Feb 23, 2010

Flu and Talks..

I'm not making any big progress in my wedding planning this week.. Saturday i Spent making my previous entry. Iwan is away in Kelantan doing some snaps in photography camp at kampung orang asli.. well, I only go to Carrefour on Saturday with my family.. the new one in Bukit Rimau.. But, the other shop still not open yet.. and, even though it's common to me to visit construction site.. I did hate the cements smell for new building.. Sorry, I've got sinus problems that makes me feel bad.. :(

Little Zafran make a visit to my house with his mom.. I love it when he's around.. There's some fireworks outside that can be seen from my house.. (chinese new year things) I let him see that and he's so happy.. he keep saying.. "Pom! Die meletop.. besar.. besar lampu die" hehe.. what can I say for a 2 years old boy :D So, saturday night playing with Zafran while watching Man-U being defeated by Everton.. And think about my fantasy football marks will go down with Rooney set as captain :(

I spend lots of time going online too.. and chat up with friends. Ijan wants to see me at Matta Fair.. which I think good. :) I haven't seen all my friends for quite sometimes.. they are all busy. It's common if you work with consultants and contractors.. ( the economics driven factor :p )

Yesterday my boss is around for half day.. during lunch I follow Kak CT to Alam Central and she's promoting me this pretty batik shop. I haven't yet have a kain krip (how to spell) batik.. and I don't have many of them too.. So, I bought a pink one and tempah terus at that butik.. all in RM270. Why tempah at that butik? simply because.. they design their own corak.. and the tailor simply know how to put the pattern as it should looks like.. the one yg ready made really made me fall.. :D I'll post the pic when it's done! And I go out with Iwan and enjoying Mcflurry Oreo even though I start to feel sick :D

Ok.. what's the relationship with the topics? hehe.. niente? Mestila ade.. today, I thought of just sitting in office doing my job.. with the flu.. I don't feel like going anywhere.. but Kak CT suddenly told me that I have to take her place going to this Risk Management Talk.. :( I'm not in the mood of listening with the handkerchif and flu and people from the other office that I don't really close to.. But, I just go. And listen. And learn.. which is good.. :)  Getting prepared for next risk management for Audit..

 Ayu and Raja..  My groupmate

Me.. being silly next to Kak Shikin

The guys yg kusyuk with discussion..

So, what I'm thinking.. It's good for project manager.. so Plz learn for better project management..

Then.. in office I grab 3 new tudung from Kak CT.. she bought them from Kelantan...coming home, Kak Dayang call me from Indonesia.. telling me the good news that she manage to find the color that I want even though it's bit difficult :D Yay! I still owe her some measurement..  Going to get them tonite..Then, I log in to my blog and check that Kak Dina from Dina Halim boutique has put some comments on my entry.. Luv It! Wish me Luck then.. :D

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