Jan 28, 2010

Che ho travato! Bellissimo..

Today, I go out with Iwan.. and we decide to just take a look at several boutique in shah alam that can do wedding gown/dress and I've found this boutique.. which i think quite ok.. They got Indonesian tailor that have working like 20 years in sewing biz.. I come in because i saw they wrote there that they provide sewing services. I ask for baju nikah at first and she told me that normally it cost like RM300.. then I ask her did they make complicated dress.. and she shows me that they still in progress in making a gown.. That person send 3 of her dress there.. they did patching as well.. you know whose design that bride wants to copy.. it's Lynda Rahim's... I always love her dress.. and the cost I think is quite affordable compare to designer.. I think the dress will look prettier if she bought higher quality material.. but overall it looks good. She also told me that.. they are good at making kebaya and gown... kurung moden is ok.. but not the one with pesak.. just like when you go to Indonesia to do your baju.. The price increase if more difficult patching and kain with lots of beads.. ( patching on net usually more expensive) Overall I'm quite satisfied with everything.. die layan dengan sangat baik :) so, i'm considering myself to make my wedding dress there.. and Iwan is satisfied too... :) Let see.. :D so I have to search a pattern to copy.. hehe.


bitsANDpieces said...

elo dear, where is this kedai? mind to share?

Hana said...

the kedai at SACC.. name Nia Belina (at Barika area) the one incharge name Ain.. she's nice.. they said they've made lots of baju kahwin..