Jun 1, 2013

Me Time at De Wajah Spa

De wajah becomes the third spa i've been to ;) actually this week is kind of a bit hectic.. I really need some relaxing me time...  ;) I actually want to go to villamay for hair spa.. but my meeting doesn't end on time so I have to cancel ;( I call few spa nearby but all full so I decide to try de wajah spa... call2 available..it is previously dewi sri spa I think at alam sentral but dah tukar owner.

Sbelum ni tak penah pon masuk sini.. sbb tgk from outside cam takut je nak masuk. :p but it is actually quite ok.. price dia just like other spa in shah alam.. dia tak list online cam other spa... you have to go there and check promotion apa. Staff dia very nice.

Sbenarnya this time just buat facial... de promo rm99 treatment.. my mom selalu suka produk De wajah ni.. my skin pon just normal so just ok je la nak try. Experience kt sini really nice.. deco ala2 traditional Bali kot.. music pon really nice n selesa.. rasenya bleh dtg cuci rambut next time ;D siap tanye if dia boleh urut orang pregnant... ;D nnt la kot kalo baby dh besar bleh try.. just a slow massage je. Bertanggas pon Ade kt cni so bole try lepas bersalin..


Anyway... a good experience...;) beshnya if boleh berspa selalu..

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