Feb 2, 2010


Che c'e al lunedi.. :)

Like usually, Monday can be  an awkward day..
Either I come to work full spirited or drifted with whatevar Domenica has done to me.. :)
I've finish helping Safru's with his 1st chapter.. and add with a proposed contents.. I hope he can come out with a great outcome.. I know thesis isn't a simple thing.. I did mine on the last weekend I have as well.. (Plz, it's not a good attitude.. I didn't get A for that.. ) It can even be tiring.. It's harder for person like Safru that married with a small baby girl that sometimes got sick.. (he didn't come today.. bcoz of that  ) So, I just give whatever idea I have since his topic similar to mine.. 

I miss to speak Itallian.. after such a long time.. anyone who wish to speak are welcome.. 

What else.. I did the project list that my boss wants.. and try to sort prices for wednesday rationalize ( I hate rationalize.. I did wish I  got time to survey every supplier before deciding on a price.. but it's impossible) Plus, i'm not Jabatan Perangkaan.. or anyone yg wat schedule of rate standard.. ump..

Then come the thought about my wedding.. I text a make up artist that I wish I can have.. I've call her on friday nite and i cant get through.. so I text her to meet on saturday.. she didn't reply.. I call her saturday morning and she said sorry bcoz she's busy.. then I call her again in the evening.. and she said she's busy the whole day so I can text her.. Today I text her and she haven't reply.. I wonder if she's interested.. maybe not.. I don't know.

I call a designer and he makes me happy.. :) willing to meet me later.. when I want. Great! I hope everythinh will be good...

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