Feb 19, 2010

I Choose.. Butik Andaman Dayang

Ok.. I know.. it's weird sometimes when it comes to decision.. I've survey several contemporary designer.. but I'm not planning to splurge all k's that I have just to have a pretty baju.. so, if I could save some portion that I have.. I'm more than happy to do it.. I know I'm just an ordinary girl. Not some famous person.. So I'm looking for something which value for money..

Like in my previous entry, I've told the story that I suddenly feel like browsing some dress at this boutique.. so, I happen to stumble on these two design that I kind of like it.. ok, let's view the dress I'm talking about..

 I like this grey and the next one, pink cream dress..
It's indonesian design.

Ok, the look from the back.. they even got details for the back 
tak macam kat sini.. tak pentingkan sangat blakang..

Lower parts detail.. 

I'm copying the cutting of this dress.. 
but with of the grey lace yang lagi satu

I think the details for chest part nih full and interesting
then, bahagian leher is kemas as well..

Maybe it's not the type yg you all suke.. but I've been in love with Linda Rahim design.. but, to copy usually here.. you can't get manik as much as if you did the dress in Indonesia.. so, I manage to grab Kak Dayang, the owner at the time she's about to go to Jakarta.. and she's willingly let me buat baju dengan dia with the price of.. jeng - jeng - jeng.. ask me via e- mail.. I let you know.. But.. it's better for people live in area teluk intan, kampar, tapah.. maybe paling jauh pon.. Ipoh.. I don't know.. because this boutique have 2 branch Kampar and  Kg Gajah kot.. In Perak.. 

I got to know pon sebab my engagement last time.. with budget yg sikit and baju pon blasah je.. but I got pretty baju from this boutique jugak.. sewa for price like.. RM170 je untuk perempuan..

Time my engagement

full baju.. from top to toe :)
but that selendang is mine la..

If baju krim tadi dh ade.. mesti aku dh kebas.. ump.. I'm early few days..  So, few reason why I choose this boutique to make my baju..

  • I love kebaya with beads detail n patch works..
  • The price is so affordable..
  • Kak Dayang is nice and easy to work with.. banyak kali die tepon me.. to discuss bout baju
  • I got my relatives working there too.. so senang nak contact.. hehe. ( but the price the same je coz she's not the owner)
So, let's pray that my baju will turn out good.. I do my baju bersanding and bertandang as well with her.. grey, silver n a bit pink beads for my side.. and dark purple with white for Iwan's side.. I'll still do my baju nikah with Unaisah.. hopefully.. since that one will be baju kurung moden..

The design I tend to copy are by http://www.prestigeinar.com
Something like...

for bersanding.. but that kain will be different

this one for bertandang..

Ok.. wish me luck with all the baju.. :D


thezaila said...

i heart you bertandang design..
like it sooo munch...

Hana said...

Thanx.. hopefully jadi like what I want it to be like..

petitE said...

hi hana.. bole share contact no. n lokasi butik kak dayang ni?

thanks~ :>

Hana said...


contact kak dayang : 0125665573
yg saya pernah pegi kat Kampar. dekat dengan stesen bas express kampar..

petitE said...


Anonymous said...

salam.. hi hana.. sje nk tnya hana buat pelamin tunang kat kak dayang jgk ke?? kalo ye brape ye hrganya.. juz nk buget..tq in advance