Jan 17, 2010

1st round of survey..

So, it almost final that my wedding will take place at dewan bukit naga :) I've book the place with MBSA and now waiting for MBSA official letter. Dewan Bukit Naga is just an ordinary dewan serbaguna but I think I can make it look good if include with all the decorations.. and it is so convenient actually to have a wedding at the hall..

Day after day, my head spinning thinking about all the wedding stuff need to be included. I survey both in the internet as well as at the boutique.. so here is the first outcome that I have..

I msg to awin from seindahwajah.. I love her make up so much :) so she charges RM1300 for 2 times make up and RM1800 for 3 times.. 

Then I survey for several package of wedding ( I thought  they can give me cheaper price for make up but I find out that make up artist charge like that..  so I'll consider to book awin)

Boutique that I went to..

1) Ryn's avenue, sek 9 : she got wedding package for dewan start price at RM2699.00.. but to Iwan, it's a bit conventional.. (maybe because she doesn't  put her latest pic)

2) Masella, alam sentral : they got promotion now (for wedding at home) until March but they charge higher for pelamin dewan that I like (the latest 3 panel). If you only want make up and dress.. they can give you as low as RM1350

3)Wazira, alam sentral : I haven't talk to wazira but they do have good package.. Dewan package cost RM5900 but they charge RM500 for high back chair.. their package xinclude red carpet then add RM150.
Nikah include pelamin cost RM2300.. and I love a grey dress they have ( But I thought I've seen that in my neighbour's wedding )

4)Kelrina, alam sentral : I think kelrina focus more on make up. She did make up for sheikh muzafar engagement.. which I think nice.. and she's a dress designer.. she charge RM650 for make up

5)She Nadz D'wangga, alam sentral : I always love their dresses.. they charge RM1100 for dress.. (pair with your man). Make up charge RM700 and pelamin from RM1500

6)Fidz Collection, alam sentral : Iwan only interested at this one from all the survey.. They said that 2010 theme is silver grey.. and actually, they price things one by one..

So the list that I gave them with price:

Baju sanding : RM1300 (it can come to RM3500)
Baju nikah : RM700 (korean lace)
Make up : RM600
Pelamin dewan (fresh flower): RM2500
Pelamin nikah : RM800
Arch fresh flower : RM500
Tiang bunga untuk walkaway: RM150 (per pillar)

7) The last one that I went to is Hanieym boutique at PKNS
Make up and baju cost RM1300.00 ( she did have various dress color :) ) Nice..

Some other online survey:

Ump.. I can't wait to see Dina halim boutique at Rawang
Her 3 panel dais package cost RM5700.. and her 5 panel pelamin package with special dress cost RM9000..
they said they got pelamin package as well.. so I think I better go there and see.. (I think I can book dina halim for pelamin)

Then.. I would love to see what Udaimatunnur (syahirah) dress like.. and her package..

And my dream dress is like what Lynda Rahim got.. (so pretty..)

I saw at one blog her dress and make up package cost RM4000.00 (that's a large sum)
And I think.. I will only make my own nikah dress.. :) If rental pon the cost will be like RM700.. so if I bought kain and send to auntie untuk jait.. I think I can make it at that cost.. and phew.. I can have it in my closet.. :)

So now.. recalculate again... :)


bitsANDpieces said...

oh nicely written. ill save all these info. thanks !!

Yanie said...

Dear... Yang fidz online tu, the price is rental for baju is it?

Hana said...

Ha ah.. rental begin from 600 to 700 camtu.. utk baju nikah laki pompuan n baju yg lame2.. 1300 tuh quite ok la.. yg dkt doll.. if nak baju baru jadi 2000.. that's what she told me..

diodexx said...

hi dear,

i pun tgh survey plamin n baju pngantin nih..i pun kawin at s.alam gaks..sume dah setel except baju kawin n plamin hihi =P

n i xpnah lagi try survey kat area shah alam nih..xtau pun byk gaks yg ade kat area shah alam nih...i byk survey kat k.l jek sbb tuh jek yg ade dlm internet(punyela malas hihi)

some links that you can browse too..hope this can help =)



i'm planning to see them coz i heart their plamin =)

Hana said...

I heart arma as well.. they did my neighbour punye wedding kt intekma.. so gorgeous.. baju simple n elegant gi2.. then the deco.. fuh..
very pretty.. I haven't ask arma for package.. maybe u can give me the info.. I only know that to tempah baju with arma workmanship cost 3500 laki perempuan.. n, make up cost like rm800..

cik ieza said...

hi dear...
dulu my fren hired arma as her wed planner..wed outfit+makeup+plamin+deco is around7k
but after die pemes as mawi n ekin wed planner trus harge die mletup =P
but his work really superb!

hahaha lastly i xamik pun die...
carik kat klang jek bnyak... malas nak pikir sbb bz =P
gud luck dear =)

Nadia said...

very good info... btw, my fren told me udaimatunnur tu lagi mahal dari man kajang.. my frend rented dress dan baju untuk lelaki, RM 2, 400 kat Man Kajang. Tapi lelaki get to keep inner dier tuh.

Hana said...

So Udaimatunnur lagi mahal dari tuh.. waa.. tak pergi tanye pon hari tuh sebab titibe decide nak suh ade mak andam tu watkan baju.. sebab murah.

zieylar said...

hi hana, thanks for the info.very helpful. :)
i nk tny psl makeup k.awin. last week i tny die, rm800/makeup. but u tny rm1300/2x makeup ek? i email die lg nk confirmkan, die xbls plak...hihihi

Hana said...

zieylar: oh.. really.. tak tau la kalau die dh naikkan price.. last time 1 session RM700.. so dia bagi discount bile amek lebih session.. if nak book kena cepat..tgk schedule die full je but dia punye team seindahwajah yg lain pn ok jugak make up..

Anonymous said...

halamak! cpt nye diorg naikkn price. huhuhu...thanks for d info! :D

zieylar said...

halamak! cpt nye diorg naikkn price.huhuhu...
thanks for d info ye :D

Hana said...

U're welcome :) Ump.. tu la.. that price mase Januari dulu.. good luck to u :)