Feb 18, 2010

My Chinese New Year Holiday

It has been several days I’m away.. I bet everyone has had a wonderful Chinese New Year holiday.. It’s 4 days off from work. Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I didn’t spend my holiday with my fiance’.. hehe! Bile lagi nak menikmati cuti as single girl.. :D Actually, I just follow my parents balik kampong to my grandma’s house. So, balik kampung is quite a compulsory activity everytime cuti. Lagipun, my grandpa is not so well, he usually loves to eat but these days since dia tak brape sihat, he just eat so little. But, since lots of people around, my family, my aunts.. they love to masak – masak many things when they’re all together.. so my grandpa eats more than usual.. which is good to see him turning to his old-self.. and to me, it’s not so good since I’ll tend to eat a lot when balik kampung.. my mum suddenly so happy to cook.. so is my aunts and my grandma.. and I keep on eating.. Lolz.. there goes my diet.. :D

I go to Tesco Kampar 4 days straight.. from Saturday to Tuesday.. I know, Shah Alam got big tesco but  Kampar don’t have many place to go except Tesco :D Actually, I don’t really plan all those visits.. the 1st day I just follow my aunt to buy stuff for my grandma.. then my brother keep saying he wants sushi king.. and Kampar Tesco got sushi king.. mind you :)

The next day we actually go visiting my grandpa’s aunt age like 90+.. she’s the only aunt my grandpa still have.. which to me is kind of amazing to still have someone with that age in the family. She’s actually sick few days back.. and getting better. It has been quite sometimes we haven’t visit her and she seems very happy.. she got lots of pretty bougainvillea and my mom start to pick some for her collection :D.. on the way back, we go to tesco again.. My grandpa wants to eat nasi tomato so my mom and my aunt wants to make it for him… it’s so delicious! Yummy!

In the evening.. my uncle wants to go to mamak stall to get some teh tarik.. so I just follow him.. but I had my mamak milo.. so pekat with fries.. cicah with chilli sauce and mayo.. My uncle had his sup kambing.. my God.. sedap jugak.. pekat.. Then we go to Pasar Malam.. and bought the steam bot thing.. sedap but dah naik harga.. 1 cucuk previously 30 sen now 50 sen plak.. but the kuah kacang is so nice.. that everytime beli pon tak cukup.. Then we go meeting En Li.. my mom’s relatives.. actually I’ve met him Saturday and he promotes me to join selling Tupperware stuff.. now we want to meet him to become Tupperware member..  So now I’ve become Tupperware member. I do like Tupperware.. ( I think it’s common to ladies) You know what, En Li works at rumah rehat Kampar which just open.. and.. he has been to switzerland, chiang mai and some other place because of his Tupperware sales.. my God.. wonder how he manage that.. maybe I should sell Tupperware to people in Bukit Naga..  and make some parti Tupperware hehe. :)

Monday my sister ask me to go to tesco again with her.. she wants to buy mangkuk ayam for my grandma.. My grandma loves mangkuk gambar ayam so much.. I think it’s Chinese type of bowl..  and it’s there for Chinese new year..  Then evening I just go around taking pictures of my village and showing my engagement pictures to my grandma and another uncle that just arrive.. 

My nephew wat show with my 
grandpa punye tongkat..

 View Kampungku tercinta..Kuala Dipang 
(ala.. yang famous sebab ade budak skola hanyut tuh)

Main road kampung nih

Sungai yang tragedi tuh.. 
belah kiri gambar adalah junction sungai dari kawasan skolah tu
the right one comes from lombong lame..
actually, if tak hujan, junction dr kiri tuh b4 air bercantum takat pinggang je..

View favorite aku dari my grandma's house

Telaga warisan... hahaha

Tuesday I follow my Mom to Pekan Kampar.. my mom in the mood of making pillow from kekabu.. so we go to Pekan Kampar buying materials and ask a Chinese tailor shop to make the pillow shape.. then we wait for the pillow to done sewing by strolling around tesco.. Tesco again J after that, we go back to that shop but it’s still not done, so we went to Target to just buang2 masa… but I manage to go to my previous butik pengantin.. which I sewa my baju from during my engagement.. Butik Andaman Dayang.. they got lots of baju baru from Indonesia like usual.. they can make baju baru as well and the price is so affordable.. but they made them in Indonesia.. I have to make up my mind if I want to get their service to do my baju in Indonesia..  then I ask my relatives that work in that boutique to buy me 2 corset in Indonesia if possible.... :) After that, we go home and start to make bantal kekabu.. It’s my first experience with making bantal.. The kekabu feel so soft to the hand.. it looks like Barbie hair.. well.. we manage to get 10 piece done..

Mari buat bantal kekabu.. :)

Well, that’s my holiday entry… just simple relaxing holiday.. but still got butik kahwin portion.. hehe.

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