Dec 18, 2010

When Hubby's bit Busy..

Disember can be a tough time.. Even though certain days are perfect for family holidays, the other days are for keeping up with company's goal or any last minute task that you should complete before the new year.. kan.. kan.. ( if me.. office budgetting is the toughest one.. hehe) Like hubby, he's working in private so he has this Annual Meetings which he should be part of thing and gives his 200% to complete his task.. Iyela.. baru lagi haritu cuti lame nak kahwin kan.. hehe..

So, we didn't got so many times to spend together these few weeks after return from Melaka holiday.. He has been home so late.. But I appreciate how he try to keep me happy though.. 

On the first weekend he's busy working.. he let me went to PD with my family visiting my aunt.. saje bawak opah jalan pergi rumah my aunt @ PD.. best jugak berkelah ramai2.. Cuma cian hubby miss this moments.

Nabilah and Fikran..

When we have break on Tuesday, lucky my dear hubby got the day off too.. we went to Curve for IKEA's western.. bawak budak - budak degil jalan - jalan :D Nabilah will return home to PD.. kesian plak if tak bawak die jalan - jalan mane - mane..

X-mas deco can be very interesting..

When hubby feels like finishing things at home.. I accompany him over tea and coffee @ Kopitiam.. New favorite is Bangi Kopitiam TTDI Shah Alam..

 Unifi @ Bangi Kopitiam.. so hubby can view vid making tricks tutorial and some idea from what's on youtube faster

 I bought myself a magazine.. A bonus, Marie Claire gives freebies.. small planner for 2011. Exactly what I need right now.. and.. it's Peugeot.. huhu

 Quite relaxing with performance on Wednesday night..

 Some views

 On the table..

 I did miss several wedding last week.. :( My friend and Hana Yoriee especially.. Hubby still working last weekend and my aunt comes to pick up Nabila.. so I just follow my mom to kedai emas and bought my necklace and wait for my aunt coming @ home.. Hubby has finished his task for the annual meeting.. I'm home alone today because he's in Melaka playing bowling for company.. ump.. But he'll have his holiday begin this Thursday till new year.. Yay! (Tapi aku punye cuti tinggal 3 hari je maa.. :p) Will ask hubby to jalan - jalan with me.. Looking forward to have good time with him..

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