Feb 28, 2010

My Saturday @ Pameran Pengantin Alamanda Putrajaya

Yesterday got chance to visit a wedding exhibition at Alamanda Putrajaya.. Since next 2 weeks I won't manage to go to Pameran Pengantin @ PWTC.. I thought of seeing what some boutique could offer at wedding exhibition. So here some views of the exhibition..

Area tak besar but quite some vendors boleh join kan..

Some of the vendors yang ada include Weddings Gallore, Avicenna Studio, Creative Elements, Butik Leezsha, and Red Hut photography.

This booth from Weddings Gallore..
Nice kan pelamin nih.. die guna fresh flower..

Nih.. model butik leezsha getting ready..

Pelamin from Creative Elements.. 
sgt nice.. Dress from ..Leezsha.
Got contrast right.. white and grey.

This one pretty in white and red

Cream can be interesting too..

Apa yang saya dapat... hehe.. dapat tengok. I personally think weddings gallore punya pelamin looks nice. And, they told me that the price will increase.. since they'll have boutique soon.. so, to those yang prefer weddings galore, memang berbaloi la. Leezsha  punya baju is quite nice too.. it looks like pretty baju done in bandung.. with detail at the back as well.. Creative elements is fabulous.. I think all people know that.. it just, i preffer english looks than java punye style. Price pon like designer price la jugak.. hehe.. I think I want to cut down the budget for that.. :) I got to know Avicenna punya package but my dear Iwan says he still wants to survey among the not so famous one (other than clicks couture yg memang well - known) with quite ok punya quality and cheaper.. whatever dear.. I trust your judgement. The good thing is.. I come across cute wedding card yg simple design but nice and cost less than RM1.00.. It's chic-look design.. and we're thinking about it..

Kira ok la kan.. to me, wedding exhibition nih agak save time la to me.. ye la.. it's easier than travel one boutique to another. Plus, you can see the trend offered by vendors as well..


Because this entry about my saturday so..  nak story la yang actually after that we go out jalan2 and finally makan malam kat ani sup utara.. Actually, I'm quite fond of idea of certain people that manage to write about where to eat this and that.. I love food.. so I thought of insert something about food in my blog as well.. just to add flavours.. :) So, why ani sup utara.. sebab cepat.. order and things sampai depan mata.. but to me, perfect soup usually from fresh meat punya soup.. especially during hari raya korban... but, remember, it contains fat as well.. so, control is essential!

Saje nak post gambar en abg yg tengah tengok menu

Well, dah sampai dah soup... 

air bandung memang sangat  menggoda.. :)

Then.. punya la jam kat sek 7 tuh.. weird la rasanya.. jam macam pagi isnin plak. Then only I know, ada fireworks show kat i-city.. Tengok dari jauh je.. and it looks beautiful still.. :) Sy sgt suka fireworks.. Ok.. nak masuk next entry..


0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

alamak.. terlepas plak. slain kat pwtc, kat mane lg eh?

Hana said...

kat PWTC this coming mac 12 - 14 and mid valley probably 22 - 25 april.. which I think quite some elite vendors pon ada.


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