Feb 4, 2010

il mio Giovedi..

Last night i did went to bed late.... then I feel so tired. :(
Mahan gave me a link to her pretty bunga telur page.. If anyone interested to make your own bunga telur..
why not take a look at her page..

I don't know if she really accept orders.. and maybe dicount price.. :D

All my officemate agree with me.. she did good job before.. :) Most of them get married in 2009.
So I can ask advice a bit here and there.. hehe.

Tomorrow got so called 5S day.. a day for me and my department to mengemas.. but the interesting part is.. they going to put sandwiches.. for breakfast.. and nasi minyak for lunch.. ahaks.. so like makan2 day, more than 5S.. But i need this 5S day so I can concentrate rather than see people coming asking me about their payment.. :D

Whatever.. I always luv friday.. and tonight, I'm going to go for online survey again.. so I can make a progress on my wedding planning... la la la..

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