Feb 4, 2010

There's always option..

Honestly, I'm just an ordinary girl.. who wish that she'll has a wonderful wedding..
Well, I don't know if you don't grow up with all the fairy tales story of happily ever after..
And the discription of a nice and beautiful girl..
That they look so pure..
But I do love fairy tales...

And there's always barbie.. so adorable that almost each girl waiting to get them in their hand
Well, I got my very own barbie only when I was 10.. and I still have that barbie in my closet.. until today :)
I never grow up rich.. but i must say.. I never really feel that my life  so difficult.. it is quite ok. compare to other people, Alhamdulillah... My parents never teach me that I always can have it all.. but, I was sent to boarding school where I learn that I always want the best or at least try to aim for the best.. Well, I might not be the perfect product of my school ... at least, I appreciate the positive values.. The one that so positive is the 'Go For It' values.. hehe

Huhu.. that's so serious with emotion.. ump.. I give up waiting for my 1st choice make up artist.. she doesn't answer my call or sms today.. So I decide to try the other one that I love so much as well.. and she agree to meet me tomorrow.. Yay! There's always option...

I've email to another designer that everyone says she's so nice.. I hope I'll get to her waiting list.. 

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