Feb 13, 2010

HaPpY BiRtHday Dear..

Yesterday is my darling's birthday.. :) I'm so happy to manage to celebrate with him.. Last year, I just wish him trough phone since I was in Italy.. so I've missed his last year's birthday..  and I just got him a Bialetti's small coffee maker.. ( Luv sales in Italy) If you want to go shopping in Italy.. go on sales seasons.. It's crazy with Zara's stuff price like 30+ in RM..  6 euros.. not to mention the various choice.. even cheap bag in market also got some style. Seb baik I haven't working yet.. so I can't stock up my clothes..

Actually, I didn't plan to go out yesterday.. thought that I just postphone this occasion since my mom said she wants to go back to kampung yesterday.. Now she's changing her plans and she wants to go back today. Hurray.. I can celebrate my darling's birthday on time... ( sadly, I didn't bring my camera.. ) Since it just an ordinary day, I promise Iwan to go makan - makan sea food. Iwan's favorite is actually Chiang Mai.. but I want to try some new place that's cheaper.. So we went to the Port.. and, it's not that famous Muara Ikan Bakar at Tanjung Harapan, ok.. It has nothing to do with the laut.. :D

We went to.. Di Selat.. It's not so famous.. I know.. but my officemates keep promoting me that this place despite the environment which is in the middle of the road, the food are delicious and cheap. We talking about ikan besar, ketam n udang besar here.. not the ordinary small2 seafood thing.. So we had medium size Jenahak 3 rasa.. which is actually can be eaten by 3 or 4 person.. tapi habis jugak.. it's our favourite.. and, we have 2 pieces of ketam yg big size.. masak cili ( manis sangat rase isi die), then udang goreng tepung.. 10 ekor je.. ( takut tak muat perut nak makan smue).. then, we had tomyam with like 6 pieces udang and 2 ekor sotong yg sedang2 je.. Air bebiase.. tea o ngan jus durian belanda.. and the price is... RM106 je.. of course that jenahak cost the big portion..  To my point of view.. I think it's cheaper than Muara and it taste better la to me..  Iwan is quite fussy about food taste.. so he can agree with this.. quite ok la..

Next time if I go to this place again.. I'll take some pics.. anyone yg interested leh tanye the location.. it's between north porth n west port..

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