Jan 3, 2010

Halal Food in Perugia

I wonder if others have the same problem as me when it comes to finding halal food in Perugia. I know some people did write the instruction on how to go to this shop.. but actually, at first, i'm fail to find it..So, if anyone come across what I wrote here.. and still can't manage to find it.. why don't you e mail me at puterisalji@gmail.com.. maybe I can help you bout it. Or drop your comment here.. I'll try my best.

Ok.. if from Centro Perugia.. I think minimetro is the best way to travel.. take minimetro to stazione fontivegge. When you reach fontivegge station and go down the station stairs... In front of you is actually a bus stop.. you can see the railway on your right and the railway station in front..  If you walk straight.. and face left after that.. you can see La Coop, the supermarket on your right and on the left you can see apartments. You can see a wide road.. usually with lots of car between the apartment and La Coop.. the road is like an underpass.. If i'm not mistaken, when I was there, there's an Indian restaurant in crossing above position of the road.. 

So now.. make sure you're standing across that road.. which mean.. you're going to be across La Coop now.. Exactly in front of the apartment.. It's like a parking area there.. (I think there's travel agency around that) You'll see a staircase there.. And you need to climb that staircase.. On your right.. there's several shops.. small shops.. You have to search there.. You can ask people too.. It takes like 2 flights like that.

Just don't expect a big shop.. so good looking.. No.. it's small and it's belong to I think Arab people. They sell fresh meat, fresh chicken and turkey.. and it is halal.. which to me, the best place to get your halal food..

It's tricky to find it.. To me maybe.. I manage to find it because I try to befriend a handsome guy that sell bag at Perugia market.. he's from middle east as well.. Don't remember which part. But he speaks english.. a bit here and there.. So he try to give me the direction and I go searching for it.. Lucky I meet some other arab women there too so I can ask them as well.. the exact location..

So I hope other people can find it..

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Marouane Benjelloun Andaloussi said...

Salam 3lykum,

do you have any adress for me in perugia for halal groceries, such as meat, or chicken.

Thank you.