Feb 9, 2010

Some More Pakej Kahwin..

Last weekend is a very tiring one.. :( Saturday spend for looking around pakej kahwin.. then Sunday.. trip to Batu Pahat.. which is a day trip. Then Monday.. need to wake up early to drive to work.. So today, penat still tak hilang lagi..

Ok.. proceed.. Since Iwan live in Taman Sri Manja, which is near Taman Medan, he suggest that we both search around Taman Medan for bridal boutique.. So we went to 3 boutique that seems like bigger.. ( just to have many choices)

1) Sri Andaman Alfinaz 

Ok, this boutique kind of interesting to me.. She has quite the latest baju design (those like cosry thing..   indonesian kebaya trend) with many colors.. the latest color like grey.. Serina anak chef wan green..
It just that the size probably limited.. but to those yg takde masalah nih.. there'll be no problems.. the  boutique also very big that the owner put most of the dress at the mannequeen.. so we can actually see the dress are pretty visually.. I'm not surveying the make up.. but a customer told me that it is fine.. they got latest 3 panel pelamin as well.. but that will increase the package price.. overall it's good.

2) Nora Andaman & Catering

This is the second boutique that I have visited.. well, i don't really prefer this one (sorry!) They said that new baju will come later (patching style).. currently still not the latest one.. the pelamin also not yet the latest one.. make up.. not the type that I prefer.. But it's cheap.. if you one cheap and lots of dress for the wedding.. you can come here.   

3) JR Butik Pengantin


This is the one that Iwan prefer.. I like the owner as well.. kak Rose. Iwan's sister once use her boutique service.. The package to me is really affordable.. It's owned by Rose JR, a make up artist.. has been in bussiness for so many years.. But she's moving to Puchong sometime in March.. I think she got her own pelamin.. she got the latest panel design as well.. even though still haven't update in her blog.. she told me that new dresses come this March.. ( the old one still stunning) she made them in Jakarta and Bandung.. ( most bridal boutique like that..)  you might need to add a bit for dresses with french lace which is higher quality.. I'm quite satisfied with what she offers.. and don't mind going to puchong to look for her..

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