Feb 5, 2010

Hari Makan Makan... ( how to diet actually!)

Wah.. wah.. banyak sungguh makan hari nih.. :)

My department make the 5S session today.. actually, for mengemas.. and I manage to tidy up a bit of my room..

I still wait for the new cabinet.. so that I can arrange everything perfectly in order. So sempena 5S nih, my friend cook nasi tomato.. which to Terengganu people.. they call it nasi minyak.. It's so delicious that I eat twice.. hehe.. They usually eat this nasi with ayam gulai.. but my preference is ayam masak merah.. Lucky she make both of it.. so I can taste both :) I did make them sandwiches for breakfast.. ( mackerel n mayo) 

Kind of a nice eating day.. 

So talking about diet.. I really want to be slimmer.. hope that i can reduce some weight.. and tummy trimming so that I can fit perfectly in my wedding dress.. which I haven't decide to ask who to make it for me... either to send my baju nikah to tailor..  or to send both baju to Unaisah.. I'm still calculating my budget.. but I want to make at least one baju with her.. since she got good review from people.. and she lives in shah alam.. which is easy for me to come and see her.. And I'm still thinking bout who going to make Iwan's baju.. ump.. maybe anyone can give suggestion.. 

I've booked my make up with Seindah Wajah.. which I've viewed their work when I meet Awin last wednesday.. I get Awin at least for 2 out of 3 days.. another 1 day probably her sister going to come (she's in the team as well and they've done lots of job esp for tv together) .. and she promotes her tailoring service as well.. start price like 250 + if i'm not mistaken.. And you can as well tempah your tudung with her.. it's kind of pretty.. :) since she has start a clothing line under name Najah.. Now I'm thinking bout tempah my tudung..

Well.. well.. I'll make a new survey tomorrow.. probably around Taman Medan area.. ( for my fiance'..) and I'll post what I've found out.. hehe..

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