Jan 23, 2010

Abiti da sposa.. (wedding gown)

I remember those days when strolling aroud classique itallian city.. ump.. it's a fact that my house just upstairs.. and I only need a few slices of pizza.. It's winter so you will feel like just wash your face and brush your teeth.. put on jeans and sweater and go get the pizza at pizzeria..

Honestly, I usually feel small.. so unpretty when surrounded by itallian girls.. they look so gorgeous in every way.. they make sure themselve look fantastic before step out.. ( the old woman that I live with for a month.. even spend time setting her hair before step out to send a piece of letter to a friend.. so not like our grandma here) apart from the fact that gucci, prada and LV seems like cheap to them ( I often see people have it.. i think it's normal to them) My lecturer even told me that she got her winter boot at prada cheap warehouse..  that's itallian..

So I search for few design by itallian designer or itallian favorite.. ( fabulous design always come from itally..)  which I think can give some inspiration.. So here some pics from..


 It's simple.. and I like it

I like the idea of top part with lace and embroidery and satin for the gown


I like the layer.. it's different..


I like this kind of layer stuff but i'm petite..so don't know if I can fit into it.. ( but itallian not so tall either)

The same goes to this one too..

pretty on top with satin under it.. luvly..


I think curti has unique special design.. lot's others that might interest you..

Love the layers.. think it's expensive

Love the flower details..

Different ways of accessories..

This one nice and simple too

this one full with layers that makes it so pretty..

this one for Dubai fashion show.. maybe a bit inspiration from there.. is it..

the embroidery make it pretty

nice right...

This one i don't remember where i got it.. but it's nice too.. if you want some lace..

I don't know yet what kind of dress i'll wear.. but I thought that to make it a bit english.. rather than ordinary baju tradisional.. let just see.. if i can make it..

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