Jan 27, 2010

Wedding theme..

Me and Iwan has had a few discussioan regarding wedding dress.. he wants us to wear silver or grey for sanding and white for akad nikah.. I always love a bit garden like decoration.. and hope that this color is ok to adapt with garden like theme.. and... I'm so into barbie girl and pink.. so i won't skip this favorite color.. I hope it can appear at least as flowers.. :) let's view how pretty can pink be like...

color pallete for grey, silver and pink wedding

when pink and silver are together.. :)

Example of pink and silver theme..

room deco for silver n pink..

pink theme

pink and black.. :) i think i can adapt a bit..

another pink theme..

various pink...

I WANT TO MAKE IT PINK AND SILVER.. with a touch of white, purple or black.. (if necessary)


Yanie said...


Eh, kita nye wedding theme macam sama je...Hehe...Best best...Oh ya, on the designer part i think that will depending on one budget kot... And they said, observe the quality and the service.Tapi service tu, even ordinary tailor pun got problem with that part... :)

Hana said...


Ump.. I luv pink.. tapi en fiance tuh tamo pkai baju pink.. n die ske kale nih.. so mix kan la. :) Nanti kite tgk jadi cammane ek..

sharifuddin N shakina said...

haii..kina pun nak buat theme pink silver white..:)..looking forward to see your big day..i think minat kita byk yg same..spending my 1 hour lunch just reading ur blog..hehe..

Hana said...

Time kasih kina.. nanti datangla wedding sy.. :)