Dec 28, 2010

Tuesday Ranting ~ :p

Today is the last day I'll work in 2010.. hehe.. besh tak announcement..

Saje je nak rilex2 kat umah ngan hubby... Hubby is in off day already since last Thursday.. tu pon cutinye banyak lagi carry forward next year.. Haritu memang saje spare these 3 days.. untuk emergency pape.. Alhamdulillah, no emergency so habiskan je la 3 hari tu..

Actually doesn't have a real firm planning la for these few days cuti.. pikir - pikir nak sangat wat movie marathon.. tak tau lagi jadi tak :p besh jugak kan.. sok rabu so bleh gik tengok wayang.. been thinking of bodek hubby gik sambut new year somewhere.. I - city seems interesting.. tapi cam biase.. mesti jam punye kan.. dengan toilet tak brape nak ade kat situ, tak tau la if sesuai nak pegi situ.. last 2 years.. Curve.. is much more relaxing.. ok jugak if bleh tengok cite Tourist dlu petang tu kan.. :) Makan - makan kat IKEA, then baru tengok show concert and Fireworks.. Yay! actually my fav part is the fireworks.. not really the concert.

Lame gak actually tak update blog kan.. Nothing really interesting actually.. been outing the whole week actually with hubby dear.. Wat ape? Hunting for Transformers.. Hubby just got this lil virus yang tak brape nak berkenan di hati.. hehe.. He's falling in love with sexy transformers figure.. Juz like most guys.. except that it has become a bit chronic that he's willing to spend.. Ump.. it his money and budget, I know.. Not much I can say. I love Barbie and try to collect some.. but my range is rather small.. and his is too much for my head to think of.. I'm not so discouraging.. I'm a toys fan.. just reminding lots I guess.. Ok, following that.. I'm planning to do another blog for the collections.. whatever collection.. It will be mostly transformers stuff and some barbie.. and maybe some other things later. It's a soon to be blogging project..

Anything to comments on 2010? well.. I'll save that to another entry.. ok? The ordinary resolution and review entry.. hehe. 

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