Jan 31, 2010

La Mia Bella Casa.. (Avira Bandar Bukit Raja)

So, like usual.. Saturday is an outing day.. I thought of meeting a make up artist to get her service..but she's away so we'll try to make a meeting on this wednesday.. Hopefully this part will complete.. I start to search for wedding dress design.. if i think of making dress one piece and meleret (pretty but use only once) or making 2 piece.. only the bottom part meleret.. so I still can use the baju.. so, the search continue.. ( Wonder when Jackel will have sale) 

1st thing in morning I got msg from Sime Darby.. that the actual show house completed.. and open for viewing.. no wonder that house progress is fast.. I heard that they got 6 units left yesterday for current 338k price.. and bumi quota has finished lor.. they did reserved a few other units but you'll see the price increase.. Every year the price will increase.. Mind you.

Here I present the completed Avira that I'm quite satisfied with..

I like the semi - D look alike design.. (notice that window.. I always luv something like that )

the front look.. 

the hall and dine area ..the good thing about this house is the staircase at  the back.. 
so tak la tetamu nampak if you're not prepared.. then wants to go upstairs

This house memang banyak tingkap..
so I have to prepare to have banyak grill.. hehe
ishk2 mr fiance de kat situ plak..

Kitchen yg dh ade conc table top..
but the space yg kat tepi tuh so small to me..
wonder if my peti ais boleh masuk

suke sungguh tangga ini..

yg tak bagusnye for avira...toilet kecik maa..

Ellis got bigger toilet and family area lebih strategik.. but smaller kitchen and not so square room.. which make me choose avira..

Luv this master bedroom as well..
got sliding door to view outside.. hehe.

the back... which i believe to become "grande cucina nel futuro.."
our parents pon always sambung their dapur kan..

So, there goes my Saturday.. visiting the house, lepak2 at Ikea.. thinking bout house and wedding.. So today will be a mengemas day.. and I need to complete few pages for my friend's thesis (my assistant at my office lor..  he's doing his degree.. and the sent date on 5th March.. )

I think Iwan will go there again today with his mom.. he's so excited to show this house to her.. Wonder if my parents want to see it as well.. La la la..

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