Feb 4, 2010

A good progress.. la la la.

Wednesday always be another day that me and Iwan will go out together.. We usually meet twice a week.. :)
Today, as appoinment.. I meet my soon to be make up artist at Kota Damansara.. Why I book her..

1) She answer me.. from emails to even text message.. fastly! (a 1st positive feedback)
I know I'm not somebody, but I'll pay for the services as well..  Even if you are so famous.. it doesn't mean you can simply ignoring people right.. everyone can be potential customer.. and If you don't want.. why not say politely.. rather than make me wait.. and wait.. and not replying.. and make me chasing..

2)She and her team got nice portfolio for bride bertudung.. which I think essential as well.. I don't know how to style my tudung perfectly.. so a professional is so helpful..

3)Sicuramente.. her make up looks gorgeous.. :)

Done another item.. make up!

Next.. my bunga pahar.. I have this idea of pink bunga pahar with grey daun instead of hijau.. and white flower with grey daun.. which can make up to my theme color.. The one that will make my bunga pahar is Mahan.. ( I've book her ages ago.. hehe) She's my bestfriend.. and she promise me to make the best bunga pahar for me with my budget.. and I trust her. And.. she's an aircraft engineer trainer.. Just don't wonder how the same hand that fix your airplane makes bunga telur.. hehe.. But she's talented.

Done another too.. :)

Just to lari sket from the wedding topics.. I feel quite good today.. instead of one of the LA lost (clearly not my fault but under my responsibility.. Boss, I will fix this!) My rationalize is done.. It takes 4 hours to get this stuff done.. and I'm so sattisfied with the final price agreed.. Thanks to my colleague and contractor.. I've been so stress that this is my first time since I start working.. and it turns well..

And I eat a lot today.. Oh my God.. My breakfast is nasi kerabu.. my lunch is 2 big apple doughnut.. my dinner is lamb chop at Anggerik Cafe UIC at 6 p.m .. ( I love that place..).. and my supper is roti tampal telur.. Alamak, gemuk sungguh makan food macam nih... I'll cut this tomorrow.. hehe.
I hope all my life, my work and my wedding flows wonderfully.. Amin!

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