Jan 4, 2010

New Year Celebration 2010

Ok, I've already wish happy new year 2010.. but I haven't tell about my new year celebration. I thought of celebrating at KLCC or Dataran Merdeka but Iwan said it's too pack.. so we decide to have a good, a bit laid back celebration at The Curve.. which turn out to be a blast too..

First, we have some snack at IKEA.. Have some drink and eat curry puff with hot dog.. we chat about many things.. It feels good that I'm now his fiancee' :)

it's us at IKEA

See I got My ring  :)

Hehe.. then we watch the concert.. I think it's kind of good.. and so sorry that Iwan left his SLR cam at home.. so he miss the pretty pics.. I only can capture some..

Here's black with Meet Uncle Husin and a new singer..
I did wish they perform later.. when it's getting hot :D

This is KLDC drummer..
and I recognize 2 of them, my senior in brass band UiTM

Some dance performance

A chinese singer..
I like her boot.. It's cool! Pink!

Hehe.. I like flute so i pay attention to this guy

It's Jacklyn Victor.. making the night hotter

Then we go screaming for Faizal Tahir..

I don't want to miss having pic of  stage background

Then.. we saw the firework.. Happy new year! yeah.. I know my face look bad this time.. but who cares. :D

Me and firework
It's pretty.. if you could see..

My wish.. i want to celebrate new year next year as Iwan's wife.. hehe.. :)

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