Jun 3, 2013

A samsung grand

It's crazy to decide to buy smartphone in a day... hubby has been wanted me to buy HP for a long time coz he's in tech as he's in IT dep. so I'm going to be left out... he said :p Samsung already has like all range smartphone... from cheap to really costly..

I told him I never bought phone in my life... I use whatever my parents gave me. Even though an old one...so this will be my first time and I don't think I want to spend so much.. browse and browse.. in like 2 hours.. then we decide to buy a Samsung grand... I find this shop sell it for rm1049 but I add rm40 coz I want white... actually it did exceed my 1k budget but consider it something I'm satisfied with ;) it's OK LA... ;)

Yay, now I can snap my princess and easily blog things... ;p

See... she already playing ;D

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