Feb 26, 2010

A love stage (Pelamin)

Well dais is a special thing during a wedding.. apart from I want to look good.. dais will make the event itself look good.. So many design these days.. I always love something with english garden wedding touch.. Since I'll have 2 pelamin.. one for dewan.. and another one at home for majlis nikah n berinai.. I want one to look sweet and simple and another one sweet with an elegant's touch. 

I think these days.. apart from the dais design.. the bouquet of flowers at the dais play so important role.. If it's pretty, then the dais will look pretty. So, I think it's a bonus if you have a pelamin maker that's good with flower arrangement.. it can surely make a difference..

So, some design that I like from my browsing..

Ok, I think most people know bout this pelamin from khreyan..
Pretty, right? It will be my pelamin angan2 je.
Too expensive for me.. thanx to Zaila for the quo
I like the top part.. bunge2 tuh cantik sgt..


This one I got from Ayureq's Stories blog..
Nice right.. the design.. So garden like

I like the idea which the 2 panels fully covered with the green..
like from the previous pic.. except the centre one..
This one from Rass Deco

This one from ayureq's stories as well..
The fabrics will certainly make a dramatic, elegent look..
So, maybe  i need this combination.. fabrics with garden theme..

I had this delimma.. The hall's ceiling is too high.. and the lighting as well not so good in the hall.. so, having 3D pelamin just like this.. will surely help the photographer to get good picture..It's the 'pantulan cahaya' punye rules.. cahaya from the flash goes to the top fabric.. then to your face.. so your face get the soft light instead of direct light..result.. your pic will look.. prettier! So? 
This one from Djari Artz

this one so sweet garden like by fathinz

  Ni boleh jadi pelamin angan2 jugak.. 
dome - like garden..  so perfect by Dina Halim 
Different from ordinary panel..n will fit to my theme I think
Somewhat.. combination of fairy tales garden with traditional dress n music. hehe.. so rojak..

Now.. for my pelamin kat rumah.. sweet and simple.. camne ek..

This one from Rass Deco
Xbrape nak simple sangat kot.. hehe

 From Kerja Kahwin.. sweet2

Ok.. memang banyak sangat pelamin nih.. camne nak pilih? I thought of having different type between at home, at hall and Iwan's side.. but still, which vendor can give me the perfect pelamin with good price.. 

Ok.. other entries la kot for deco's..  Any vendor's suggestion feel free to give your point of views..


thezaila said...

i heart that transparents glass dais.. tp apa nk buat.. its tooo expensive for my budget.. *sigh*

Hana said...

same2.. tapi 7k.. ouch!