wednesday, Wednesday movie is Gulliver's Travel. Korang dah tengok tak cite ni? Honestly, to me it wasn't up to the standard I'm expected.. sangat ringan.. for kids mungkin Ok.. tapi too light can make you feel bored too.. Tapi takpe la.. At least dapat bawak both my lil brother pegi tengok movie and jalan - jalan Times Square sempena las cuti skolah ni... :)

A bit on the story.. begin with Gulliver who's a mail room guy that always think like a loser, has a crush with dearie darcy, a travel's journalist. Gulliver's trying to impress her with his plagarised articles and he's delightfully by Darcy who didn't notice, being sent to find out bout the Bermuda Triangle. That's when his journey begin in a kingdom of small people called Liliput.  


To me, they should really make the adventure much more interesting so the travelling to the small people kingdom part will look much more interesting.. :(

So, wednesday end with Malaysia winning the Suzuki cup right :) Congratz to the team.. Finally, berjaya jugak. Sempat la tengok kejap kat Pelita Sek 9.. Meriahnya.. everyone sing and cheer just like in stadium.. tak masuk yang bawak Jalur Gemilang.. kibar dengan semangat..  Ump, credit especially to the keeper and Safee the striker..

Thursday is a dating day for me and hubby... :) So, we got chance watching Tourist staring Angelina Jolie. For this I could say, a really good watch.. not as adventurous as previous Jolie's movie.. but still an adventure with a twist.. It's good. The scene is Venice.. OMG.. I miss venice so much.. with some Itallian speaking in that movie.. a trip down a memory lane to me :) Love it..  Go watching..

So, it begin with Elise meeting Frank on a train to Venice.. well, I don't want to tell the story. It's good to watch on your own because it gives you the fun to discover the plot.. I pretty like the ending too..

What else good to watch? Looking forward to fireworks display tonight.. happy new year everyone! 

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