Jan 3, 2010

Happy New Year everyone !!

Ok.. let's welcome a decade after the Y2K.. Everytime I celebrate new year, I always feel like.. God, time do fly really fast.. Looking back, what have I done last year? So it's already 3rd of January.. Well, I haven't write so much in 2009.. Consistency is a bit of issue in blogging.. hehe.

Yesterday, I talked to a friend.. and old friend.. (a Malaysian guy that I accidently know via letter writing.. who says all guys hate writing anyway). We talked about blogging and how he thought that it's not his style to publish the diary.. well2.. I'm a good diary writer when I was 10 years old.. It's a way of sharing your feelings.. When I grow up.. I guess things just change. I prefer to write on thoughts more than feelings.. But of course, you can't simply run away from the real life. It's not like whatever you write has nothing to do with you. I always love to write. Be it anything :)

Let's talk a bit about last year.. If it is 2009, today I'm in Italy.. getting lost.. hehe. I always love that experience.. Visiting a european country.. going to it's Uni, learning the language, speaking that language, making friends like all over the world, seeing all the beautiful places, taste the fine coffee and eating spaghetti everyday.. plus, losing weight and yeah.. my 1st ever winter and snow.. Whenever I reminisce that 3 months plus of my life.. I always want to return back to Italy and enjoy this feelings with my fiancee'.. oh, it's so romantic :)

Ok, speaking of fiancee'.. well, the feast happen last 26th december.. and I'm so satisfied with that.. Maybe I should post like a few pictures for my dear blog.. :) and we plan to get married around October.. everything still in planning and I don't want to really procrastinate things.. so I hope, we can start planning everything soon.. Now I wonder if I should have a blog of wedding or a tag here..

What else.. I got good job too in 2009.. and struggling to make myself to satisfied with the performance.. it has been 6 months plus.. so I'm kind of happy with it. And I lost my uncle too.. which is sad.. we all love him. I remember the week before that he's not so talkative but he sat next to me asking me about italy... I don't know it be the last one.. :(

I bought a house too with Iwan.. and we're so excited about it!

Looking back, so many things can happen in a year.. and i don't want to be some fools and losers so I do hope things get better for me each day.. I remember someone says that God gives us 24 hours a day.. but that 24 hours can be different between person.. Some can do less and some can do more. So I choose to pray to God so that my 24 hours becomes valuable as I try my best too...

Let's hope that 2010 bring out the best in me as well.. I probably change my status to Iwan's wife this year.. I hope I'll have a wonderful wedding day.. :)

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