Jun 19, 2013

At last.. a home spa

I've call one or 2 spa and ask if I can have a massage even though I'm pregnant.. but most of them didn't want to take the risk.. so I call auntie jun and ask her if she can come to my place.. and she said yes... yay.. a 2 hour massage at home.. lovely! - 9 jun..

Jun 9, 2013

Lil khayra story..

She usually had good time wherever she goes..;) just now.. having good time at my mom.. yesterday is so funny. She had her injection.. the last one for 18 months.. she didn't even cry at all.. after that she play n play till later in afternoon, she start feeling.. I don't know.. she said 'sakit' all the time.. tak boleh usik that part ( injection kt peha) she didn't want to walk at all when we put her on her feet.. funny she just stand in front of the door and not moving.. n just stay laying down watching tv.. :D so cian die.. then I decide to tuam dia ckit and she at first didn't like it but later just smile ;)

Jun 6, 2013

Oh.. sleepyhead

Last time when I'm pregnant.. I didn't drive on my own.. my dad n my brother drive me coz we heading to the same direction..this time, I have to drive on my own.. I do wish I have lots of other energy so I can have time to do what I like after 10 when khayra go to sleep... these day.. it's me who fall asleep at that time. Ump.....

Jun 3, 2013

Snap pic test... ; p

I hate flu... but I can stay home today with my princess... so we can test taking picture with this hp ;p

A samsung grand

It's crazy to decide to buy smartphone in a day... hubby has been wanted me to buy HP for a long time coz he's in tech as he's in IT dep. so I'm going to be left out... he said :p Samsung already has like all range smartphone... from cheap to really costly..

I told him I never bought phone in my life... I use whatever my parents gave me. Even though an old one...so this will be my first time and I don't think I want to spend so much.. browse and browse.. in like 2 hours.. then we decide to buy a Samsung grand... I find this shop sell it for rm1049 but I add rm40 coz I want white... actually it did exceed my 1k budget but consider it something I'm satisfied with ;) it's OK LA... ;)

Yay, now I can snap my princess and easily blog things... ;p

See... she already playing ;D

Jun 1, 2013

Me Time at De Wajah Spa

De wajah becomes the third spa i've been to ;) actually this week is kind of a bit hectic.. I really need some relaxing me time...  ;) I actually want to go to villamay for hair spa.. but my meeting doesn't end on time so I have to cancel ;( I call few spa nearby but all full so I decide to try de wajah spa... call2 available..it is previously dewi sri spa I think at alam sentral but dah tukar owner.

Sbelum ni tak penah pon masuk sini.. sbb tgk from outside cam takut je nak masuk. :p but it is actually quite ok.. price dia just like other spa in shah alam.. dia tak list online cam other spa... you have to go there and check promotion apa. Staff dia very nice.

Sbenarnya this time just buat facial... de promo rm99 treatment.. my mom selalu suka produk De wajah ni.. my skin pon just normal so just ok je la nak try. Experience kt sini really nice.. deco ala2 traditional Bali kot.. music pon really nice n selesa.. rasenya bleh dtg cuci rambut next time ;D siap tanye if dia boleh urut orang pregnant... ;D nnt la kot kalo baby dh besar bleh try.. just a slow massage je. Bertanggas pon Ade kt cni so bole try lepas bersalin..


Anyway... a good experience...;) beshnya if boleh berspa selalu..